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Welcome to!
This place is devoted to the noble game of snooker, the billiard game played on the big tables!
You might want to check out the FAQ and the rules if you're new to the game. Maybe you would like to know what more is available here too?
If you've been here before though, you can go straight to the new stuff.
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Disclaimer is not a product or property of World Snooker or other organizations/companies. It is a private initiative run on a strictly voluntarily basis.

What's available?

The stuff has been divided into five groups of material:
  • Guide
  • References
  • The Action
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  • Etcetera
  • Guide

    Helping you to find your way around the site.

    Search through all the pages of

    This page.

    What's New
    What's new on

    Quick Index
    A shortcut to all the stuff.

    Access stats, external references, a hit list and an access graph.

    I couldn't have managed all this on my own you know.


    How many points for the blue? Where is the WPBSA located? Are there any cue manufacturers on the Net?

    The rules, the Pool & Billiards FAQ and a test paper for referees.

    Addresses to associations, magazines, manufacturers etc.

    Comprehensive list of snooker-related stuff on the Internet.

    The Action

    Scanning the globe for the latest results and rankings.

    Score Centre
    Results and rankings.

    Biographies, pictures, stats, world records and stuff.

    Tournament results from past seasons plus some info on previous finals.

    Ranking lists and an explanations of the ranking system.

    The Fountain
    Get the inside info from the venues. Written by Richard Fountain.


    Join in!

    Chat Room
    Where you can talk with fellow online snooker fans.

    The Snooker Clinic
    Get your snooker questions answered by snooker referee Jari Kokko and the webmaster!

    Snooker Quiz
    Test your knowledge of snooker!

    High Breaks
    The unofficial "High Break List for Netters!"

    Have you got something you want to buy, trade or sell? If it's a table, a cue or a video then this is the place for you!

    Guest Book
    Sign the guest book or read the comments made by your fellow snooker enthusiasts.

    Do you have questions or suggestions, have you found some errors, or would you like to contribute. Please let me know about it!

    Crucible Contest
    Guess the winners in the World Championship!


    The rest ...

    A snooker story, lessons on how to play snooker and the world structure in cue sports.

    Subdomains / Logical Addresses

    Some of the pages have alternative addresses that are easier to remember.

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    Provisional Rankings
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    Provisional (European) Order of Merit
    Provisional Asian Order of Merit


    In the early nineties I was constantly searching for snooker information on the Internet, but there was hardly any available. I was considering starting my own snooker site for a long time, but I didn't wake up before I found Matt Braithwaite's (now defunct) "World Snooker Archive" ( in November 1994. That got me going! Matt went on to manage the RileyNet site, but has now moved on to other projects.

    The name "WWW Snooker" was inspired by the site WWW Music Database.

    In the beginning there wasn't much on the site, mostly links to the very few snooker pages out there. From December 1994 I started covering the major snooker events. I could do this because of the results I received from Jonas Ödman.

    Early on there was a set of the BCA snooker rules on the site, but I later had to remove them because I received new information on the copyright restrictions. I have never published the WPBSA rules as that is not allowed. Jari Kokko and I have been planning to contact the WPBSA for years, but we have never gotten around to doing it.

    The Fountain, by Richard Fountain was started in August 1995. Richard is an ex snooker coach and used to be the manager of Mark King.

    January, 1996 saw the birth of the "High Break List for Netters", a chance for surfing snooker players to register their top tournament breaks and be able to compare with others.

    In March the same year I ran the first edition of the Crucible Contest. It's a competition where the goal is to predict how the World Championship will turn out.

    By this time I had gathered quite a few snooker links and Aug 7 I launched Snoohoo!, a compilation of the links in different categories. 30 September I made Snoohoo! fully automatic with the aid of CGI-scripts. From now on I only had to register a link once, and all related pages would be updated. At present (7 December, 1998) there are more than 1,000 links registered.

    August also saw the birth of the Marketplace, a place for people to buy and sell snooker-related material, e.g. cues, tables and videos. 7 December 1998 there were 219 ads registered.

    I had always received a lot of questions concerning the snooker rules. In October 1997 I introduced the Snooker Clinic where visitors could leave their questions for Jari Kokko (mentioned above) to answer. The answers would then be placed in an archive for all to browse. Later we extended the Clinic to also handle other snooker questions, and John Day, Martin Bell and Bernie Mickeleit joined the team. As of now (7 December 1998) 394 questions can be found in the archives.

    The next major addition to the site was the Snooker Chat Room in June 1997. It was an attempt to bring together snooker lovers from all over the world to discuss their common interest. The room didn't take off until the 1998 Embassy World Championship, but it's been buzzing ever since.

    After that came the Snooker Forum in November 2001 and the much improved search facility in January 2002. In June 2003 I added a searchable and sortable ranking page.

    Other pages include a quiz, ranking lists, player bios, snailmail addresses (e.g. of associations, and magazines) and a guest book .

    In the summer of 2000 I moved the site from the University to my new workplace. Never try this yourself!

    In 2005 I was lucky enough to get hold of the domain A big thank you to Nicolas de Biolley and Bart Van der Haegen! Apr 30 2005 was the official move from to

    Feb 2 2008 saw the birth of a new design on the frontpage. It was about time too! You can still find the old page.

    April 9 2009 we joined Twitter. See the first tweet.

    See also all the kind words we have received there.

    June 28 2010 I finally launched the Score Centre, a set of dynamic pages with results and rankings. This led to more information being available, and less work for me.

    After the launch Tore Skagestein helped out a lot. Then in August 2011 Toth Gabor joined the team and made thousands and thousands of updates from then on. In 2014 Eddie Jones, Monique Limbos and Andreaa Wadman joined. Now the team has more than 10 members.

    April 20 2012 I changed the name from "WWW Snooker" to "". I also got a new logo courtesy of Ida Johansen.

    June 15 2014 our Facebook Page was launched. See the first post.

    August 6 2015 we launched an API at It has been used for apps and more!

    August 28 2015 we finally got a favicon and also various app icons.

    September 28 2016 we started the coverage of the Ladies Tour. First event was the Paul Hunter Ladies Classic.

    April 13 2018 we launched Stories.

    September 20 2019 we launched the Facebook Group Community.

    May 14 2020 we made the front page mobile-friendly!

    There are currently thousands of pages at, both static and dynamic.

    See the Wayback Machine for old versions of the site. The oldest I've found is from 16 January 1999 (

    There are also older ones, e.g. one from 4 April 1997 ( but I can't make it work.

    I've been in touch with snooker players and snooker presidents from all over the world, and I have received questions on just about any snooker topic you can imagine! There have also been a few sponsors knocking on my door, e.g. Riley, Embassy and Willie Holt, but unfortunately I had to turn them all down because of the University's policy. No commercial activity was to exist on their servers. Maybe things will change now that I've moved the site. There will however never be betting ads on the site.

    I was however fortunate enough to be invited to the 2000 European Championships in Stirling, Scotland, as a guest of the sponsor, TSN (now 110sport). Also John Street sent me an autographed copy of his rules book and Janie Watkins got me a snooker CD-ROM.

    We provided Luke Hurley (12 Yard Productions) with a list of snooker players for the UK TV Gameshow "Who Dares Wins", filmed in the week of 27 October 2015, and then in 2018. The contestant on the first show correctly named 10 players. The contestant on the second show managed seven. We were mentioned as the credit for the list. has received quite a few awards and has been mentioned in a number of magazines and books. I especially enjoyed the coverage in Snooker Scene and to see two of the pages ( and Snoohoo!) on the top 70 list published by Billiards Digest). Thanks to Janie Watkins for that Snooker Scene article and for all the info she's provided.

    In 2016 I was interviewed on Cuesports Club.

    Finally, I have to mention all the positive feedback I have gotten from regular users. Although most of the work is pleasure in itself, it certainly helps that people cheer me on. Also I've been lucky to have received help from so many people. Thanks to all!


    I started registering hits on the front page 27 April 1995. That's not the number of visitors, but rather number of times the front page has been accessed.

    10.000 was reached 18:40:38 CET, September 18th the same year. The visitor used the machine IGS (Information Gateway Service) is a network of internet service providers in Ontario, Canada.

    #50.000 came 17:01:05 CET July 16th 1996. He/she used the machine

    #100,000 came 01:55:03 CET March 2nd 1997. He/she used the machine, a host at Merit Network Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

    #200,000 came 06:12:57 CET November 30th 1997. The host was

    #300,000 came 22:03:48 CET August 26th 1998. The host was

    #400,000 came 21:47:06 CET January 20th 1999. The host was

    #500,000 came 19:53:46 CET April 19th 1999. The host was

    #600,000 came 03:57:01 CET August 18th 1999. The host was

    Here are some stats from recent (calendar) years:

    Year Unique Visitors Visits Pageviews
    # ± % # ± % # ± %
    2008 178,392 n/a 232,683 n/a 829,774 n/a
    2009 190,533 7 249,150 7 827,437 0
    2010 230,538 21 329,709 32 1,102,193 33
    2011 344,378 49 805,221 144 3,115,910 183
    2012 526,364 53 1,602,131 99 5,255,342 69
    2013 642,343 22 2,237,187 40 7,755,446 48
    2014 953,006 48 3,178,665 42 11,587,746 49
    2015 1,067,278 12 3,863,331 22 13,099,284 13
    2016 1,215,279 14 5,192,367 34 22,320,073 70
    2017 1,532,667 26 7,244,323 40 33,098,420 48
    2018 1,369,998 -10 7,759,209 7 34,554,204 4
    2019 1,721,533 26 9,536,749 23 31,905,477 -8
    Total* 9,627,262   42,244,370   165,498,682  

    * From 12 Dec 2007

    The record for most visitors in one day is from the 2017 Betfred World Championship. On the last quarter-final day that year (Wed 26 Apr) there were 51,293 visitors.


    Britannica Internet Guide Award The Editor's Choice Award Magellan 3 Star Site BD Editor's Pick GameSpot HotSpot SportLive Champion Site Mining Co. Best of the Net Mark's HOT Pick of the Week Express Sport Live Site of the Day NetUser 5 Star Award UK Online Award

    Listed in the BBC Education Web Guide
    "Enlace del dia" at
    Snooker Website of the Week by Snooker Scene Blog in August 2007
    Best Website by Snooker Scene Blog in 2011
    Snooker Website of the Year by Pro Snooker Blog in 2011
    Snooker Website of the Year by Pro Snooker Blog in 2012
    Favourite website of Pro Snooker Blog in 2014
    Snooker Website of the Year by Pro Snooker Blog in 2014

    About the Author

    Hermund Årdalen is Chief Administrative Officer at Laboremus Oslo in Oslo, Norway. He was born in 1972 in Fredrikstad, but moved to Oslo when he started his studies at the University of Oslo.

    He started playing snooker around 1990 and soon became an addict. He has entered a few tournaments, but is still a true amateur. His highest break in competition is 71. In training he has managed to scrap together an 88.

    In 1993 he discovered the Internet. After finding the World Wide Web there was no way back. He truly believes that W3 will revolutionize world communication and global understanding.

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