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Scottish Professional Championship Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 11-14 Apr 2011; Venue: Lucky Break Snooker Club, Clydebank, Scotland; Type: Invitational; Notes: See also results (20)
Final Pencil
Scotland John Higgins 6-1 Scotland Anthony McGill Head to head  Pencil

111–6 (106), 81–57, 83–1 (83), 9–70
82–30 (62), 108–1 (108), 83–26

Semifinals Pencil
Scotland John Higgins 5-0 Scotland Stephen Hendry Head to head  Pencil
Scotland Anthony McGill 5-3 Scotland Graeme Dott Head to head  Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
Scotland John Higgins 5-1 Scotland Jamie Burnett Head to head  Pencil
Scotland Stephen Hendry 5-2 Scotland Alan McManus    Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 5-2 Scotland James McBain    Pencil
Scotland Anthony McGill 5-3 Scotland Stephen Maguire Head to head  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
1 Scotland Jamie Burnett 5-3 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a)    Pencil
2 Scotland Alan McManus 5-1 Scotland Mark Boyle (a)    Pencil
3 Scotland James McBain 5-3 Scotland Marcus Campbell Head to head  Pencil
4 Scotland Anthony McGill 5-1 Scotland Richy McDonald (a)    Pencil
Qual Round 2 Pencil
1 Scotland Mark Boyle (a) 5-1 Scotland Steve Wylie (a)    Pencil
2 Scotland Richy McDonald (a) 5-2 Scotland Scott Mackenzie (a)    Pencil
3 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 5-2 Scotland John Lardner (a)    Pencil
Qual Round 1 Pencil
1 Scotland Steve Wylie (a) 5-1 Scotland John Rea (a)    Pencil
2 Scotland Mark Boyle (a) 5-1 Scotland David McLellan (a)    Pencil
3 Scotland Scott Mackenzie (a) 5-2 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a)    Pencil
4 Scotland Richy McDonald (a) 5-0 Scotland Murdo McLeod (a)    Pencil
5 Scotland John Lardner (a) 5-4 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a)    Pencil
6 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 5-2 Scotland Guilio Rea (a)    Pencil