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Players Tour Championship 11, Amateur Pre Quals Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 10 Dec 2011; Venue: World Snooker Academy, Sheffield, England; Type: Players Tour Championship (see main event); Notes: See also results (30)
Qual Round 1 Pencil
(Losers receive 0 pts, £0)
1 England Mark Miller (a) 4-2 England Steve Ventham (a)    Pencil
2 Scotland Scott Donaldson (a) 4-1 England Christopher Keogan (a)    Pencil
3 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 4-0 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a)    Pencil
4 England David Gray (a) 4-3 England Michael Wasley (a)    Pencil
5 England Stephen Groves (a) 4-1 England Rogelio Esteiro (a)    Pencil
6 England James Cahill (a) 4-3 England Ben Harrison (a) Head to head  Pencil
7 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-1 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) Head to head  Pencil
8 England Martin Ball (a) 4-2 England Phil O'Kane (a)    Pencil
9 England Andrew Milliard (a) 4-2 England Stuart Wood (a)    Pencil
10 China Zhang Anda (a) 4-1 England Mitchell Travis (a) Head to head  Pencil
11 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-1 England Greg Davis (a)    Pencil
12 Scotland Michael Leslie (a) 4-1 England Joel Walker (a)    Pencil
13 China Chen Zhe (a) 4-1 England Brandon Winstone (a)    Pencil
14 England Mitchell Mann (a) 4-1 England Wayne Townsend (a)    Pencil
15 Scotland Ross Muir (a) 4-1 England Ashley Gregory (a)    Pencil
16 England Chris Norbury (a) 4-1 England Stephen Winstone (a)    Pencil
17 England Ian Barry Stark (a) 4-1 Scotland Ross Higgins (a)    Pencil
18 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-1 England Charlie Walters (a)    Pencil
19 England Ricky Norris (a) 4-2 England Sam Harvey (a) Head to head  Pencil
20 England George Marter (a) 4-3 England Liam Monk (a) Head to head  Pencil
21 England Matthew Day (a) 4-1 England Jamie Gibson (a)    Pencil
22 England James Hill (a) 4-0 England Sachin Plaha (a)    Pencil
23 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 England Jamie O'Neill (a)    Pencil
24 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-3 England Tom Maxfield (a)    Pencil
25 England Ashley Wright (a) 4-3 England James McGouran (a)    Pencil
26 England Justin Astley (a) 4-3 England Toby Simpson (a)    Pencil
27 England Thomas Wealthy (a) w/o England Sydney Wilson (a)    Pencil
28 England Oliver Lines (a) 4-0 England Eric Pei (a)    Pencil
29 Wales Gareth Allen (a) 4-3 England Shane Castle (a)    Pencil
30 India David Singh (a) 4-3 England Billy Parr (a)    Pencil