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1995 Norwegian Snooker Championship
Porsgrunn March 25-26

Many thanks to Kjell Ove Kjølaas <> who wrote the original version of this document.

Only 19 players participated. Last year there were more than 32 players, a notable setback. This was partly due to the fact that most of the players from Oslo Biljardklubb boycotted the event because of Bjørn L'Orange's participation. That's really a shame. It isn't too often that the home crowd gets to see Bjørn play. He became champion without losing a single match. In the final against Atle Grefstad from Grimstad he lost a frame though.


  1. Bjørn L'Orange, Oslo BK
  2. Atle Grefstad, Grimstad
  3. Morten Hansen, Grenland
  4. Morten Skifjeld, Porsgrund
  5. Robin Tønnesen, Christiania
  6. Anita Rizzuti, Oslo BK
  7. Ken Simon Røed, Porsgrund
  8. Tore Sandell, Torshov
  9. Atle Skoland, Porsgrund
  10. Tom B. Øverland, Porsgrund
  11. Ketil Wetteland, Oslo BK
  12. Tore Skagestein, Oslo BK
  13. Helge Skifjeld, Porsgrund
  14. Ole Aarrestad, Grenland
  15. Bård E. Jensen, Porsgrund
  16. Ørjan Hegg, Grenland
  17. Ole Chr. Ertresvåg, Lørenskog
  18. Roger Halsnes, Porsgrund
  19. Thomas Reis, Porsgrund

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