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World Seniors Championship Qualifiers Pencil

Date: 21-22 Dec 2015; Venue: Robin Park, Wigan, England; Type: Qualifying (see main event); Defending champion: Mark J Williams; Twitter: #WorldSeniors; Notes: See also results (61)
Qual Round 4 Pencil
(Last 24)
1 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 England Jamie Bodle (a)     Pencil
2 England Mark Davis 2-0 England Gary Wilkinson (a)     Pencil
3 England Robert Milkins 2-0 England Les Dodd (a)     Pencil
4 England Gary Lees (a) 2-1 England Mark King    
Respotted black in the decider
5 England Anthony Hamilton 2-0 Wales Tony Chappel (a)     Pencil
6 Malta Tony Drago 2-0 England Peter Lines Head to head   Pencil
7 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Wayne Brown (a)     Pencil
8 England Rory McLeod 2-1 England Rod Lawler Head to head   Pencil
Qual Round 3 Pencil
(Last 40)
1 England Jamie Bodle (a) 2-0 England Peter Donegan (a)     Pencil
2 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a)     Pencil
3 England Mark Davis 2-0 Scotland John Rea (a)     Pencil
4 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 2-0 England John Welsh (a) Head to head   Pencil
5 England Robert Milkins 2-0 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a)     Pencil
6 England Les Dodd (a) 2-0 Scotland David McLellan (a)     Pencil
7 England Mark King 2-0 England Julian Mills (a)     Pencil
8 England Gary Lees (a) 2-0 Wales Darren Thompson (a)     Pencil
9 England Anthony Hamilton 2-0 England Peter J Bardsley (a)     Pencil
10 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 2-1 Scotland Jamie Burnett     Pencil
11 England Peter Lines 2-1 Northern Ireland Joe Swail Head to head   Pencil
12 Malta Tony Drago 2-1 Scotland Scott MacFarlane (a)     Pencil
13 England Wayne Brown (a) 2-0 England Steven Gough (a)     Pencil
14 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Sean Lanigan (a)     Pencil
15 England Rod Lawler 2-0 England Geoff Williams (a)     Pencil
16 England Rory McLeod 2-1 England Darryn Walker (a)     Pencil
Qual Round 2 Pencil
(Last 72)
1 England Jamie Bodle (a) 2-1 England Barry Pinches     Pencil
2 England Peter Donegan (a) 2-1 England Clive A Bernstone (a)     Pencil
3 Wales Dominic Dale w/o England Nicky Lazarus (a)     Pencil
4 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 2-0 England Shane Haines (a)     Pencil
5 England Mark Davis 2-0 England Tony Knowles (a)     Pencil
6 Scotland John Rea (a) w/o England Stuart Parnell (a)     Pencil
7 England John Welsh (a) 2-1 England Stephen Rowlings (a)     Pencil
8 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 2-1 South Africa Paul Burrell (a)     Pencil
9 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 2-0 England Ian Barry Stark (a)     Pencil
10 England Robert Milkins 2-0 Jamaica Paul Moss (a)     Pencil
11 England Les Dodd (a) 2-0 England Peter Delaney (a)     Pencil
12 Scotland David McLellan (a) 2-0 England Gary Miller (a)     Pencil
13 England Julian Mills (a) 2-0 England Shaun Wilkes (a)     Pencil
14 England Mark King 2-1 England Leigh Robinson (a)     Pencil
15 England Gary Lees (a) 2-0 England Adrian Rosa (a)     Pencil
16 Wales Darren Thompson (a) 2-0 England Anthony Harris (a)     Pencil
17 England Peter J Bardsley (a) 2-1 England John Fox (a)     Pencil
18 England Anthony Hamilton 2-0 England Andrew Milliard (a)     Pencil
19 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 2-0 England Imran Puri (a)     Pencil
20 Scotland Jamie Burnett w/o Ireland Patsy Fagan (a)     Pencil
21 England Peter Lines 2-1 England Robert Marshall (a)     Pencil
22 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 2-0 England Mike Dunn Head to head   Pencil
23 Scotland Scott MacFarlane (a) 2-0 Scotland Guilio Rea (a)     Pencil
24 Malta Tony Drago 2-1 England David Craggs (a)     Pencil
25 England Wayne Brown (a) 2-0 Mauritius Richard Somauroo (a)     Pencil
26 England Steven Gough (a) 2-0 England Ian Brumby (a)     Pencil
27 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-1 England Jonathan Bagley (a)     Pencil
28 England Sean Lanigan (a) 2-0 England Steve Meakin (a)     Pencil
29 England Geoff Williams (a) 2-1 England Karl Townsend (a)     Pencil
30 England Rod Lawler 2-1 Wales Lee Walker     Pencil

Walker made a 116 which was the only century break in the qualifiers

31 England Rory McLeod w/o England Gary Filtness (a)     Pencil
32 England Darryn Walker (a) 2-0 England Ashley Beal (a)     Pencil
Qual Round 1 Pencil
(Last 77)
1 England Mark Davis 2-0 England Jason Weston Head to head   Pencil
2 England Gary Miller (a) 2-0 Ireland Dessie Sheehan (a)     Pencil
3 Scotland Jamie Burnett 2-0 England Dean Reynolds (a)     Pencil
4 England Peter Lines 2-0 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene Head to head   Pencil
5 England Ian Brumby (a) 2-1 England Jamie Rous (a)     Pencil

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