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British Open 1997

Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth, England (Mar 27 - Apr 5, 1997)
Ranking tournament (No.9 of 10)

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Mark J Williams stormed to a 9-2 victory over world No.1 Stephen Hendry to claim the 60,000 first prize and his third ranking title. This was Hendry's first loss in 11 final appearances and his worst result ever in a major final. His previous heaviest defeats were the 10-4 losses for Jimmy White in the 1991 Mercantile Credit Classic and for Steve Davis at the 1993 European Open.

From 2-1 down, Williams stormed to a 5-2 lead after the first session and then never looked back as he snatched the last 4 frames after the interval. This victory was a major boost for the young Welshman as he is seeded to run into Hendry again in the last 16 of the World Championship.

Last year's results and a list of previous finals are also available.


Eric Whitehead)


(Players are English unless stated)


Mark J Williams (Wales)    9-2 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)

66-61, 7-64, 8-60, 87-0, 75-31,
69-20, 73-48, 75-16, 75-8, 61-44, 61-21


Mark J Williams (Wales)    6-5 Peter Ebdon
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  6-2 Steve Davis


Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-1 Tony Drago (Malta)
Peter Ebdon                5-3 Michael Judge (Ireland)
Steve Davis                5-2 Alan McManus (Scotland)
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-3 Dave Harold

Third round

Tony Drago (Malta)         5-1 Nigel Bond
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-3 Gary Wilkinson
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-3 Dominic Dale (Wales)       
Peter Ebdon                5-1 Anthony Hamilton
Steve Davis                5-4 Martin Clark
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-2 Willie Thorne
Dave Harold                5-4 Paul Sweeny
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-4 Paul McPhillips (Scotland)

Second round

Nigel Bond                 5-4 Andy Hicks
Tony Drago (Malta)         5-0 Ian McCulloch 
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-0 Nick Pearce 
Gary Wilkinson             5-1 Drew Henry (Scotland)
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-4 Nick Walker
Dominic Dale (Wales)       5-2 Steve James                
Anthony Hamilton           5-1 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Peter Ebdon                5-2 Jimmy Michie
Martin Clark               5-3 Antony Bolsover
Steve Davis                5-0 Mark Davis
Willie Thorne              5-4 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-1 Mark King
Paul Sweeny                5-2 Gerard Greene (N.Ireland) 
Dave Harold                5-2 Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)  
Paul McPhillips (Scotland) 5-2 Jason Ferguson             
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-1 Paul Wykes 

First round

Nigel Bond                 5-0 Tony Knowles
Andy Hicks                 5-2 Robert Milkins
Tony Drago (Malta)         5-3 Wayne Jones (Wales)
Ian McCulloch              5-2 Stephen Lee
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-4 Jason Prince (N.Ireland)
Nick Pearce                5-4 Chris Small (Scotland)
Drew Henry (Scotland)      5-3 John Parrott 
Gary Wilkinson             5-3 Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-3 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Nick Walker                w/o Rod Lawler
Dominic Dale (Wales)       5-3 Jimmy White  
Steve James                5-3 Tony Chappel (Wales)
Alain Robidoux (Canada)    5-3 Joe Perry
Anthony Hamilton           5-2 Lee Richardson 
Peter Ebdon                5-2 Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)
Jimmy Michie               5-4 Joe Swail (N.Ireland)
Antony Bolsover            5-4 John Higgins (Scotland)
Martin Clark               5-3 Graeme Dott (Scotland)
Steve Davis                5-1 Marcus Campbell (Scotland)
Mark Davis                 5-2 Dene O'Kane (New Zealand)
Darren Morgan (Wales)      5-3 Sean Storey
Willie Thorne              5-4 Shokat Ali (Pakistan)
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-2 Tony Jones
Mark King                  5-2 Dave Finbow 
Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)  5-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan 
Paul Sweeney               5-4 Mick Price
Dave Harold                5-4 Billy Snaddon (Scotland)
Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)  5-2 Stephen Murphy (Ireland)
Paul McPhillips (Scotland) 5-4 James Wattana (Thailand)
Jason Ferguson             5-2 Steve Judd
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-3 Karl Broughton
Paul Wykes                 5-3 Neal Foulds

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