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World Championship Preview

The Embassy World Championship starts April 20th. Here is some information to keep you up to date.

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Draw & preview

Players are English unless stated
World rankings in square brackets

Stephen Hendry (Scotland) [1] v Jason Ferguson [29]
David Roe [16] v Gary Wilkinson [23]
Ken Doherty (Ireland) [9] v Nick Terry [46]
Darren Morgan (Wales) [8] v Drew Henry (Scotland) [35]
James Wattana (Thailand) [5] v Jimmy Michie [68]
Nigel Bond [12] v Anthony Hamilton [31]
Dave Harold [13] v Neal Foulds [28]
John Parrott [4] v Rod Lawler [40]
Ronnie O'Sullivan [3] v Alain Robidoux (Canada) [20]
Tony Drago (Malta) [14] v Steve James [26]
John Higgins (Scotland) [11] v Martin Clark [22]
Alan McManus (Scotland) [6] v Mick Price [21]
Jimmy White [7] v Euan Henderson (Scotland) [90]
Peter Ebdon [10] v Dene O'Kane (New Zealand) [18]
Terry Griffiths (Wales) [15] v Jamie Burnett (Scotland) [73]
Steve Davis [2] v Willie Thorne [25]

A field of 456 Players has been melted down to these 32. It's the top 16 in the rankings against 16 qualifiers.

There are quite a few veterans, but also six freshmen. No rookies has made it to the Crucible this year though. Euan Henderson from Scotland at 90 is the lowest ranked player in the first round.

The reigning champion, Stephen Hendry has a favorable draw in the first two rounds. The quarter-final might be tougher though. Ken Doherty has beaten Hendry on a number of occasions and can pose a real threat to the "unbeatable".

The new superstar, John Higgins has an expected "easy" opener against Martin Clark. The next round could be a thriller though. There he will probably meet a rival Scot, Alan McManus who would like to show the world that there are more than two Scots around to fight for the trophy.

How about Jimmy White then? Well, he couldn't have had a better draw for the first match where he meets lowest ranked Henderson. His next match can be a lot tougher. There he can meet Peter Ebdon.

John Parrott is a real contender this year. He's probably got much to prove after losing in the quarter-finals for the last zillion years. Also look out for Ronnie O'Sullivan. It looks like he's approaching top form and we all know what that means!

World Championship Qualifiers

Telford International Centre, Telford, England (Mar 21-22, 1996)

Round 10

Players are English unless stated

Jimmy Michie          10-6 Andy Hicks
Dene O'Kane (Nzl)     10-7 Paul Davies (Wales)
Euan Henderson (Scot) 10-9 Joe Swail (N.Ire)
Alain Robidoux (Can)  10-8 Mike Hallett
Mick Price            10-8 Ian McCulloch
Martin Clark          10-5 Mark King
Gary Wilkinson        10-4 Terry Murphy (N.Ire)
Drew Henry (Scot)     10-8 Tony Knowles
Willie Thorne         10-4 Danny Fowler
Steve James           10-7 Mark Davis
Jamie Burnett (Scot)  10-7 Brian Morgan    
Anthony Hamilton      10-3 Nick Walker
Neal Foulds           10-9 Chris Small (Scot)
Jason Ferguson        10-8 Gerard Greene
Nick Terry            10-7 Dean Reynolds
Rod Lawler            10-5 Dennis Taylor (N.Ire)

This loss must have been very disappointing for Andy Hicks who was a semi-finalist in last year's world championship.

Dennis Taylor, the 1985 world champion failed to qualify this year despite a 140, his highest ever break in a ranking event.

With an international view it's nice to see that both Alain Robidoux (Canada) and Dene O'Kane (New Zealand), made it to the final stage.

The lowest ranked players to make it are Euan Henderson (90), Jamie Burnett (78) and Jimmy Michie (68).


William Hill Betting

Stephen Hendry 3-2 (?)
John Higgins 6-1
Ronnie O'Sullivan 7-1
Peter Ebdon 12-1
John Parrott 14-1
Steve Davis 16-1
Ken Doherty 20-1
Alan McManus 20-1
Jimmy White 20-1
James Wattana 33-1
Nigel Bond 40-1
Darren Morgan 50-1
Dave Harold 66-1
Tony Drago 100-1
Terry Griffiths 200-1
David Roe 200-1

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