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Results (6) from European Women's Masters Group D ordered by time registered (CET).

European Women's Masters (5-7 Oct 2018)
6 Oct 2018
14:11   Grp D England Shannon Metcalf (af) 3-0 Ireland Tanya O'Neill (af)  
12:11   Grp D Hong Kong Ho Yee Ki (af) 3-0 Australia Judy Dangerfield (af) Head to head
10:33   Grp D Hong Kong Ho Yee Ki (af) 2-1 England Shannon Metcalf (af) Head to head
5 Oct 2018
16:55   Grp D Australia Judy Dangerfield (af) 2-1 England Shannon Metcalf (af)  
14:17   Grp D Australia Judy Dangerfield (af) 3-0 Ireland Tanya O'Neill (af)  
11:32   Grp D Hong Kong Ho Yee Ki (af) 3-0 Ireland Tanya O'Neill (af)