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The Snooker Clinic

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Snooker is a difficult game. And I'm not only talking about potting balls! Many of the problems, it seems, appear when people are fighting over the rules and regulations of this intriguing game. I'm sure you and your playing partner more than once have become "unfriendly" after a rules dispute.

Maybe you have questions concerning other snooker subjects as well, e.g. results, history or equipment?

Here is the solution!

WWW Snooker can now offer you the services of the snooker expert (and "Internet snooker guru"), Jari Kokko! He will try to answer all your rules queries in an easily understandable way. He's joined by fellow guru Janie Watkins, referee Bernie Mickeleit and John Day.

Martin Bell is the results and history expert. Steve Tittle and Hermund �rdalen, the webmaster, will do their best to answer questions on different snooker subjects. All the questions and answers will be displayed in the Q&A Archives for you to browse. I guess you could call it a snooker "FAQ".

But enough of that. It's time for you to do the talking. Fill in the question form and we will try to supply you with an answer as quickly as possible. If you include your e-mail address you will also receive the answer by mail. Shoot!

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