(ScoreKeeper admin 1.0.700 for snooker.org)


You'll get to do all your testing on a development version of the system before moving on to the production version. Nothing you do on the development version can cause any harm to the production version.

The development version also has its own API.

Please note that the newest features may not be available in the development version.

It may seem a lot to take in but once you've had a few tries you'll be quite comfortable. Basically, we're spending 99% of the time updating scores on the Matches page. The other three pages are for editing players, teams and events.

NB! Since this guide was made several changes have been made to the administration interface (see version history). Here are a few of the major ones (as of 11 Dec 2014):

  1. Context-based player suggestions
  2. Link for editing event
  3. Automatic fetch of matches when an event is selected that uses only one round
  4. Get the new value in the event and player forms selected directly after submit
  5. Set default season in an event form to current season.
  6. Rearranged elements in the event form
  7. Introduced "All rounds added" to event form to reduce size of dropdown menu for rounds in the Matches form (including in Advance box)
  8. Collapsable singles matches in team events
  9. Season for teams
  10. Introduced log of operations in admin
  11. Put in blocker for overwrites in admin
  12. Support for handicaps
  13. Upcoming: Info when matches in a round are awaiting scheduling
  14. Bulk insert of Scheduled date (put stuff in the Scheduled box in the Round Info section, and then move the cursor out of the box. This will update the Sceduled field in all matches.)
  15. Video links from matches
  16. Admin: Display which rankings are being updated
  17. Changed to icons in matches for "Live" and "Details"
  18. Player photos
  19. Different video icons
  20. Admin: Automatic checking of TV box for certain events
  21. More than one event can be shown in "Next" on front page
  22. Option to display highest seed first on pages for event, results and upcoming (e.g. http://snooker.org/res/index.asp?event=427&hf=On)
  23. Admin: Option for updating candidates
  24. First draft of Competitors template
  25. Working on session based order of play page
  26. Init link on match number
  27. Restrict player suggestions in selected events to competitors in the qualifying events
  28. Restrict player suggestions in men's/women's events to men/women
  29. Automated function to insert group matches
  30. Introduced an API with methods, for events, players and matches: api.snooker.org
  31. Added feature that prevents duplicate players in the same round
  32. Displaying current mode on admin page and reshuffled the menu a bit
  33. Introduced "On duty" feature
  34. Introduced account management ("You" in the menu)
  35. Modal window for extended info on matches
  36. Adapted to iPhone
  37. Added defending champion and previous edition to the events
  38. Using static HTML for the most visited pages (e.g. diary.snooker.org)

Logging In

Administration interface of the development version

Problems with logging in? Please see How do I enable cookies in my web browser? (Boomerang Wiki).

Note that when you are logged in, there are extra links (pencil icons) on the various presentation pages that takes you directly to the administration of the objects in questions, e.g. matches and players.

Top Menu

  1. Matches: Registering and editing matches
  2. Players: Adding and editing players
  3. Teams: Adding and editing teams (World Cup)
  4. Events: Adding and editing events
  5. Front: The presentation
  6. Live: A page with all current matches on the World Snooker scoreboard
  7. Date: Change the last-updated date of the front page and What's New
  8. About: Information about the ScoreKeeper system
  9. Help: This tutorial
  10. Chat: Integrated message board
  11. Reset: Resetting the site. Sometimes the updates aren't registered because of database timeouts. If so click this link and follow the instructions.
  12. Multi: Link to the multi-admin mode (for round-robin events)
  13. Logout: Logging out

To the far right of the top menu you'll see who was last logged in, what he did, and when he did it. If someone other than you performed the last operation the whole page turns red, so that you can avoid possible crashes and overwrites.

1 Matches

Screen dump

1.1 Information Line

Just below the heading you can see what the last operation was. It could be fetching or updating. There's also a link ("View") to the tournament page, where the matches are displayed.

1.2 Top Administration Menu

There are two administration menus, one at the top and one at the bottom. They have some common features. Here are the ones at the top:

1.3 Match Table

Next follows the matches themselves. A brief explanation of the columns:

1.4 Bottom Administration Menu

1.5 The Process

A quick rundown of the processes needed to edit matches. We assume you have already logged in and are in the Matches section:

1.5.1 Adding One Or More Matches

  1. Click "Refresh" (Must always be done when more people are logged in)
  2. (If needed) Select event and round
  3. Click "Draw Mode"
  4. Add players to the Player 1 and Player 2 boxes. This is done by starting to write some part of their name. A list of names will appear underneath the box. Select the correct one, and then press the Tab button on your keyboard to move to the next player box. If the player in a match is to be decided, you can selct the special player called "TBD". If there will never be a player there (rare), you can use the special player "NOBODY".
  5. Advance: Make selections if not already done
  6. Round info: Enter information if not already done
  7. (If needed) Misc: E.g. write notes
  8. Press the "Update" button

Repeat 4. as many times as needed, before performing 8.

NB! If a player is not found the special player "TBD" will take his place in the draw.

1.5.2 Starting One Or More Matches

  1. (If needed) Click "Refresh" (Must always be done when more people are logged in)
  2. (If needed) Select event and round
  3. Click "init"
  4. (If needed) Misc: E.g. add a number to the LS-box
  5. Press the "Update" button

Repeat 3.-4. as many times as needed, before performing 5.

1.5.3 Updating One Or More Matches

  1. (If needed) Click "Refresh" (Must always be done when more people are logged in)
  2. (If needed) Select event and round
  3. Adjust the number of frames in the score boxes (S1/S2). In certain browsers, like Chrome, the score boxes are equipped with arrows. It makes the job easier.
  4. (If needed) Misc: E.g. add information about big breaks
  5. Press the "Update" button

Repeat 3.-4. as many times as needed, before performing 5.

1.5.4 Ending One Or More Matches

  1. (If needed) Click "Refresh" (Must always be done when more people are logged in)
  2. (If needed) Select event and round
  3. Change scores (or check a w/o-box)
  4. (If needed) Uncheck Unf-box [only when distances aren't set in the Round Info box]
  5. (If needed) Misc: E.g. update Scheduled and Sessions fields
  6. Press the "Update" button

Repeat 3.-5. as many times as needed, before performing 6.
The boxes for score fields, walkover fields and "unfinished" are connected. When one of them is changed the others are automatically adjusted.

1.5.5 Removing Round

  1. Remove players from all matches
  2. Insert NOBODY as Player 1 and Player 2
  3. Press the "Update" button

2 Players

Screen dump

This is where players are added and edited.

2.1 Three Quick Pointers

2.2 To Add A New Player

  1. Select "New Player" in the dropdown menu
  2. Insert first name, last name, nationality and sex
  3. (If needed) Insert Middle name, Short name or Twitter account
  4. Press "Add player"

2.3 To Edit An Existing Player

  1. Select the player in the dropdown menu
  2. Do the necesssary changes
  3. Press "Update player"

3 Teams

Screen dump

It's very much the same as Players. In addition you must select the two players in the team.

Number is used if there are more than one team from a country. See Thailand 1 and 2.

4 Events

Screen dump

Same concept as Players and Teams. You will probably not need to add much here. The most probable will be to edit existing events, and especially the following fields:

See the existing events for examples of these and other fields.


We use various sources to collect the data needed. Here are the most important:


Woopra (real-time visitor stats)

You'll need to register (free) with Woopra if you want to get access to this. If you do please let me know which e-mail address you used, and we'll share this page with you:

Woopra: Snooker.org

Google Analytics (Now also real-time)

Please send me the e-mail address of your Google account, if you have one, and we'll share this page with you:

Google Analytics: Snooker.org

Other resources

The End

We like nothing more than constructive feedback so please let me know if you spot errors or have ideas for improvements.

Good luck!