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Qualifying School - Event Two Pencil

Date: 15-20 May 2017; Venue: Guild Hall, Preston, England; Type: Qualifying School; Twitter: #QSchool; Notes: The winners of the quarterfinals receive Tour cards for the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons; See also results (202)
Quarterfinals Pencil
Wales Duane Jones 4-2 England Alex Davies (a) Head to head Details  Pencil

Jones earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour

England Sanderson Lam 4-2 Northern Ireland Joe Swail Head to head Details  Pencil

Lam earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour. Swail earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour via the Q School Order of Merit

England Paul S Davison 4-2 England James Cahill Head to head Details  Pencil

Davison earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour

China Chen Zifan (a) 4-1 Wales Ben Jones (a)   Details  Pencil

Chen earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour

Round 5 Pencil
(Last 16)
1 Wales Duane Jones 4-3 China Hu Hao (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Alex Davies (a) 4-3 China Zhang Yong   Details  Pencil

Zhang earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour via the Q School Order of Merit

3 England Sanderson Lam 4-3 China Lu Ning (a) Head to head Details  Pencil

Decided on the final pink

4 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4-3 England Joel Walker (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
5 England James Cahill 4-3 England Ashley Carty (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
6 England Paul S Davison 4-0 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a)   Details  Pencil
7 China Chen Zifan (a) 4-0 Wales Kishan Hirani (a)   Details  Pencil
8 Wales Ben Jones (a) 4-1 Wales Jackson Page (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 4 Pencil
(Last 32)
1 China Hu Hao (a) 4-1 England Ian Martin (a)   Details  Pencil
2 Wales Duane Jones 4-2 Northern Ireland Declan Brennan (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
3 China Zhang Yong 4-1 England Stephen Kershaw (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Alex Davies (a) 4-3 England Andy Hicks (a)   Details  Pencil
5 China Lu Ning (a) 4-0 England Phil O'Kane (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Sanderson Lam 4-1 England Jake Nicholson (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
7 England Joel Walker (a) 4-1 Wales Jamie Rhys Clarke (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
8 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4-3 England Zak Surety (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
9 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-2 England Stephen Craigie (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England James Cahill 4-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Paul S Davison 4-3 England Sean O'Sullivan Head to head Details  Pencil

O'Sullivan earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour via the Q School Order of Merit

12 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a) 4-1 Wales Gareth Allen   Details  Pencil
13 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) 4-1 England Barry Pinches (a)   Details  Pencil
14 China Chen Zifan (a) 4-0 England Lee Page (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Wales Ben Jones (a) 4-0 England Charlie Walters (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
16 Wales Jackson Page (a) 4-2 England Wayne Brown (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
(Last 64)
1 China Hu Hao (a) 4-0 England Mitchell Travis (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Ian Martin (a) 4-0 England Russell Morgan (a)     Pencil
3 Northern Ireland Declan Brennan (a) 4-1 England David Lilley (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Wales Duane Jones 4-0 England Peter Delaney (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-3 England Matthew Day (a)   Details  Pencil
6 China Zhang Yong 4-0 England Farakh Ajaib (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England Alex Davies (a) 4-2 England Chae Ross (a)     Pencil
8 England Andy Hicks (a) 4-1 England Jamie O'Neill (a)   Details  Pencil
9 China Lu Ning (a) 4-1 England Michael Tomlinson (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-3 China Geng Mingqi (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Sanderson Lam 4-1 England Luke Simmonds (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England Jake Nicholson (a) 4-0 England Darren Cook (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
13 England Joel Walker (a) 4-3 Scotland Fraser Patrick   Details  Pencil
14 Wales Jamie Rhys Clarke (a) 4-0 England Tony Knowles (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4-2 Australia Jamie Brown (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Zak Surety (a) 4-1 England Jeff Cundy (a)   Details  Pencil
17 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-2 England Nigel Howe (a)     Pencil
18 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 England Martin O'Donnell   Details  Pencil

O'Donnell earned a spot on the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Main Tour via the Q School Order of Merit

19 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-1 England Sydney Wilson   Details  Pencil
20 England James Cahill 4-2 England James Silverwood (a)   Details  Pencil
21 England Sean O'Sullivan 4-3 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a)   Details  Pencil
22 England Paul S Davison 4-0 England Reanne Evans (af) Head to head Details  Pencil
23 Wales Gareth Allen 4-3 Estonia Andres Petrov (a)   Details  Pencil
24 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a) 4-0 Poland Mateusz Baranowski (a)   Details  Pencil
25 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) 4-2 England Nikolas Charalambous (a)   Details  Pencil
26 England Barry Pinches (a) 4-0 England Oliver Brown (a)   Details  Pencil
27 England Lee Page (a) 4-3 England Joshua Cooper (a)   Details  Pencil
28 China Chen Zifan (a) 4-0 England Michael Dubicki (a)     Pencil
29 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-0 Wales Jeremiah Connors (a)     Pencil
30 Wales Ben Jones (a) 4-2 England Peter Devlin (a)   Details  Pencil
31 England Wayne Brown (a) 4-3 England Patrick Whelan (a)   Details  Pencil
32 Wales Jackson Page (a) 4-3 England Adrian Rosa (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 128)
1 England Mitchell Travis (a) 4-2 Finland Heikki Niva (a)     Pencil
2 China Hu Hao (a) 4-0 England Lewis Gillen (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Russell Morgan (a) 4-3 England Adam Morrey (a)     Pencil
4 England Ian Martin (a) 4-3 Northern Ireland Jordan Brown (a)   Details  Pencil
5 Northern Ireland Declan Brennan (a) 4-1 England George Pragnall (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England David Lilley (a) 4-2 England Sam Thistlewhite (a)   Details  Pencil
7 Wales Duane Jones 4-0 England Simon Bedford (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England Peter Delaney (a) 4-3 England Mark Vincent (a)   Details  Pencil
9 England Matthew Day (a) 4-3 England Louis Heathcote (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-1 England James Burrett (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Farakh Ajaib (a) 4-3 England Richard Jones (a)   Details  Pencil
12 China Zhang Yong 4-2 England Tugba Irten (a)   Details  Pencil
13 England Alex Davies (a) 4-1 England Mark Miller (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England Chae Ross (a) 4-1 England Shaun Wilkes (a)     Pencil
15 England Jamie O'Neill (a) 4-0 Northern Ireland Conor McCormack (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Andy Hicks (a) 4-1 England Stewart Hesketh (a)     Pencil
17 England Michael Tomlinson (a) 4-2 China Ma Tingpeng (a)   Details  Pencil
18 China Lu Ning (a) 4-1 England Gary Challis (a)   Details  Pencil
19 China Geng Mingqi (a) 4-2 England Troy Brett (a)   Details  Pencil
20 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-2 England Anthony Jeffers (a)   Details  Pencil
21 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 India Dhairya Bhandari (a)     Pencil
22 England Sanderson Lam 4-1 England Callum Costello (a)     Pencil
23 England Darren Cook (a) 4-3 England Kuldesh Johal (a)   Details  Pencil

re-spotted black in frame 6

24 England Jake Nicholson (a) 4-1 England Dean Galbally (a)     Pencil
25 Scotland Fraser Patrick 4-3 China Zhang Jiankang (a)   Details  Pencil
26 England Joel Walker (a) 4-1 England Jamie Cope Head to head Details  Pencil
27 England Tony Knowles (a) 4-1 South Africa Paul Burrell (a)   Details  Pencil
28 Wales Jamie Rhys Clarke (a) 4-1 England William Lemons (a)   Details  Pencil
29 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4-1 England Haydon Pinhey (a)   Details  Pencil
30 Australia Jamie Brown (a) 4-0 England Stephen Ormerod (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
31 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-1 England Steven Hallworth (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
32 England Zak Surety (a) 4-2 England Saqib Nasir (a)   Details  Pencil
33 England Nigel Howe (a) 4-1 England Jason Weston     Pencil
34 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-0 England Danny Connolly (a)   Details  Pencil
35 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-0 Japan Keishin Kamihashi (a)   Details  Pencil
36 England Martin O'Donnell 4-2 England Michael Wild   Details  Pencil
37 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-1 England Dylan Mitchell (a)   Details  Pencil
38 England Sydney Wilson 4-1 Scotland Mark Owens (a)   Details  Pencil
39 England James Silverwood (a) 4-0 England Daniel Devlin (a)   Details  Pencil
40 England James Cahill 4-0 England Jaspal Bamotra (a)   Details  Pencil
41 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a) 4-2 England Josh Mulholland (a)   Details  Pencil
42 England Sean O'Sullivan 4-3 England Zack Richardson (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
43 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-0 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a)   Details  Pencil
44 England Paul S Davison 4-0 Scotland Ross Vallance (a)   Details  Pencil
45 Estonia Andres Petrov (a) w/o England Ashley Hugill (a)   Details  Pencil

Hugill qualified from the first event

46 Wales Gareth Allen 4-0 England Michael Williams (a)   Details  Pencil
47 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a) 4-0 England Imran Puri (a)   Details  Pencil
48 Poland Mateusz Baranowski (a) 4-2 England Stefan Risidi (a)     Pencil
49 England Nikolas Charalambous (a) 4-3 United States Corey Deuel (a)   Details  Pencil
50 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) w/o England Gareth Green (a) Head to head Details 
Green didn't show up
51 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-3 England Ben Fortey (a)   Details  Pencil
52 England Barry Pinches (a) 4-0 England Jack Culligan (a)   Details  Pencil
53 England Joshua Cooper (a) 4-2 Northern Ireland Jamie McArdle (a)   Details  Pencil
54 England Lee Page (a) w/o England Allan Taylor Head to head Details  Pencil

Taylor qualified from the first event

55 China Chen Zifan (a) 4-3 England Daniel Ward (a)   Details  Pencil
56 England Michael Dubicki (a) 4-2 England John Fearick (a)     Pencil
57 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-1 Wales Tyler Rees (a)   Details  Pencil
58 Wales Jeremiah Connors (a) 4-0 England Danny Gladstone (a)     Pencil
59 England Peter Devlin (a) 4-1 England James Loft (a)   Details  Pencil
60 Wales Ben Jones (a) 4-1 England Joshua Thomond (a)   Details  Pencil
61 England Wayne Brown (a) 4-1 England Ashley Beal (a)   Details  Pencil
62 England Patrick Whelan (a) 4-0 Ireland Daniel O'Regan (a)   Details  Pencil
63 England Adrian Rosa (a) 4-3 Israel Shachar Ruberg (a)   Details  Pencil
64 Wales Jackson Page (a) 4-2 Austria Andreas Ploner (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 206)
1 England Mitchell Travis (a) 4-0 China Lü Chenwei (a)   Details  Pencil
2 China Hu Hao (a) 4-1 Pakistan Shehzad Iqbal (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Adam Morrey (a) w/o Ireland Ray Whelan (a)     Pencil
4 England Ian Martin (a) 4-3 England Adam Edge (a)   Details  Pencil
5 Northern Ireland Declan Brennan (a) 4-2 Poland Adam Stefanow (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England George Pragnall (a) 4-1 England Adam Brown (a)     Pencil
7 England Sam Thistlewhite (a) 4-0 England Brandon Sargeant (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England David Lilley (a) 4-1 England Lee Shanker (a)   Details  Pencil
9 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-0 Wales Daniel Gorton (a)     Pencil
10 England Mark Vincent (a) 4-2 Malta Brian Cini (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Matthew Day (a) 4-0 England Mike Hallett (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England James Burrett (a) 4-1 England Aaron Cook (a)   Details  Pencil
13 England Richard Jones (a) 4-1 Romania Andrei Orzan (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England Tugba Irten (a) w/o England Billy Joe Castle (a)   Details  Pencil

Castle qualified from the first event

15 England Alex Davies (a) 4-1 England Richard Haney (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Mark Miller (a) 4-1 Wales Richard William King (a)   Details  Pencil
17 England Chae Ross (a) 4-3 England Antony Parsons (a)     Pencil
18 England Jamie O'Neill (a) 4-0 England Mohammed Rangzib (a)   Details  Pencil
19 England Andy Hicks (a) 4-0 Ireland Dessie Sheehan (a)   Details  Pencil
20 England Stewart Hesketh (a) 4-0 England Craig Brown (a)     Pencil
21 England Michael Tomlinson (a) 4-3 Isle of Man Darryl Hill   Details  Pencil

Black ball game in the decider.

22 China Ma Tingpeng (a) 4-1 England Ben Murphy (a)     Pencil
23 England Gary Challis (a) 4-2 England Joe O'Connor (a)   Details  Pencil
24 China Geng Mingqi (a) 4-1 England Joe Steele (a)   Details  Pencil
25 England Phil O'Kane (a) w/o China Yu Han (af)     Pencil

No Show from Yu Han

26 England Anthony Jeffers (a) 4-3 England Joshua Baddeley (a)   Details  Pencil
27 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 Malta Shaun Sultana (a)   Details  Pencil
28 England Sanderson Lam w/o India David Singh (a) Head to head Details  Pencil

No Show from David Singh

29 England Kuldesh Johal (a) 4-1 England Stuart Watson (a)   Details  Pencil
30 England Jake Nicholson (a) 4-0 India Rahul Sachdev (a)   Details  Pencil

Re-rack in frame 1

31 Scotland Fraser Patrick 4-1 Scotland Keith Keldie (a)   Details  Pencil
32 England Jamie Cope 4-0 England Paul Anthony Taylor (a)     Pencil
33 England Tony Knowles (a) 4-1 England Ben Robinson (a)   Details  Pencil
34 England William Lemons (a) 4-3 England Ryan Causton (a)   Details  Pencil
35 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4-3 England Clayton Humphries (a)   Details  Pencil
36 England Stephen Ormerod (a) 4-3 England Shane Haines (a)   Details  Pencil
37 England Steven Hallworth (a) 4-0 England Ian Brumby (a)   Details  Pencil
38 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-2 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af)   Details  Pencil
39 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-3 Scotland Michael Collumb (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
40 England Jason Weston 4-1 Wales Rhydian Ap Owen (a)   Details  Pencil
41 England Nigel Howe (a) 4-2 England John Foster (a)     Pencil
42 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-0 England Nick Manning (a)     Pencil
43 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-1 Ireland Greg Casey (a)   Details  Pencil
44 England Martin O'Donnell 4-0 England Neal Jones (a)   Details  Pencil
45 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-1 Malta Tony Drago (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
46 England Sydney Wilson 4-0 England Brandon Hall (a)     Pencil
47 Scotland Mark Owens (a) w/o India Abu Saim (a)     Pencil
48 England James Silverwood (a) 4-1 Germany Felix Frede (a)   Details  Pencil
49 England James Cahill 4-1 Germany Simon Lichtenberg (a)   Details  Pencil
50 England Josh Mulholland (a) 4-0 England Labeeb Ahmed (a)     Pencil
51 England Zack Richardson (a) 4-0 England Bash Maqsood (a)   Details  Pencil
52 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-1 Hong Kong Ka Wai Cheung (a)   Details  Pencil
53 Scotland Ross Vallance (a) 4-0 Wales Ross Jones (a)   Details  Pencil
54 Estonia Andres Petrov (a) w/o Germany Lukas Kleckers (a) Head to head Details  Pencil

Kleckers qualified from the first event

55 Wales Gareth Allen 4-2 England Daniel Womersley (a)   Details  Pencil
56 England Michael Williams (a) 4-0 India Roshan Mirchandani (a)     Pencil
57 England Imran Puri (a) 4-2 England Darren Barton (a)   Details  Pencil
58 Poland Mateusz Baranowski (a) 4-3 England Simon Blackwell (a)   Details  Pencil
59 England Stefan Risidi (a) 4-2 England Chris Jones (a)     Pencil
60 United States Corey Deuel (a) 4-2 England James Height (a)     Pencil
61 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) 4-0 England Jason Turnbull (a)   Details  Pencil
62 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-0 England Darren Burns (a)   Details  Pencil
63 England Barry Pinches (a) 4-0 Wales Matthew Roberts (a)   Details  Pencil
64 England Jack Culligan (a) 4-2 Wales Mark Davies (a)   Details  Pencil
65 Northern Ireland Jamie McArdle (a) 4-1 Bahrain Mohammed Ali (a)     Pencil

Mohammed Ali docked one frame, probably being late

66 England Lee Page (a) 4-1 England Ronnie Blake (a)     Pencil
67 China Chen Zifan (a) 4-1 India Lucky Vatnani (a)   Details  Pencil
68 England Michael Dubicki (a) 4-3 England Stephen Groves (a)     Pencil
69 Wales Tyler Rees (a) 4-1 England Richard Beckham (a)   Details  Pencil
70 England Danny Gladstone (a) 4-3 England Anthony Fieldsend (a)     Pencil
71 England Peter Devlin (a) 4-2 England Jason Tart (a)   Details  Pencil
72 England Joshua Thomond (a) 4-3 England Lewis Roberts (a)   Details  Pencil
73 Wales Ben Jones (a) 4-0 England Matthew Glasby (a)   Details  Pencil
74 England Wayne Brown (a) 4-0 England Robert Cloherty (a)   Details  Pencil

130 by Brown was the highest break of the event

75 England Patrick Whelan (a) 4-2 England Scott Lyons (a)   Details  Pencil
76 England Adrian Rosa (a) 4-2 England Andrew Milliard (a)   Details  Pencil
77 Israel Shachar Ruberg (a) 4-1 England Leigh Robinson (a)   Details  Pencil
78 Wales Jackson Page (a) 4-1 England Simon Dent (a)   Details  Pencil

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