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Betway World Seniors Championship Pencil

Date: 2-3 Mar 2015; Venue: Tower Circus, Blackpool, England; Type: Invitational; Twitter: #WorldSeniors; Notes: See also results (82)
Final Pencil
(Winner: £18,000; Runner-up: £8,000)
Wales Mark J Williams 2-1 Ireland Fergal O'Brien Head to head Details  Pencil

30-41, 87-4 (74), 94-0

Williams had a 30 in the first frame with the balls placed difficultly but O'Brien stole the frame with a great clearance.

Williams didn't give O'Brien any chances in frame 2 and made it 1-1.

Williams had a 47 in the decider but missed the yellow ball and was lucky not to leave anything. Williams later got in again and won the frame and the match.

This was his first World Seniors title. He also had the highest break with a 142.

Semifinals Pencil
(Losers receive £4,000)
Wales Mark J Williams 2-0 England John Parrott (a)   Details  Pencil

70-26, 80-22 (80)

Williams missed the 11th red on the way to a max

Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 Ireland Ken Doherty Head to head Details  Pencil

77-9 (76), 75-24 (54)

Quarterfinals Pencil
(Losers receive £2,000)
England John Parrott (a) 2-0 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a)   Details  Pencil

71-19, 69-56

Ireland Ken Doherty 2-0 Wales Darren Morgan (a)   Details  Pencil

76-57 (76), 64-17

Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Steve Davis Head to head Details  Pencil

78-23 (74), 92-1 (58)

Wales Mark J Williams 2-0 Wales Dominic Dale Head to head Details  Pencil

69-6, 81-1 (64)

Round 1 Pencil
(Last 16; Losers receive £1,000)
1 England Steve Davis 2-1 England Rory McLeod Head to head Details  Pencil

62-72, 58-41, 72-30

Referee Greg Coniglio suffered a nosebleed and was replaced by Brendan Moore

2 England John Parrott (a) 2-0 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a)   Details  Pencil

75-4, 66-18 (53)

3 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 England Nigel Bond Head to head Details  Pencil

67-36, 65-50

4 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 2-0 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a)   Details  Pencil

78-0, 55-43

5 Wales Mark J Williams 2-0 England Darryn Walker (a)   Details  Pencil

58-30, 140-0 (140)

6 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 2-1 England Joe Johnson (a)   Details  Pencil

0-76 (50), 64-6, 72-29

7 Ireland Ken Doherty 2-0 England Jimmy White Head to head Details  Pencil

56-48, 65-57

This was White's record 500th pro event

8 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Peter Ebdon Head to head Details  Pencil

105-11 (105), 110-7 (110)

O'Brien's 105 and 110 were the first tons of the event

World Seniors Championship Qualifiers Pencil

Date: 20-21 Dec 2014; Venue: Robin Park, Wigan, England; View on separate page; Twitter: #WorldSeniors; Notes: See also results (67)
Qual Round 4 Pencil
(Last 21)
1 England Rory McLeod 2-0 England Ian Brumby (a)   Details  Pencil
2 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 Wales Tony Chappel (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Darryn Walker (a) 2-0 England Johnathan Bagley (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 2-1 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a)   Details  Pencil
5 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-1 England Gary Wilkinson (a)   Details  Pencil
Qual Round 3 Pencil
(Last 31)
1 England Rory McLeod 2-1 England Jamie Bodle (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Ian Brumby (a) 2-0 Scotland Alan McManus   Details  Pencil
3 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 England Andrew Alexandrou (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 2-0 England Dave Harold   Details  Pencil
5 England Darryn Walker (a) 2-1 Wales Darren Thompson (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Johnathan Bagley (a) 2-1 Finland Robin Hull   Details  Pencil
7 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 2-1 Scotland Marcus Campbell   Details  Pencil
8 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 2-0 England Karl Townsend (a)   Details  Pencil
9 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 Northern Ireland Joe Swail Head to head Details  Pencil
10 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 2-1 England John Welsh (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
Qual Round 2 Pencil
(Last 51)
1 England Rory McLeod 2-0 England Andrew Milliard (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Jamie Bodle (a) w/o England Alan Edmonds (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Ian Brumby (a) 2-1 Ireland John Leahy (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Scotland Alan McManus 2-0 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene   Details  Pencil
5 Wales Dominic Dale 2-1 England Geoff Williams (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Andrew Alexandrou (a) 2-1 England Peter J Bardsley (a)   Details  Pencil
7 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 2-1 Wales Anthony Davies (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England Dave Harold 2-0 Scotland Scott MacFarlane (a)   Details  Pencil
9 England Darryn Walker (a) 2-0 England Anthony Harris (a)   Details  Pencil
10 Wales Darren Thompson (a) 2-0 England Paul Stockwell (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Johnathan Bagley (a) 2-0 England Peter Lines   Details  Pencil
12 Finland Robin Hull 2-0 England Jamie Rous (a)   Details  Pencil
13 Scotland Marcus Campbell 2-0 England Dean Reynolds (a)   Details  Pencil
14 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 2-0 England Gary Filtness (a)   Details  Pencil
15 England Karl Townsend (a) 2-1 England Ian Barry Stark (a)   Details  Pencil
16 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 2-0 Ireland Patsy Fagan (a)   Details  Pencil
17 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 2-0 England Gary Miller (a)   Details  Pencil
18 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Mark Davis Head to head Details  Pencil
19 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 2-0 England Mark King   Details  Pencil
20 England John Welsh (a) 2-0 England Adrian Rosa (a)   Details  Pencil
Qual Round 1 Pencil
(Last 83)
1 England Rory McLeod 2-1 Malta Tony Drago Head to head Details  Pencil
2 England Andrew Milliard (a) 2-1 England Tony Taylor (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Jamie Bodle (a) w/o India David Singh (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Ian Brumby (a) 2-0 England Ashley Beal (a)   Details  Pencil
5 Ireland John Leahy (a) 2-1 Ireland Dessie Sheehan (a)   Details  Pencil
6 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene 2-0 England Balvinder Sembi (a)   Details  Pencil
7 Scotland Alan McManus 2-1 England Steve Meakin (a)   Details  Pencil
8 Wales Dominic Dale 2-0 England Peter Delaney (a)   Details  Pencil

129 by Dale

9 England Geoff Williams (a) 2-1 England Stuart Parnell (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Peter J Bardsley (a) w/o England Mike Dunn   Details  Pencil
11 England Andrew Alexandrou (a) w/o England Joe Perry   Details  Pencil
12 Wales Tony Chappel (a) 2-0 Mauritius Richard Somauroo (a)   Details  Pencil
13 Scotland Scott MacFarlane (a) 2-1 England Paul S Davison (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England Dave Harold 2-0 Netherlands Raymon Fabrie (a)   Details  Pencil
15 England Anthony Harris (a) 2-0 England Shane Haines (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Darryn Walker (a) 2-0 England Jamie Home (a)   Details  Pencil
17 Wales Darren Thompson (a) w/o England Anthony Hamilton   Details  Pencil
18 England Peter Lines 2-0 England Andy Hicks (a)   Details  Pencil
19 England Johnathan Bagley (a) w/o Malta Alex Borg   Details  Pencil
20 England Jamie Rous (a) 2-1 England Tony Knowles (a)   Details  Pencil
21 Finland Robin Hull 2-1 Scotland David McLellan (a)   Details  Pencil
22 Scotland Marcus Campbell 2-0 England Nigel Gilbert (a)   Details  Pencil
23 England Gary Filtness (a) 2-0 England Mike Hallett (a)   Details  Pencil
24 England Karl Townsend (a) 2-1 England Craig Barber (a)   Details  Pencil
25 England Ian Barry Stark (a) 2-0 England Rod Lawler   Details  Pencil
26 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 2-0 England Hassan Vaizie (a)   Details  Pencil
27 Ireland Patsy Fagan (a) 2-0 Jamaica Paul Moss (a)   Details  Pencil
28 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 2-0 England David Roe (a)   Details  Pencil
29 Ireland Fergal O'Brien 2-0 England Jimmy O'Shea (a)   Details  Pencil
30 England Mark King 2-0 England Barry Pinches Head to head Details  Pencil
31 England John Welsh (a) 2-0 England Les Dodd (a)   Details  Pencil
32 England Adrian Rosa (a) 2-0 England Alex Peart (a)   Details  Pencil

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