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General Info

Snoohoo! is an index of snooker pages on the Internet. The index includes both main pages and subpages to make info easier to find, e.g. "Jimmy White Snooker Site" (main page, Homepages), and "Jimmy White Snooker Site: A to Z" (subpage, Fun & Entertainment). Almost all items carry short descriptions to ease the selecting process. When a page is not in English, the language is specified. The links are divided into three main categories:

The Action
Stuff regarding the active playing of the game, including news & results, pictures and tournaments.
The Game
More about the theory and playing environment, including equipment, rules & history and instructions.
The Net
The rest, including general snooker homepages and other snooker indices.

All of these categories contain a number of subjects, e.g. "Pictures", "Software", "Homepages", etc. Subject categories have also been divided into separate subcategories when appropriate.

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The Snoohoo! database is searchable. The search form can be found on the front page and in the bottom of the link lists. You can specify which fields to search on:

The title of the page, e.g. "Soci�t� du Billard d'Otaniemi, La (SBO)"
The URL of the page, e.g. ""
A short description of the page, e.g. "In addition to club information there is also a variety of snooker documents available."
Sub category
Return only certain sub categories, e.g. "Finland"


This search will return all pages listed in the sub categories "Finland", i.e. Finnish sites.

Name URL Description Sub Category

You can also include regular expressions in the search string. this search will return all sites with the substrings "club" or "klub" in their names.

Name URL Description Sub Category

... and this one will return sites from Scandinavia.

Name URL Description Sub Category

See the Perl Language Page for more on regular expressions.

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Special Pages

Some special pages with additional info are also available:

This page.
A "hit list" of the most popular pages in Snoohoo! That is, those with the most registered hits in the last 3000 jumps out from the index. A quick glance at this page will tell you that rules and pictures are very popular subjects.
A subject-oriented collection of all the pages that I have found worthy of the "Cool" label. Entertainment value, usefulness and amount of snooker-related content are some of the criterias.
Links added in the last month. Sorted by date and category.
Your chance to suggest a page that you would like to see included in the index. I always check out the pages submitted, and if I think they belong in Snoohoo!, I'll put them in.

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Throughout the pages of Snoohoo! a number of icons are accompanying the links. Here is a short description of each one:

Pick A "pick of the pack." More info under "Picks".
Cool "Cool pages." Pages that I personally find either very useful or very entertaining. You can find a complete list of these links on the "Cool" page mentioned above.
New "New pages." Pages registered in the last month. You can find a complete list of these links on the "New" page mentioned above
Internal "Internal pages." Pages that are part of To secure a objective view I will never write any descriptions for these pages, neither will I put them in the "Cool" category.

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Some of the sites registered in Snoohoo! deserves special attention. These could be sites covering current events, new cool sites or "golden oldies." These are named "Pick of the packs" and the current one can be found on the front page. All picks are marked with a special '147' icon (Pick). Here is a chronological list of the picks so far:

IBSF World Pro-Am Snooker Championship 1997
Very informative site covering the 1997 IBSF World Snooker Championship in Zimbabwe (Nov 15-29). Areas include the history of snooker in Zimbabwe, list of players, calendar and results.
BBC News | Sport
News and results from the world of snooker. Nice articles with pictures from some of the major tournaments.
The 1st UnOfficial German SNOOKER HomePage
Instructions, rules and more is available on this very informative snooker page.
The Sporting Life
Very up to date sports news service. Snooker articles can be found in the "Extra" section. In addition there is special coverage of the Embassy World Championship.
Jimmy White Snooker Site
You don't have to love Jimmy White to enjoy this place, but it helps. There's plenty of general snooker information available here too. Results, articles, player information and to name but a few. All in all a both interesting and humourous site worth checking out.
Snooker Images
Eric Whitehead is the official photographer of the WPBSA. Apart from a lot of photographs you can also get the latest results and rankings here.
Futurenet: Snooker
Excellent snooker coverage with between one and three articles every day during major tournaments.
Embassy World Rankings
Embassy are the sponsors of the World Championship and the rankings and also have a webpage to prove it! Here you can find the latest results plus the current ranking lists in all kinds of formats and news on who's moving up and down in the ladder. An explanation of the ranking system is also available.
Riley Leisure - Snooker
This site is packed with snooker stuff. You get all the news and results from world snooker, a monthly competition with cues up for grabs, a chance to buy snooker equipment and lots more. If you're a true snooker enthusiast, you'll love this place!
TV5 Online
Live coverage of the Thailand Masters and other programs. RealPlayer is required.
The Mining Company
Your very own Internet guide tells you where you can find the billiard places on the Internet. The links are divided into different categories. There's even a separate section for snooker sites.
BilliardWeb Com
Excellent on-line billiard store with plenty of snooker stuff available. Functionality and design combine to make this a user-friendly place. The service is brought to you by Willie Holt Ltd.
Center Spot
"Your Gateway to Billiards on the Internet" includes a large list of reviewed billiard links. The best ones have been awarded the "Selected Web Site Award." It's also possible to order billiard books at this place.
A forum - The Global Snooker Centre - where anyone, worldwide can discuss any aspect of the game of snooker.
The Ken Doherty Site
Great page on the career of Irish snooker star Ken Doherty. Basic facts, achievements, rankings and a thorough run-through of all his matches in the last seasons.
Jimmy White's 2: Cueball
The spiritual ancestor of Cueball is the `Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker'. Cueball has Snooker and Pool and numerous other games in it, but in a new way. Basically you get to wander around a very detailed games mansion. There are numerous fully playable games that are set within each room. The game has motion capture, in the shape of some animated white-gloved hands that act out the duties of the computer opponents and the referee. Several screen pictures available.
RT� Online: Aertel: Snooker
The website of RT�, Ireland's national broadcaster, put all their Teletext pages on the Net. Here you can find frame-by-frame updates from major snooker tournaments.
The Snooker Machine
The Snooker Machine was developed at the University of Bristol (UK). It's a machine playing snooker! One of the goals was to demonstrate the principles of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics. Pictures are available.
World Snooker Association
Official homepage of the World Snooker Association (WSA), the organization formerly known as WPBSA. The site is under heavy construction (as of 12 Jan 1999) but some content is already available. This includes the official snooker rules plus the complete ranking list (with links to player profiles) and a tournament calendar. The site works best with the Internet Explorer.
LineOne Snooker
LineOne's snooker section have a results feed and the news section should pick up all snooker stories from their PA, Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World databases. In addition there are profiles on some of the top players, a "Ladies Snooker section," a selection of snooker-related shopping links, the ranking lists and a tournament diary.
Tremendous site! Contains everything a snooker fan can desire; news, player bios, an online shop, a club finder and much more.
EFB: The 1999 World Under 21 Snooker Championship
Info and results.
International Billiards and Snooker Federation (now World Amateur Billiards)
Everything about amateur snooker and billiards.
Sky Sports: Snooker
Complete results and news service
Guide to the 1999 World Snooker Championships
The 1999 World Snooker Championships was held in Papua Guinea. This page has the full coverage.
Organizes the Premier Snooker League and other snooker events. Dates for the various events are available.
110 Sport is a new company conceived to bring Snooker to the web with substantial backing and resources. The site is a Mecca for snooker lovers.
Global Snooker Centre
Brilliant website! Lots and lots of info. Go see for yourself!
An online radio station dedicated to the worldwide snooker community. On offer are phone in's, match reports and exclusive interviews via it's online radio programming as well as an SMS text info service.
Snooker Scene + Pot Black
Homepage for the well known snooker and billiards magazine. Includes tournament news, rankings, a list of associations, a snooker shop and archived versions of old issues.
International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF)
The IBSF is the controlling body for amateur billiards and snooker throughout the world. This is the official site with lots of interesting info.
FlyOrDie: Play Online Snooker
Here you can play snooker online and chat with your opponent at the same time. Cool 3D-simulation.
Awesome Developments
Producers of the two games "Jimmy White's Cueball World" and "Jimmy White's 2 Cueball". The spiritual ancestor of the games is the "Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker". "2 Cueball" has Snooker and Pool and numerous other games in it, but in a new way. Basically you get to wander around a very detailed games mansion. There are numerous fully playable games that are set within each room. The game has motion capture, in the shape of some animated white-gloved hands that act out the duties of the computer opponents and the referee. Several screen pictures available. It's available for PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation and Colour GameBoy. "Cueball World" is the next generation and is set in a wide variety of locations around the globe ranging from a desert Island in the Maldives, to Stonehenge in the UK.
Cue Sports Memorabilia
Includes pictures of cards, ads, matchboxes, tournament programs and books.
Finally Snooker gets its own Fantasy League. Register your own team of players and follow them throughout the season. The competition is based on the results of the top 32 players in the 9 world ranking events, starting with the British Open in September. You can read the full set of rules and the scoring system by visiting the site. Good luck!
Chris Turner's Snooker Archive
A fantastic archive of snooker history and results. Go and see for yourself!
Snooker Manager
Excellent Fantasy League for the Main Tour. Select your players and compete with the other managers.
Professional Snooker ELO Ratings
A ratings system for professional snooker players, based on the ELO system in chess.
Pro Snooker Blog
Continuously updated blog covering the world of professional snooker. Also offers rankings, player bios and more.
Terry Griffiths Snooker Coaching
This website will help you to learn snooker or to develop your existing snooker skills. It is run by former world champion, now top coach, Terry Griffiths. The site includes online snooker lessons, helpful tips and trade secrets, individual snooker training programs and online masterclasses.
Play six types of snooker online. Tournaments, rankings and more.
Snooker Analyst
Using analysis to explore different aspects of the ranking system and the structure of the Professional Tour.
A ton of statistics and results, including more than 23 seasons.
Snooker Rules and Refereeing
Great resource for rules and refereeing.
The Cue View
Lots of great content for all cuesports. Both about the current scene and from the history of the sports.
Snooker Scene Podcast
A superb podcast from Dave Hendon that takes you inside the world of professional snooker. Often interviews with players and others involved in the game.

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