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Upcoming Matches

Upcoming matches (61) in Shoot-Out ordered by scheduled time (CET). See also live scores (2) and results (66).

Shoot-Out (21-24 Feb 2019) Pencil
Rd 2 England Luke Simmonds (a) 0-0 Pakistan Hamza Akbar [86]   Est. today 2:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh [38] v China Mei Xiwen [65] Head to head Est. today 2:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 Thailand Akani Songsermsawad [40] v England Billy Joe Castle [81]   Est. today 2:40pm Pencil
Rd 2 Norway Kurt Maflin [37] v England Gary Wilson [23] Head to head Est. today 2:50pm Pencil
Rd 2 Wales Dominic Dale [49] v Malaysia Thor Chuan Leong [98] Head to head Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Peter Devlin (a) v England Rory McLeod [46]   Est. today 3:10pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Kyren Wilson [2] v England Elliot Slessor [89]   Est. today 3:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 Wales Jamie Clarke v England Mitchell Mann (a)   Est. today 3:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 Wales Daniel Wells [50] v England Craig Steadman [82] Head to head Est. today 3:40pm Pencil
Rd 2 England John Astley [95] v England Jimmy White [60]   Est. today 3:50pm Pencil
Rd 2 Northern Ireland Joe Swail [74] v England Mike Dunn [42] Head to head Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Steven Hallworth (a) v England Tom Ford [16]   Est. today 4:10pm Pencil
Rd 2 Wales Kishan Hirani [105] v India Laxman Rawat (a)   Est. today 4:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Adam Duffy (a) v England David B Gilbert [8] Head to head Est. today 4:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Shaun Murphy [3] v England Stuart Bingham [4] Head to head Today 8pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Matthew Selt [39] v China Tian Pengfei [62] Head to head Est. today 8:10pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Ben Woollaston [30] v England Barry Pinches (a) Head to head Est. today 8:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Allister Carter [6] v China Zhao Xintong [53] Head to head Est. today 8:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 Iran Hossein Vafaei [26] v England Allan Taylor [61] Head to head Est. today 8:40pm Pencil
Rd 2 Wales Michael White [24] v England Joel Walker (a)   Est. today 8:50pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Oliver Lines [93] v England Martin Gould [15]   Est. today 9pm Pencil
Rd 2 Scotland Alan McManus [47] v England Jimmy Robertson [13] Head to head Est. today 9:10pm Pencil
Rd 2 China Xiao Guodong [12] v Scotland Graeme Dott [11] Head to head Est. today 9:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Rod Lawler [80] v China Chen Feilong [96]   Est. today 9:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Peter Lines [57] v Wales Jak Jones [71] Head to head Est. today 9:40pm Pencil
Rd 2 China Li Hang [25] v Cyprus Michael Georgiou [44] Head to head Est. today 9:50pm Pencil
Rd 2 Ireland Stephen Bateman (a) v England Sam Baird [84]   Est. today 10pm Pencil
Rd 2 England Andy Hicks (a) v England Michael Holt [29]   Est. today 10:10pm Pencil
Rd 2 Ireland Ken Doherty [51] v Germany Lukas Kleckers [94]   Est. today 10:20pm Pencil
Rd 2 China Zhang Anda [67] v England Barry Hawkins [1] Head to head Est. today 10:30pm Pencil
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