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Order of Play

Upcoming matches (223) grouped by session (GMT+2 / CEST, EET)

Paul Hunter Classic (24-25 Aug 2019) Pencil
Saturday 24 August
Rd 1 (7) England Kyren Wilson [1] v Austria Florian Nüßle (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Matthew Selt [8] v Wales Dominic Dale [12] Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Belgium Luca Brecel [6] v Ireland Ken Doherty [11] Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Mark King [7] v England Ryan Davies (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Shaun Murphy [4] v To be decided    Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England David B Gilbert [3] v England Michael Holt [9] Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Joe Perry [5] v Belgium Ben Mertens (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Barry Hawkins [2] v Wales Matthew Stevens [10] Head to head  Pencil
Sunday 25 August
12 noon
QF (7) K Wilson / Nüßle v Selt / Dale    Pencil
QF (7) Brecel / K Doherty v S Murphy / tbd    Pencil
QF (7) D B Gilbert / Holt v Perry / Mertens    Pencil
QF (7) M King / R Davies v Hawkins / M Stevens    Pencil
SF (7) To be decided v To be decided    Pencil
SF (7) To be decided v To be decided    Pencil
Final (7) To be decided v To be decided    Pencil
Challenge Tour 1 (31 Aug - 1 Sep 2019) Pencil
Saturday 31 August
Q Rd 1 (5) England Sean O'Sullivan (a) v England Oliver Brown (a) Head to head  Pencil
Q Rd 1 (5) Unknown Shuaib Safiullah (a) v Germany Rolf Mahr (a)    Pencil
Q Rd 1 (5) England David Finbow (a) v Belgium Sybren Sokolowski (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Northern Ireland Conor McCormack (a) v England Luke Pinches (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Wales Liam James Davies (a) v Scotland Gary Thomson (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Japan Keishin Kamihashi (a) v England Sydney Wilson (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Wales Ian Preece (a) v England Paul S Davison (a) Head to head  Pencil
10am (est.)
Rd 1 (5) Wales Callum Lloyd (a) v Ireland Aaron Hill (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Lewis Gillen (a) v Sean O'Sullivan / O Brown    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Joshua Cooper (a) v Iran Amir Sarkhosh (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) v Ireland Sean King (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England George Pragnell (a) v England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Wales Tyler Rees (a) v Scotland Dean Young (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Belgium Ben Mertens (a) v Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a)    Pencil
12 noon (est.)
Rd 1 (5) England Peter Devlin (a) v England Saqib Nasir (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Andrew Doherty (a) v England Andy Marriott (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Christopher Keogan (a) v India Lucky Vatnani (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Hungary Zsolt Fenyvesi (a) v Northern Ireland Jamie McArdle (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Alex Millington (a) v Austria Andreas Ploner (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Patrick Whelan (a) v Safiullah / Mahr    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Matthew Glasby (a) v England Eric Pei (a)    Pencil
1pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) Scotland Michael Collumb (a) v Wales Jack Bradford (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Daniel Womersley (a) v Wales Alex Taubman (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Jake Nicholson (a) v England Rory McLeod (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Sean Maddocks (a) v England Garry Coulson (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Wales Dylan Emery (a) v Wales Andrew Pagett (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) v England Stuart Watson (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Manasawin Phetmalaikul (a) v Finbow / Sokolowski    Pencil
3pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Tony Corrigan (a) v England Zak Surety (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Ross Bulman (a) v England Steven Hallworth (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Ashley Hugill (a) v Poland Daniel Holoyda (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Germany Lukas Kleckers (a) v Estonia Andres Petrov (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Kuldesh Johal (a) v Austria Florian Nüßle (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Sanderson Lam (a) v Hong Kong Ka Wai Cheung (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Germany Daniel Schneider (a) v Ireland Ronan Whyte (a)    Pencil
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