Tournaments: 2005/2006: Results | Diary World Championship Qualifier Rounds 4-6 Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 8-13 Jan 2006; Venue: Pontins, Prestatyn, Wales; Type: Qualifying (see main event); Notes: See also results (48)
Qual Round 6 Pencil
(Last 64)
1 Ireland Michael Judge 10-4 England Jamie Cope Head to head  Pencil
2 China Ding Junhui 10-9 Scotland Drew Henry    Pencil
3 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 10-4 England Matthew Couch Head to head  Pencil
4 England Dave Harold 10-8 England Tom Ford    Pencil
5 England Lee Spick 10-8 England Ricky Walden    Pencil
6 England Mark Selby 10-4 Malta Alex Borg Head to head  Pencil
7 England Mike Dunn 10-8 England Rory McLeod Head to head  Pencil
8 England Stuart Bingham 10-7 Scotland Marcus Campbell Head to head  Pencil
9 England Rod Lawler 10-6 Wales Dominic Dale Head to head  Pencil
10 England David B Gilbert 10-7 Malta Tony Drago Head to head  Pencil
11 England Mark Davis 10-7 Finland Robin Hull Head to head  Pencil
12 Northern Ireland Mark Allen 10-6 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace    Pencil
13 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 10-5 Pakistan Shokat Ali    Pencil
14 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene 10-4 England James Tatton    Pencil
15 England Adrian Gunnell 10-3 England Paul Wykes    Pencil
16 England Stuart Pettman 10-8 Ireland Joe Delaney Head to head  Pencil
Qual Round 5 Pencil
(Last 80)
1 England Jamie Cope 10-7 England Joe Jogia Head to head  Pencil
2 China Ding Junhui 10-7 England Brian Morgan    Pencil
3 England Matthew Couch 10-6 Scotland James McBain    Pencil
4 England Tom Ford 10-3 Ireland David McDonnell    Pencil
5 England Lee Spick 10-6 England David Roe    Pencil
6 Malta Alex Borg 10-8 England Jimmy Michie    Pencil
7 England Mike Dunn 10-7 England Judd Trump Head to head  Pencil
8 Scotland Marcus Campbell 10-3 Scotland Scott Mackenzie Head to head  Pencil
9 England Rod Lawler 10-7 England Alfie Burden Head to head  Pencil
10 England David B Gilbert 10-8 Scotland Jamie Burnett Head to head  Pencil
11 Finland Robin Hull 10-6 Netherlands Gerrit bij de Leij (a)    Pencil
12 Northern Ireland Mark Allen 10-3 England Justin Astley    Pencil
13 Pakistan Shokat Ali 10-6 Wales Paul Davies    Pencil
14 England James Tatton 10-8 England Gary Wilson    Pencil
15 England Paul Wykes 10-2 Wales Lee Walker    Pencil
16 Ireland Joe Delaney 10-6 England Chris Norbury    Pencil
Qual Round 4 Pencil
(Last 96)
1 England Joe Jogia 10-3 Scotland Hugh Abernethy    Pencil
2 China Ding Junhui 10-1 England Stuart Mann    Pencil
3 Scotland James McBain 10-1 England Nick Dyson    Pencil
4 Ireland David McDonnell w/o Malaysia Keen Hoo Moh    Pencil
5 England David Roe 10-9 England Gary Wilkinson    Pencil
6 Malta Alex Borg 10-6 England Simon Bedford    Pencil
7 England Judd Trump 10-8 Ireland Leo Fernandez    Pencil
8 Scotland Scott Mackenzie 10-3 Bahrain Habib Subah    Pencil
9 England Alfie Burden 10-9 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer Head to head  Pencil
10 England David B Gilbert 10-8 Wales Darren Morgan    Pencil
11 Netherlands Gerrit bij de Leij (a) 10-4 England Sean Storey    Pencil
12 Northern Ireland Mark Allen 10-7 England Adam Davies    Pencil
13 Wales Paul Davies 10-9 China Jin Long    Pencil
14 England Gary Wilson 10-9 England Andrew Norman    Pencil
15 England Paul Wykes 10-8 England Stefan Mazrocis (a)    Pencil
16 Ireland Joe Delaney 10-5 China Liang Wenbo Head to head  Pencil