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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 13-29 Apr 1990; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Steve Davis (a); Notes: See also results (31)
Scotland Stephen Hendry 18-12 England Jimmy White Head to head
Aged 21 years and 106 days, Hendry became the youngest Snooker World Champion, so far.

37-78, 73-13 (72), 48-85, 71-49, 79-14, 60-27, 0-86 (82), 87-27, 64-75 (67), 57-68, 77-46, 99-4 (66), 52-63 (62), 88-0 (53), 1-76, 108-1 (108), 100-0 (66), 104-5 (104), 73-4 (58), 81-0 (81), 50-87 (82), 17-75, 72-63 (72), 0-109 (51), 97-6 (57), 0-127 (87), 124-0 (108), 13-69 (51), 90-27 (81), 101-1 (71)

Referee: Len Ganley

For the only time since seeding began, the four semi-finalists were also the top four seeds.
England Jimmy White 16-14 England Steve Davis (a) Head to head
For the first time since 1982, Davis failed to reach the final.
Scotland Stephen Hendry 16-11 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
England Steve Davis (a) 13-8 England Neal Foulds (a) Head to head
England Jimmy White 13-5 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) Head to head
Scotland Stephen Hendry 13-6 Wales Darren Morgan (a) Head to head
England John Parrott (a) 13-6 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) Head to head
140 by Parrott in frame 11 was the highest break of the tournament.
Round 2
(Last 16)
1 England Steve Davis (a) 13-7 England Steve James (a) Head to head
2 England Neal Foulds (a) 13-11 England Willie Thorne (a)  
3 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 13-6 England Tony Knowles (a) Head to head
4 England Jimmy White 13-6 England John Virgo (a) Head to head
5 Scotland Stephen Hendry 13-7 England Tony Meo (a) Head to head
6 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 13-8 England Mike Hallett (a) Head to head
7 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 13-12 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) Head to head
8 England John Parrott (a) 13-11 England Dean Reynolds (a)  
Round 1
(Last 32)
1 England Steve Davis (a) 10-1 Australia Eddie Charlton (a) Head to head
2 England Steve James (a) 10-5 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a)  
in frame 11, James was awarded a free ball, before any reds had been potted. In taking a baulk colour as an extra red ball and compiling a total clearance of 135 the break became so far the only 16-red clearance at the Crucible.
After the match, Higgins punched an official in the stomach at the post-match press conference. This, alongside a threat to have Dennis Taylor shot at the 1990 World Cup a month earlier, led to Higgins being banned for the entire 1990/1991 season.
3 England Willie Thorne (a) 10-4 Malta Tony Drago (a)  
4 England Neal Foulds (a) 10-8 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) Head to head
5 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 10-4 England Nigel Gilbert (a)  
This was Gilbert's 1st Crucible appearance.
6 England Tony Knowles (a) 10-4 Wales Tony Chappel (a)  
This was Chappel's 1st (and only) Crucible appearance.
7 England John Virgo (a) 10-6 England Gary Wilkinson (a)  
8 England Jimmy White 10-4 England Danny Fowler (a)  
9 Scotland Stephen Hendry 10-7 Canada Alain Robidoux (a) Head to head
This was Robidoux' 1st Crucible appearance.
At 7´┐Ż7, the referee announced that Robidoux had committed a foul by making a push shot. Hendry compiled a break of 58 to win that frame, and added the following two frames to progress 10´┐Ż7.
10 England Tony Meo (a) 10-8 Wales Wayne Jones (a)  
11 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 10-8 England Joe Johnson (a) Head to head
12 England Mike Hallett (a) 10-9 Wales Steve Newbury (a)  
13 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) 10-6 Wales Cliff Wilson (a)  
Wilson made his 8th and final Crucible appearance at the age of 55. He never got past the world championship 1st round in his career.
14 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) 10-8 Canada Brady Gollan (a)  
This was Gollan's 1st Crucible appearance. He won five qualifying matches and led 8-7.
15 England Dean Reynolds (a) 10-7 South Africa Peter Francisco (a) Head to head
16 England John Parrott (a) 10-9 England Mark Bennett (a)  
John Parrott trailed Mark Bennett 7´┐Ż9, but took the next two to force a deciding frame that he won on the pink ball after a break of 69 after being 59 points behind.