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Welsh Open 2007

Newport Centre, Wales
Feb 11-18 (BBC Wales & Eurosport) WPBSA ranking tournament (#5 of 7)
Live web broadcast (Eurosport): English, German (direct link)


Players are English unless stated

There is also a bracket version available.


Neil Robertson (Australia)   9-8 Andrew Higginson


Andrew Higginson             6-3 Stephen Maguire (Scotland)
Neil Robertson (Australia)   6-3 Steve Davis


Andrew Higginson             5-1 Allister Carter   [147 by Higginson]
Stephen Maguire (Scotland)   5-3 Shaun Murphy
Neil Robertson (Australia)   5-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Steve Davis                  5-4 Anthony Hamilton

Round 3

Allister Carter              5-4 Nigel Bond
Andrew Higginson             5-1 Michael Judge (Ireland)
Shaun Murphy                 5-4 Jamie Burnett (Scotland)
Stephen Maguire (Scotland)   5-3 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Neil Robertson (Australia)   5-3 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)
Ronnie O'Sullivan            5-1 Mark Selby
Anthony Hamilton             5-3 Dave Harold
Steve Davis                  5-3 Graeme Dott (Scotland)

Round 2

Nigel Bond                   5-2 Stephen Lee
Allister Carter              5-3 Stuart Bingham
Michael Judge (Ireland)      5-2 Barry Hawkins
Andrew Higginson             5-3 John Higgins (Scotland)
Shaun Murphy                 5-0 Jamie Cope
Jamie Burnett (Scotland)     5-4 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Stephen Maguire (Scotland)   5-0 Alan McManus (Scotland)
Ken Doherty (Ireland)        5-3 Joe Swail (Wales)
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)    5-2 Ben Woollaston
Neil Robertson (Australia)   5-2 Michael Holt
Mark Selby                   5-1 Matthew Stevens (Wales)
Ronnie O'Sullivan            5-1 Ian McCulloch
Dave Harold                  5-4 Peter Ebdon
Anthony Hamilton             5-4 Joe Perry
Steve Davis                  5-0 David Gilbert
Graeme Dott (Scotland)       5-3 Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)

Round 1

Nigel Bond                   5-3 Liang Wenbo (China)
Stuart Bingham               5-0 Joe Delaney (Ireland)
Michael Judge (Ireland)      5-0 Ryan Day (Wales)
Andrew Higginson             5-2 Marco Fu (Hong Kong)
Jamie Cope                   5-1 Ding Junhui (China)
Jamie Burnett (Scotland)     5-3 Robert Milkins
Alan McManus (Scotland)      5-2 Rod Lawler
Joe Swail (Wales)            5-1 Adrian Gunnell
Ben Woollaston               5-3 David Gray
Michael Holt                 5-4 Ricky Walden
Mark Selby                   5-0 Ian Preece (Wales)
Ian McCulloch                5-4 Mark Allen (N.Ireland)
Dave Harold                  5-4 Andy Hicks
Joe Perry                    5-2 John Parrott
David Gilbert                5-1 James Wattana (Thailand)
Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)    5-0 Mark King

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