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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 17 Apr - 3 May 1993; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Stephen Hendry; Notes: See also results (127)
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 18-5 England Jimmy White (a) Head to head
The third time since the championship moved to the Crucible, and to date the last, that the title was settled in the afternoon with a session to spare. The previous two were in 1983 and 1989.

Ganley refereed his last of four World Snooker Championship finals since 1983, including 1990 when Stephen Hendry became the youngest World Champion. Another career highlights were the 1983 UK Championship final between Alex Higgins and Steve Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan's fastest 147 against Mick Price in the first round of 1997 World Championship.

136 (136)-0; 37-65 (58); 68 (63)-63 (54); 63-48; 76 (76)-0; 126 (126)-1; 29-83;
39-68; 75 (69)-50; 80 (79)-0; 134 (88)-0; 38-69 (60); 99 (99)-0; 77-38; 80-7;
68 (59)-6; 81 (59)-46; 68-20; 123 (123)-16; 1-84; 63-15; 72-0; 127 (54,73)-0

Referee: Len Ganley

Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 16-8 Scotland Alan McManus (a) Head to head
England Jimmy White (a) 16-9 Thailand James Wattana (a) Head to head
Wattana became the first player from the Far East to reach the semi-finals of the event.
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-7 England Nigel Bond (a) Head to head
Scotland Alan McManus (a) 13-11 England Neal Foulds (a) Head to head
England Jimmy White (a) 13-8 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) Head to head
Thailand James Wattana (a) 13-6 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
Round 2
(Last 16)
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-4 Wales Darren Morgan (a) Head to head
2 England Nigel Bond (a) 13-7 England Gary Wilkinson (a) Head to head
3 England Neal Foulds (a) 13-7 England Martin Clark (a)  
4 Scotland Alan McManus (a) 13-11 England Steve Davis (a) Head to head
5 England Jimmy White (a) 13-6 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) Head to head
Mountjoy played his last World Championship main draw match. He had appeared at every World Championship since the event moved to the Crucible in 1977, a run of 17 consecutive appearances. Weeks later, Mountjoy had an operation to remove his left lung after being diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer.
6 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) 13-11 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) Head to head
record for the longest best-of-25-frames match in professional play at almost 800 minutes
7 Thailand James Wattana (a) 13-7 England Steve James (a) Head to head
8 England John Parrott (a) 13-9 England Willie Thorne (a) Head to head
Round 1
(Last 32)
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 10-1 England Danny Fowler (a)  

In frame three, Hendry compiled the 250th century break at the Crucible.

2 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 10-5 England Les Dodd (a)  
3 England Nigel Bond (a) 10-4 England Spencer Dunn (a)  

This was Dunn's first time at the crucible.

4 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 10-4 England Dean Reynolds (a) Head to head
5 England Neal Foulds (a) 10-5 England Brian Morgan (a)  

This was Morgan's first time at the crucible.

6 England Martin Clark (a) 10-6 England Karl Payne (a)  

This was Payne's first time at the crucible.

7 Scotland Alan McManus (a) 10-7 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) Head to head
Being at the age of 17 years and 5 months, making him the second-youngest player since Stephen Hendry in 1986.

This was O'Sullivan's first time at the crucible.

8 England Steve Davis (a) 10-3 England Peter Ebdon (a) Head to head
9 England Jimmy White (a) 10-4 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) Head to head

This was Swail's first time at the crucible.

10 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) 10-6 Canada Alain Robidoux (a)  
11 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) 10-9 Malta Tony Drago (a)  
12 Wales Terry Griffiths (a) 10-6 England David Roe (a)  
13 Thailand James Wattana (a) 10-7 England Tony Jones (a) Head to head
14 England Steve James (a) 10-2 England John Giles (a)  
15 England Willie Thorne (a) 10-6 England Shaun Mellish (a)  

This was Mellish's first time at the crucible.

16 England John Parrott (a) 10-1 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a)  

This was O'Connor's first time at the crucible.

World Championship Qualifiers

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 20 Jun - 24 Sep 1992; Venue: Unknown; View on separate page; Notes: See also results (96)
Qual Round 4
(Last 48)
1 England Les Dodd (a) w/o United States Mike Massey (a)  
2 Malta Tony Drago (a) 10-5 Isle of Man Tony Wilson (a)  
3 England Spencer Dunn (a) 10-9 England Mark Bennett (a)  
4 England Peter Ebdon (a) 10-5 New Zealand Dene O'Kane (a) Head to head
5 England Danny Fowler (a) 10-0 England Karl Broughton (a)  
6 England John Giles (a) 10-6 England Tony Knowles (a)  
7 England Tony Jones (a) 10-9 England John Read (a)  
8 England Shaun Mellish (a) 10-4 Ireland Ken Doherty (a)  
9 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-6 South Africa Silvino Francisco (a)  
10 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a) 10-2 Wales Tony Chappel (a)  
11 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-6 South Africa Peter Francisco (a)  
12 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-4 England Mark Johnston-Allen (a)  
13 England Karl Payne (a) 10-6 England Joe Johnson (a)  
14 England Dean Reynolds (a) 10-8 England David Finbow (a)  
15 England David Roe (a) 10-4 England Nigel Gilbert (a)  
16 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 10-7 England Mike Hallett (a)  
Qual Round 3
(Last 64)
1 England Les Dodd (a) 10-9 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a)  
2 Isle of Man Tony Wilson (a) 10-2 England Mark Rowing (a)  
3 England Spencer Dunn (a) 10-7 England Dave Harold (a)  
4 England Peter Ebdon (a) 10-9 Scotland Drew Henry (a) Head to head
5 England Karl Broughton (a) 10-4 Canada Bob Chaperon (a)  
6 England John Giles (a) 10-3 Australia John Campbell (a)  
7 England John Read (a) 10-4 England Jonathan Birch (a)  
8 England Shaun Mellish (a) 10-7 Wales Wayne Jones (a)  
9 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-1 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a)  
10 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 10-6 Malta Joe Grech (a)  
11 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-5 England Pat Kenny (a)  
12 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-5 Wales Dominic Dale (a) Head to head
13 England Karl Payne (a) 10-6 England Rod Lawler (a)  
14 England David Finbow (a) 10-6 Canada Brady Gollan (a)  
15 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-6 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a)  
16 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 10-6 England Paul Tanner (a)  
Qual Round 2
(Last 96)
1 England Les Dodd (a) 10-9 Norway Bjørn L'Orange (a)  
2 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 10-6 Ireland Eugene Hughes (a)  
3 Isle of Man Tony Wilson (a) 10-9 England Jason Ferguson (a) Head to head
4 England Mark Rowing (a) 10-7 England John Virgo (a)  
5 England Spencer Dunn (a) 10-7 Wales Colin Roscoe (a)  
6 England Dave Harold (a) 10-3 Hong Kong Franky Chan (a)  
7 England Peter Ebdon (a) 10-3 England Steve Longworth (a)  
8 Scotland Drew Henry (a) 10-4 Wales Steve Newbury (a)  
9 England Karl Broughton (a) 10-5 England Barry West (a)  
10 Canada Bob Chaperon (a) 10-2 England Carl Waters (a)  
11 England John Giles (a) 10-9 England Tony Meo (a)  
12 Australia John Campbell (a) 10-7 England Brian Rowswell (a)  
13 England John Read (a) 10-7 Ireland David McDonnell (a)  
14 England Jonathan Birch (a) 10-5 England Steve Duggan (a)  
15 England Shaun Mellish (a) 10-7 England Ian Graham (a)  
16 Wales Wayne Jones (a) 10-0 England Anthony Harris (a) Head to head
17 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-8 England Mark Flowerdew (a)  
18 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) 10-5 Canada Kirk Stevens (a)  
19 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 10-9 England Colin Morton (a)  
20 Malta Joe Grech (a) 10-2 Ireland Stephen Murphy (a)  
21 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-7 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a)  
22 England Pat Kenny (a) 10-6 Ireland Mick Price (a)  
23 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-5 Wales Paul Davies (a)  
24 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-8 Canada Jim Wych (a)  
25 England Karl Payne (a) 10-9 Northern Ireland Jason Prince (a)  
26 England Rod Lawler (a) 10-1 England Oliver King (a)  
27 England David Finbow (a) 10-8 England Robert Foxall (a)  
28 Canada Brady Gollan (a) 10-9 England Nick Dyson (a)  
29 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-9 England Andy Hicks (a)  
30 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a) 10-6 Northern Ireland Jack McLaughlin (a)  
31 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 10-8 England Nick Terry (a)  
32 England Paul Tanner (a) 10-3 Wales Cliff Wilson (a)  
Qual Round 1
(Last 128)
1 Norway Bjørn L'Orange (a) 10-6 England Dave Gilbert (a)  
2 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 10-4 England David Grimwood (a)  
3 Isle of Man Tony Wilson (a) 10-7 Ireland Micky Roughan (a)  
4 England Mark Rowing (a) 10-4 Canada Marcel Gauvreau (a)  
5 England Spencer Dunn (a) 10-2 England Bill Oliver (a)  
6 England Dave Harold (a) 10-7 England Anthony Hamilton (a) Head to head
7 England Steve Longworth (a) 10-6 Belgium Steve Lemmens (a)  
8 Scotland Drew Henry (a) 10-0 England Ken Owers (a)  
9 England Karl Broughton (a) 10-8 Scotland Euan Henderson (a)  
10 England Carl Waters (a) w/o England Jon Wright (a)  
11 England John Giles (a) 10-2 England Andrew Cairns (a)  
12 England Brian Rowswell (a) 10-6 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a)  
13 Ireland David McDonnell (a) 10-7 Australia Warren King (a)  
14 England Steve Duggan (a) 10-7 Ireland Mark O'Sullivan (a)  
15 England Shaun Mellish (a) 10-4 England Karl Burrows (a)  
16 England Anthony Harris (a) 10-6 England Steve Meakin (a)  
17 England Mark Flowerdew (a) 10-4 England Darren Guest (a)  
18 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a) 10-9 Scotland Murdo MacLeod (a)  
19 England Colin Morton (a) 10-9 England Roger Leighton (a)  
20 Malta Joe Grech (a) 10-7 England Peter Lines (a)  
21 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-4 Scotland John Rea (a)  
22 England Pat Kenny (a) 10-9 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a)  
23 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-4 Australia Robby Foldvari (a)  
24 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-4 Malta Alex Borg (a) Head to head
25 England Karl Payne (a) 10-7 England Mark King (a)  
26 England Oliver King (a) 10-9 England Troy Shaw (a)  
27 England Robert Foxall (a) 10-9 England Surinder Gill (a)  
28 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-7 England Anthony Bolsover (a)  
29 England Andy Hicks (a) 10-6 England Cary Kikis (a)  
30 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a) 10-9 England Peter Daubney (a)  
31 England Nick Terry (a) 10-7 England Jason Smith (a)  
32 England Paul Tanner (a) 10-5 England Tony Rampello (a)