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30 November 2017

Scottish Open Prediction Contest

Welcome to the prediction contest for the 2017 Scottish Open. Deadline is Monday 11th December 11am CET. Go

10 December 2017

UK Championship

Ronnie O'Sullivan (England) wins the Betway UK Championship

10 December 2017

Updated ranking lists

Ranking lists after the UK Championship:

10 December 2017

UK Championship Prediction Contest

Mateusz Banas (Poland) wins the UK Championship Prediction Contest.

29 October 2017

Women's Masters

Ng On Yee (Hong Kong) wins the Eden Women's Masters

4 October 2017

Darts Scores

See our sister site Darts Scores if you're interested in continually updated results from pro darts. Right now the PDC World Grand Prix just finished.


Score Centre 2017/2018

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Calendar 2017/2018

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Crucible Contest

Information about the annual competition where you can guess the winners of every match in the World Championship. More »

How to Play Snooker

You want to play the great game of snooker, but don't know how? Richard Fountain provides you with three lessons to help you on your way. More »

The World Championship Page

A collection of all the world championship stuff on the site. More »


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