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Date: 16-22 Mar 2015; Venue: Venue Cymru, Llandudno, Wales; Type: Invitational; Twitter: #WorldGrandPrix; Notes: See also results (31)
Final Pencil
(Winner: £100,000; Runner-up: £35,000)
England Judd Trump [4] 10-7 England Ronnie O'Sullivan [2] Head to head Details 
Referee: Olivier Marteel

After many missed chances from both players in the opener Judd Trump finally took the frame to lead 1-0.

After Judd got in first in frame 2 he took a low percentage red up the rail but missed and Ronnie took advantage with a break of 90 to level the score at 1-1.

After a 41 minute 3rd frame (played 11 minutes on the pink ball which was near the pocket with a lot of reds close by) Ronnie took it with a top break of 27. Watch the strange frame on YouTube.

On a clearance to win the 4th frame Judd failed a basic positional shot to the yellow and after a safety exchange Ronnie got the chance and took the frame for a 3-1 lead at the interval.

An early mistake from Trump in the fifth frame lets O'Sullivan in and he takes advantage of it by making his first century of the tournament and going 4-1 up.

In frame 6 and 7 Trump went on the attack and in 22 minutes won both frames limiting Ronnie to just 23 points.

In Frame 8 Ronnie lost his composure and went for everything. Trump convincingly took the frame to level the score at 4-4.

Ronnie recovered well with a break of 89 to put go to 5-4 before the break.

In the first frame after the break a good snooker from Ronnie lets him in and he makes a 96 break to lead 6-4.

In the next frame he is helped by a fluked red to go to 7-4

After losing the first two frames of night Trump responded fantastically with six frames in a row to win 10-7. He also made a 142 for the highest break of the tournament. Watch it on YouTube

The first prize was £100.000 and he also won £5000 for the 142.

It was his second title of the season, after the Australian Goldfields Open in July 2014. After losing two finals to O'Sullivan this season he got his revenge.

This was not a ranking event so he is still ranked 7th in the World.

67-54, 14-90 (90), 60-80, 47-83 (56)
1-105 (105), 86-22 (50), 82-1, 76-8 (50), 9-115 (89), 0-100 (96), 20-63 (59)
80-29 (57), 72-0, 142-0 (142), 67-35
62-53, 65-9

Referee: Olivier Marteel

Trump won the last six frames from 7-4 down to win 10-7. He also made a 142 for the highest break of the tournament.

It was his second title of the season, after the Australian Goldfields Open in July 2014.

This was not a ranking event so he is still ranked 7th in the World.

Semifinals Pencil
(Losers receive £20,000)
England Judd Trump [4] 6-5 England Martin Gould [16] Head to head Details 
It looked like Trump was going to go 1-0 up but he missed and Gould took the frame with the help of a 50 break. A good 87 break from Gould takes him 2-0 up. Trump responded with a ton in frame 3.

Gould then went 5-1 up aided by a century and it looked like he was going to win the match. Trump showed some great fighting spirit though with some good breaks. This and some nervous play from Gould allowed Trump to grab five frames in a row and win the match.

28-73 (50), 0-87 (87), 121-6 (121) 34-68
1-116 (53), 21-111 (111), 83-4 (55), 76-12, 78-21 (61)
62-0, 96-0 (59)

England Ronnie O'Sullivan [2] 6-0 England Stuart Bingham [6] Head to head Details 
After misses from both players O'Sullivan takes the first frame. Bingham has the first chance in the second frame but he stops on 18. A snooker from O'Sullivan lets him in. Three good breaks in the row (88, 72 and 89) then gets him to 4-0 at the mid-session interval. After the break Bingham had chanches to wins frames but Osullivan steals them both from behand with great breaks and winning 6-0.

73-13, 100-18 (88), 88-8 (72),89-0 (89)
65-58, 83-42 (77)

Quarterfinals Pencil
(Losers receive £10,000)
England Martin Gould [16] 4-2 England Peter Ebdon [25] Head to head Details  Pencil
England Judd Trump [4] 4-3 Wales Mark J Williams [12] Head to head Details 
Williams steals frame 3 after Trump missed an easy frame ball pink. Watch it on YouTube. Trump wins an exciting decider after Williams tries to double the blue ball. Watch it on YouTube.
England Stuart Bingham [6] 4-0 England Mark Davis [19] Head to head Details 
Nerves in the first frame from both players and Davis missed the deciding black ball so Bingham took the frame. Watch it on YouTube.
England Ronnie O'Sullivan [2] 4-1 Scotland Graeme Dott [23] Head to head Details  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 16; Losers receive £5,000)
1 England Martin Gould [16] 4-2 England Mark Selby [1] Head to head Details 
Selby started the match with a good 88 break. Gould then won three frames in a row aided by a ton to lead 3-1. Selby took one back with an 84 before Gould won the last helped by a fluked red.
2 England Peter Ebdon [25] 4-1 Scotland Stephen Maguire [9] Head to head Details 
Ebdon won the two first frames before Maguire responded with a ton. The Scot then had a chance to steal frame four after needing snookers but Ebdon took it and went on to win the match. Watch the end of the match on YouTube.
3 Wales Mark J Williams [12] 4-3 England Ricky Walden [5] Head to head Details 
For the second match in a row Williams comes from behind to win. This time from 2-3.
4 England Judd Trump [4] 4-2 England Joe Perry [13] Head to head Details 
Watch Trump fluking the match ball on YouTube
5 England Mark Davis [19] 4-3 Australia Neil Robertson [3] Head to head Details 
Great comeback from Davis who was 3-1 down. He won the match on the final black in a deciding frame that lasted more than one hour. Watch it on YouTube.
6 England Stuart Bingham [6] 4-2 England Matthew Selt [22] Head to head Details  Pencil
7 Scotland Graeme Dott [23] 4-3 China Liang Wenbo [26] Head to head Details  Pencil
8 England Ronnie O'Sullivan [2] 4-0 England Robert Milkins [15] Head to head Details 
Milkins never recovered after O'Sullivan stole the opening frame
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 32; Losers receive £2,500)
1 England Mark Selby [1] 4-1 England Michael Holt [32] Head to head Details 
It looked like Selby had frame one but Holt stole it with a great 42 clearance. Selby responded well with 110 and 95 to lead 2-1. Holt had the initial control in frame 4 before Selby took command. Selby then closed out the match with a 68.
2 England Martin Gould [16] 4-1 Scotland Alan McManus [17] Head to head Details  Pencil
3 Scotland Stephen Maguire [9] 4-1 China Xiao Guodong [24] Head to head Details 
Maguire started the match with two centuries including an event-high 122. He won the third with a 60 and started the fourth with six reds and blacks before missing a tough red to let Xiao in. The Chinese player cleared up with 89 to trail 1-3 but Maguire won 4-1 with a 52 in the last.
4 England Peter Ebdon [25] 4-3 England Shaun Murphy [8] Head to head Details 
Murphy steals frame one. Ebdon steals frame 5. Great snookers in frame 6 from both players especially from Murphy who wins the frame thanks to a good snooker. Watch the tactical battle on YouTube. Ebdon won the decider with a 136 total clearance. Watch it on YouTube.
5 England Ricky Walden [5] 4-1 China Ding Junhui [28] Head to head Details  Pencil
6 Wales Mark J Williams [12] 4-3 Wales Ryan Day [21] Head to head Details 
Williams was 1-3 down. He won the decider on the black from 60-1 down after a fluke on the final pink.
7 England Joe Perry [13] 4-0 England Ben Woollaston [20] Head to head Details  Pencil
8 England Judd Trump [4] 4-0 Wales Dominic Dale [29] Head to head Details 
Dale gets his first point in the match in frame 2 when Trump was 62 up. Trump had 304-0 in points. Good breaks from Trump in the match one centrius and two half centrius.
9 Australia Neil Robertson [3] 4-0 Belgium Luca Brecel [30]   Details 
Good breaks from Robertson with a 64, a 79 and then a 121 in the last frame.
10 England Mark Davis [19] 4-1 Hong Kong Marco Fu [14] Head to head Details  Pencil
11 England Matthew Selt [22] 4-0 England Barry Hawkins [11] Head to head Details  Pencil
12 England Stuart Bingham [6] 4-3 Scotland Anthony McGill [27] Head to head Details 
Bingham led 3-0 with one century but McGill recovered well and took the match to a decider. A 70 break from Bingham helped him to win the match in the end.
13 China Liang Wenbo [26] 4-3 Northern Ireland Mark Allen [7] Head to head Details 
The first two frames were won by steals. Watch the final two frames on YouTube.
14 Scotland Graeme Dott [23] 4-3 Scotland John Higgins [10] Head to head Details  Pencil
15 England Robert Milkins [15] 4-2 Wales Michael White [18] Head to head Details  Pencil
16 England Ronnie O'Sullivan [2] 4-2 England Rod Lawler [31] Head to head Details 
Lawler won frame two with a ton. He led 31-0 in frame 5 but O'Sullivan fluked a red and won the frame. Watch it on YouTube. After that Lawler never recovered and Ronnie won 4-2.

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