1994 World Amateur Championship
Johannesburg, South Africa


Last 16

Kristjan Helgason (Iceland) bt Hitesh Naran (South Africa) 5-1 Thomas Ang (Singapore) bt Indika Dodangoda (Sri Lanka) 5-0 Andrew Hicks (Australia) bt Michael Rhodes (England) 5-3 Mohammed Yusuf (Pakistan) bt Andy Sharpe (Northern Ireland) 5-4 Samporn Kunthawung (Thailand) bt Elfed Evans (Wales) 5-2 Ron Jones (Wales) bt Matthew Davies (England) 5-4 Johannes R Johannesson (Iceland) bt Paul Dowling (Republic of Ireland) 5-4 Quinten Hann (Australia) bt Preecha Sae-be (Thailand) 5-4


Kunthawung bt Jones 5-1 Hicks bt Ang 5-3 Johannesson bt Hann 5-3 Yusuf bt Helgason 5-3


Yusuf bt Hicks 8-2 Johannesson bt Kunthawung 8-7


Yusuf bt Johannesson 11-9


Preecha Sae-be made a 147 during one of his group matches. This is the first in the 31 year history of the event. He won an Audi pluss the table on which he made the break!

Mohammed Yusuf, the winner, is Pakistan's first world champion. He is 42 years old and his previous best was reaching two quarter-finals in the Asian Championship.

Iceland, with a population of only 250,000, had two contestants in the quarter-finals and one in the final!

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