Embassy World Ladies Championship 1998

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19-year-old Kelly Fisher caused a major upset by whitewashing title holder Karen Corr 5-0 in the final to pocket the �5,000 first prize.

Karen Corr attempting a hat trick of World Titles, also won The World Ladies Billiards Title earlier this week. If she had completed the double, it would have matched a feat only achieved by Joe Davis, who held both titles at the same time.

Mother and Daughter Helen and Sheron Audus both reached the last 16.

The youngest player in the event was 16 (age limit due to Tobacco sponsors and the oldest were 77 year old Agnes Davies, from Ammanford South Wales, Life President of the WLBSA and 85 year old Doreen Buckton of Hereford. Players competed from England, Scotland, Norther Ireland, Wales, Eire, including disabled Scottish player Zena Latchman, who plays with a hand attachment following a car crash.

Missing this year were the European and Inter-Continental Players. Hopefully as the profile of Ladies Snooker is raised again, we will see the girls from Holland, Belgium, France, Norway, as well as Canada and Australia. Name to watch for the future is 16 year old Maria Catalano from Dudley in the West Midlands. Maria is Ronnie O'Sullivan's cousin. Playing in only her second ever tournament she reached the last 32 before losing 3 black ball frames against World No. 5 June Banks of Llanelli.

The final was played in The Crucible for the very first time.

Janie Watkins ([email protected])


(Seedings in brackets)


The Crucible, Sheffield, England (Apr 26, 1998)
Kelly Fisher      [2] 5-0 Karen Corr [1]


Karen Corr        [1] 4-2 Lisa Quick
Kelly Fisher      [2] 4-3 Kim Shaw [3]


Karen Corr        [1] 4-0 Tessa Davidson
Lisa Quick        [5] 4-1 Caroline Walch
Kim Shaw          [3] 4-2 Mandy Fisher
Kelly Fisher      [2] 4-2 Ann-Marie Farren [7]

Last 16

Karen Corr        [1] 4-0 Sheron Audus
Tessa Davidson        4-3 Lynette Horsburgh
Lisa Quick        [5] 4-2 Lisa Ingall
Caroline Walch        4-1 June Banks [4]
Kim Shaw          [3] 4-1 Helen Audus
Mandy Fisher      [6] 4-3 Emma Bonney
Ann-Marie Farren  [7] 4-0 Sarah Clarke (87 break by Farren) 
Kelly Fisher      [2] 4-0 Michelle Brown

Last 32

Karen Corr        [1] 4-0 Vicki Revell
Sheron Audus          4-2 Marianne Lazarides
Tessa Davidson        4-3 Julie Kelly [8]
Lynette Horsburgh     4-0 Liz Jones
Lisa Quick        [5] 4-1 Zena Latchman
Lisa Ingall           4-1 Katie Hendrick
Caroline Walch        4-0 Karin Brookes
June Banks        [4] 4-0 Maria Catalano
Kim Shaw          [3] 4-0 Julie Billings (95 break by Shaw) 
Helen Audus           4-1 Debbie Reynolds;
Emma Bonney           4-0 Margaret Campion
Mandy Fisher      [6] 4-2 Sarah Coffin
Ann-Marie Farren  [7] 4-0 Clare Rodgers
Sarah Clarke          4-1 Beverley Hipwell
Michelle Brown        4-3 Jenny Poulter
Kelly Fisher      [2] 4-0 Tracey Warren


95 Kim Shaw
87 Ann-Marie Farren
74 Karen Corr
61 Lynette Horsburgh (twice)
59 Mandy FIsher
57 Tessa Davidson
57 Lisa Ingall
54 Lisa Ingall
53 Karen Corr
52 Kelly Fisher
51 Kelly Fisher
50 Tessa Davidson

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