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Honghe Industrial China Open Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 25 Mar - 1 Apr 2007; Venue: Beijing University Students Gymnasium, Beijing, China; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Mark J Williams; Notes: See also results (39)
Final Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 9-5 England Jamie Cope Head to head  Pencil

71-46, 5-64 (64), 80-16, 0-97 (97)
132-0 (60,72), 67-36, 76-0 (70), 95-0 (95)
4-91 (90), 0-97 (77), 57-71, 124-5 (124)
126-0 (126), 71-40

Semifinals Pencil
England Jamie Cope 6-5 England Barry Hawkins Head to head  Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 6-2 England Ronnie O'Sullivan Head to head  Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
England Jamie Cope 5-0 England Shaun Murphy Head to head  Pencil
England Barry Hawkins 5-4 Ireland Ken Doherty Head to head  Pencil
England Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-3 Hong Kong Marco Fu Head to head  Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 5-2 Scotland John Higgins Head to head  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 16)
1 England Jamie Cope 5-4 England Stuart Bingham Head to head  Pencil
2 England Shaun Murphy 5-2 Scotland Stephen Maguire Head to head  Pencil
3 England Barry Hawkins 5-0 Northern Ireland Joe Swail Head to head  Pencil
4 Ireland Ken Doherty 5-1 England Mark Selby Head to head  Pencil
5 Hong Kong Marco Fu 5-3 Wales Matthew Stevens Head to head  Pencil
6 England Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-4 England Allister Carter Head to head  Pencil
7 Scotland John Higgins 5-1 England Jimmy White Head to head  Pencil
8 Scotland Graeme Dott 5-1 Australia Neil Robertson Head to head  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 32)
1 England Jamie Cope 5-1 Wales Mark J Williams Head to head  Pencil
2 England Stuart Bingham 5-4 England Steve Davis Head to head  Pencil
3 Scotland Stephen Maguire 5-3 England Mark King Head to head  Pencil
4 England Shaun Murphy 5-1 China Mei Xiwen (a) Head to head  Pencil
5 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 5-3 England Peter Ebdon Head to head  Pencil
6 England Barry Hawkins 5-3 China Ding Junhui Head to head  Pencil
7 England Mark Selby 5-4 England Anthony Hamilton Head to head  Pencil
8 Ireland Ken Doherty 5-1 China Li Hang (a) Head to head  Pencil
9 Hong Kong Marco Fu 5-4 Scotland Stephen Hendry Head to head  Pencil
10 Wales Matthew Stevens 5-0 China Xiao Guodong (a) Head to head  Pencil
11 England Allister Carter 5-3 China Yu Delu (a) Head to head  Pencil
12 England Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-1 China Liu Chuang (a) Head to head  Pencil
13 Scotland John Higgins 5-2 England Ian McCulloch Head to head  Pencil
14 England Jimmy White w/o England Stephen Lee Head to head  Pencil
15 Australia Neil Robertson 5-1 England Michael Holt Head to head  Pencil
16 Scotland Graeme Dott 5-2 Thailand James Wattana Head to head  Pencil
Wild Card Round Pencil
(Last 40)
1 England Jamie Cope 5-1 China Yang Qingtian (a)    Pencil
2 China Mei Xiwen (a) 5-2 England Alfie Burden Head to head  Pencil
3 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 5-4 China Jin Long (a)    Pencil
4 China Li Hang (a) 5-4 Wales Ian Preece Head to head  Pencil
5 China Xiao Guodong (a) 5-3 England Tom Ford Head to head  Pencil
6 China Yu Delu (a) 5-1 England Joe Jogia Head to head  Pencil
7 China Liu Chuang (a) 5-4 England Andy Hicks Head to head  Pencil
8 England Jimmy White 5-2 China Zheng Peng (a)    Pencil