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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 16 Apr - 2 May 1988; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Steve Davis (a); Notes: See also results (31)
England Steve Davis (a) 18-11 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) Head to head
It was Davis's sixth successive final, and Griffith's first since his win in 1979. Davis had won fifteen of the previous nineteen matches between the pair.
It was Davis's fourth win in six ranking tournaments in the 1987´┐Ż88 snooker season, a period in which he also won the 1988 Masters and the 1988 Irish Masters, and he became first player to win all of the snooker "Triple Crown" events in a single season.

Session 1:
46-71, 53-52, 64-21, 76-25, 80-22, 78-0 (61), 1-86 (50), 56-60, 83-6 (83), 81-0 (81), 22-79, 9-82 (63), 60-63 (SD 59, TG 55), 61-70 (TG 57)

Session 2:
67-9 (66), 8-111 (65), 60-53, 56-33, 74-8, 10-68, 70-9, 79-31, 9-78 (57), 92-41 (92), 70-46, 118-4 (118), 28-87, 123-1 (123), 66-35 (66)

Referee: John Williams

England Steve Davis (a) 16-8 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) Head to head
re-spotted black in frame 2
Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 16-11 England Jimmy White Head to head
re-spotted black in frame 25
England Steve Davis (a) 13-4 Malta Tony Drago (a) Head to head
Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 13-11 England Steve James (a)  
Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 13-9 England Neal Foulds (a) Head to head
England Jimmy White 13-6 England Tony Knowles (a) Head to head
Round 2
(Last 16)
1 England Steve Davis (a) 13-1 England Mike Hallett (a) Head to head
This result matched the heaviest defeat ever recorded in the world snooker championship at the Crucible, Davis's 18´┐Ż6 victory over Thorburn in the 1983 final.
2 Malta Tony Drago (a) 13-5 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) Head to head
3 England Steve James (a) 13-9 England Joe Johnson (a)  
4 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 13-10 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
5 England Neal Foulds (a) 13-1 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a)  
6 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 13-9 England Willie Thorne (a)  
Griffiths reached the QF for the fifth year in succession
7 England Tony Knowles (a) 13-7 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) Head to head
8 England Jimmy White 13-12 Scotland Stephen Hendry Head to head
It was the first of seven Crucible matches between White and Hendry over the following decade, including four finals, White losing each encounter until their seventh world championship clash in 1998.
Round 1
(Last 32)
1 England Steve Davis (a) 10-8 England John Virgo (a) Head to head
2 England Mike Hallett (a) 10-2 Canada Bob Chaperon (a)  
3 Malta Tony Drago (a) 10-2 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a)  
Higgins lost his place in the elite top 16 of the snooker world rankings for the first time since rankings were introduced in 1976.
4 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) 10-8 Canada Bill Werbeniuk (a)  
This was Werbeniuk's last appearance at the World Snooker Championship finals.
5 England Joe Johnson (a) 10-7 Wales Cliff Wilson (a)  
6 England Steve James (a) 10-6 England Rex Williams (a)  
7 England John Parrott (a) 10-4 Australia Warren King (a)  
8 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 10-6 Canada Kirk Stevens (a)  
9 England Neal Foulds (a) 10-7 Wales Wayne Jones (a) Head to head
10 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) 10-6 England Barry West (a)  
11 England Willie Thorne (a) 10-6 South Africa Peter Francisco (a)  
12 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 10-1 England Steve Longworth (a)  
13 England Tony Knowles (a) 10-8 England Danny Fowler (a)  
14 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) 10-7 South Africa Silvino Francisco (a) Head to head
15 Scotland Stephen Hendry 10-6 England Dean Reynolds (a) Head to head
16 England Jimmy White 10-3 Australia John Campbell (a)