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Super Star Online World Seniors Championships

Tour: Other; Date: 22-24 Mar 2017; Venue: The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe, England; Type: Invitational; Defending champion: Mark Davis; Twitter: #WorldSeniors; Notes: Matches are played under a 30 sec shotclock. Matches going to a deciding frame will be decided by a respotted black to determine the winner.; See also results (11)
(Winner: £10,000; Runner-up: £3,000)
England Peter Lines (a) 4-0 England John Parrott (a) [3] Head to head
(Losers receive £1,500)
England Peter Lines (a) 3-0 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) [1] Head to head

69 by Lines

England John Parrott (a) [3] 3-2 England Johnathan Bagley (a) Head to head
(Losers receive £500)
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) [1] 3-2 England Aiden Owens (a)  
England Peter Lines (a) 3-0 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a) [4]  
England John Parrott (a) [3] 3-0 England Joe Johnson (a) [5] Head to head
England Johnathan Bagley (a) 3-0 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a) [2] Head to head
Round 1
(Last 12; Losers receive £0)
1 England Aiden Owens (a) 3-1 England Willie Thorne (a) [8]  
2 England Peter Lines (a) 3-0 Ireland Patsy Fagan (a) [6]  
3 England Joe Johnson (a) [5] 3-0 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a) Head to head
4 England Johnathan Bagley (a) 3-2 England Tony Knowles (a) [7]