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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 16 Apr - 2 May 1983; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Alex Higgins (a); Notes: See also results (31)
England Steve Davis (a) 18-6 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) Head to head
Davis became the first player to win the event for a second time at the Crucible.
Thorburn was exhausted during the final after winning his last three matches in deciding frames, according to Everton. He played 14 hours more than Davis throughout the tournament.

82-20; 11-112; 83-39; 36-80; 80-34; 65-34; 81-44 (60); 75-26; 82-6; 73-0 (59); 81-48; 41-57; 25-71 (55); 100-8 (92); 15-68 (54); 96-2; 76-47; 58-53; 75-28; 62-47 (59); 67-62; 131-0 (131); 24-62; 77-70 (56)

Referee: Len Ganley

England Steve Davis (a) 16-5 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) Head to head
At the mid-session interval, the Crucible Theatre was evacuated due to a death threat against Davis that had been telephoned to the venue, saying that he would be shot if he won a tenth frame.
Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 16-15 England Tony Knowles (a) Head to head
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) 13-11 Canada Bill Werbeniuk (a) Head to head
At 46 points ahead in the third frame, Higgins attempted to play a snooker behind the pink and was annoyed by referee John Williams, who awarded a foul against him as the cue ball had not touched the pink. After protestations from Higgins, Williams asked the match scorers for a second opinion, and the decision stood. Werbeniuk then made a break of 57 and won the frame.
England Steve Davis (a) 13-5 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) Head to head
Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 13-12 Canada Kirk Stevens (a) Head to head
As of 2019, this was still the second-longest session (at 6 hours and 11 minutes), and the third-latest finish, since the World Snooker Championship has been held at the Crucible.
England Tony Knowles (a) 13-9 England Tony Meo (a)  
Round 2
(Last 16)
1 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) 13-8 England Willie Thorne (a)  
2 Canada Bill Werbeniuk (a) 13-10 England David Taylor (a) Head to head
3 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) 13-11 England John Spencer (a) Head to head
4 England Steve Davis (a) 13-11 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) Head to head
5 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 13-12 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) Head to head
Thorburn achieved the first maximum break at a World Snooker Championship in the fourth frame. He was only the second player after Davis at the 1982 Classic to make an official maximum.
The final session of the match between Thorburn and Griffiths lasted more than seven hours and finished at 3:51 am,[33][34][35] which, at the end of the 2019 Championship, still stood as the latest finish for a snooker match at the Crucible, and at 6 hours and 25 minutes, the longest session.
6 Canada Kirk Stevens (a) 13-3 South Africa Perrie Mans (a)  
7 England Tony Meo (a) 13-11 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) Head to head
8 England Tony Knowles (a) 13-12 Wales Ray Reardon (a)  
Round 1
(Last 32)
1 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) 10-4 England Dean Reynolds (a) Head to head
2 England Willie Thorne (a) 10-3 England John Virgo (a) Head to head
3 Canada Bill Werbeniuk (a) 10-4 England Dave Martin (a)  
4 England David Taylor (a) 10-2 England Jim Meadowcroft (a)  
5 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) 10-7 England Les Dodd (a)  
6 England John Spencer (a) 10-7 England Mike Hallett (a)  
7 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) 10-9 South Africa Silvino Francisco (a) Head to head
8 England Steve Davis (a) 10-4 England Rex Williams (a)  
9 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 10-5 Australia John Campbell (a)  
10 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 10-8 England Mark Wildman (a)  
11 South Africa Perrie Mans (a) 10-3 Scotland Ian Black (a)  
12 Canada Kirk Stevens (a) 10-2 England Mick Fisher (a)  
13 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) 10-2 Wales Cliff Wilson (a) Head to head
14 England Tony Meo (a) 10-8 England Jimmy White Head to head
15 England Tony Knowles (a) 10-3 England Graham Miles (a)  
16 Wales Ray Reardon (a) 10-7 Ireland Eugene Hughes (a) Head to head