Tournaments: 2005/2006: Results | Diary


World Quals 4-6 (8-13 Jan 2006) Pencil
Q Rd 4 England Joe Jogia 10-3 Scotland Hugh Abernethy    Pencil
Q Rd 4 Scotland James McBain 10-1 England Nick Dyson    Pencil
Q Rd 4 Scotland Scott Mackenzie 10-3 Bahrain Habib Subah    Pencil
Q Rd 5 England David B Gilbert 10-8 Scotland Jamie Burnett Head to head  Pencil
Q Rd 5 Scotland Marcus Campbell 10-3 Scotland Scott Mackenzie Head to head  Pencil
Q Rd 5 England Matthew Couch 10-6 Scotland James McBain    Pencil
Q Rd 6 England Stuart Bingham 10-7 Scotland Marcus Campbell Head to head  Pencil
Q Rd 6 China Ding Junhui 10-9 Scotland Drew Henry    Pencil
World Championship (15 Apr - 1 May 2006) Pencil
Rd 1 England Nigel Bond 10-9 Scotland Stephen Hendry Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 England Mark Selby 10-4 Scotland John Higgins Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 Scotland Graeme Dott 10-3 England John Parrott    Pencil
Rd 1 Hong Kong Marco Fu 10-3 Scotland Alan McManus Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 Scotland Stephen Maguire 10-6 England Mark King Head to head  Pencil
Rd 2 Hong Kong Marco Fu 13-3 Scotland Stephen Maguire Head to head  Pencil
Rd 2 Scotland Graeme Dott 13-9 England Nigel Bond Head to head  Pencil
QF Scotland Graeme Dott 13-12 Australia Neil Robertson Head to head  Pencil
SF Scotland Graeme Dott 17-11 England Ronnie O'Sullivan Head to head  Pencil

O'Sullivan's tip came off during the 14th frame. After a 15-minute break for emergency repairs, O'Sullivan made a 124 break.

Final Scotland Graeme Dott 18-14 England Peter Ebdon Head to head  Pencil
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