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World Games

Tour: Other; Date: 22-26 Jul 2009; Venue: Chung Cheng Martial Arts Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Type: Unknown; Defending champion: Gerard Greene (a); Notes: See also results (16)
England Nigel Bond 3-0 England David Grace (a) Head to head
3rd/4th Playoff
United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shehab (a) 3-2 Iran Soheil Vahedi (a)  
England David Grace (a) 3-1 Iran Soheil Vahedi (a) Head to head
England Nigel Bond 3-2 United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shehab (a)  
England David Grace (a) 3-1 Taiwan Lin Shu-Hung (a)  
Iran Soheil Vahedi (a) 3-1 Egypt Mohammed Awad (a)  
England Nigel Bond 3-2 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh  
United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shehab (a) 3-0 Taiwan Wu Yu-Lin (a)  
Round 1
1 Taiwan Lin Shu-Hung (a) 3-0 South Africa Francois Ellis (a)  
2 England David Grace (a) 3-2 Thailand Atthasit Mahitthi  
3 Iran Soheil Vahedi (a) 3-1 Australia Glen Wilkinson (a)  
4 Egypt Mohammed Awad (a) 3-2 England Mike Dunn  
5 England Nigel Bond 3-0 New Zealand Dene O'Kane (a) Head to head
6 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 3-1 Wales Paul Davies Head to head
7 United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shehab (a) 3-2 England Stephen Craigie (a)  
8 Taiwan Wu Yu-Lin (a) 3-1 England Ricky Walden