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Norwegian Snooker Championship 1997

Norwegian flag

Elmer's Pub og Biljard, Oslo, Norway (Apr 26-27, 1997)

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Former professional Bjørn L'Orange (Christiania Biljardklubb) defeated Kjartan Fridthjofsson (Oslo Biljardklubb) 4-0 in the final of the 1997 Norwegian Championship to take his fourth title overall. That means he is still leading the all-time medals table for the event.

In the semi-finals L'Orange defeated Andre Hellerud (Oslo Sisu) 3-1 whilst Fridthjofsson scraped through with a 3-2 victory over Tore Skagestein (Oslo BK).

Although no official records were kept, the highest break was a 69 that L'Orange made in the concluding frame of the final. Tommy Olsen (Arctic) had a 68.

All in all there were 21 contestants taking part in the tournament. That's three more than last year but it is still a relatively low number. Oslo clubs supplied the vast majority of the competitors. Only two of the players came from other parts of the country, one from Arctic (Bodø) and one from Grimstad.



Bjørn L'Orange 4-0 Kjartan Fridthjofsson

Bronze final

Andre Hellerud 3-0 Tore Skagestein


Bjørn L'Orange        3-1 Andre Hellerud
Kjartan Fridthjofsson 3-2 Tore Skagestein


Bjørn L'Orange        3-0 Henning Hagen
Andre Hellerud        3-0 Bjørn Berger
Kjartan Fridthjofsson 3-0 Tommy Olsen
Tore Skagestein       3-2 Thomas Lund

High break

69 Bjørn L'Orange


Pos Name Club
1. Bjørn L'Orange Christiania
2. Kjartan Fridthjofsson Oslo BK
3. Andre Hellerud Oslo Sisu

4. Tore Skagestein Oslo BK
5. Thomas Lund Oslo BK
6. Tommy Olsen Arctic
7. Henning Hagen Oslo BK
8. Bjørn Berger Oslo BK
9. Jan Kringstad Oslo BK
10. Hermund Årdalen Oslo BK
11. Bjørn Engh Christiania

Bård Stende Oslo BK
13. Stein Kjensli Oslo BK
14. Atle Grefstad Grimstad
15. Terje Espeland Oslo BK
16. Anita A. Rizzuti Oslo BK
17. Ketil Wetteland Oslo Sisu
18. Samppa Voulio Oslo BK
19. Per T. Skogsrud Oslo BK

Toumo Haapalahti Oslo Sisu
21. Morten Helland Oslo BK

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