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Results (13) from Q School 3 ordered by time registered (CEST). See also upcoming matches (155).

Q School 3 (5-9 Aug 2020) Pencil
31 Jul 2020
18:04   Rd 2 China Wu Yize (a) w/o Thailand Akani Songsermsawad    Pencil
18:04   Rd 2 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) w/o England Sam Craigie    Pencil
18:04   Rd 2 England Haydon Pinhey (a) w/o England Robbie Williams    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 Australia Ryan Thomerson (a) w/o England Joe O'Connor    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Alex Millington (a) w/o Hong Kong Andy Lee    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Daniel Bagley (a) w/o England Elliot Slessor    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 Australia Jamie Brown (a) w/o England Mark Joyce    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Harvey Chandler w/o England Andrew Higginson Head to head  Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Ian Martin (a) w/o China Luo Honghao    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Farakh Ajaib (a) w/o Northern Ireland Jordan Brown    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 England Jenson Kendrick (a) w/o Wales Jamie Clarke Head to head  Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 Pakistan Haider Ali (a) w/o China Lin Shuai (a)    Pencil
18:01   Rd 1 Ukraine Sergey Isaenko (a) w/o Poland Adam Stefanow    Pencil