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A run-through of the movements in the ranking lists after each event.

March 7th, 2004

March 7th, 2004

After the 2004 European Open.

Provisional Rankings

Mark Williams is still No.1 but his leads keeps shrinking. Now he's only 2,487 points ahead of his nearest contender, Ronnie O'Sullivan.

After some very surprising results in the European Open there's no change in positions 3-6. Stephen Hendry, Paul Hunter, John Higgins and Matthew Stevens still lead the way. Stephen Lee and Ken Doherty swap places at 7th and 8th.

Two popular players return to the top 16. Runner-up Jimmy White moves from 19 to 14 while semi-finalist Tony Drago improves two positions to 16th. David Gray and Allister Carter drops out of the elite.

There are also three newcomers in the top 32. Stephen Maguire's win propels him from 35th to 23rd. Graeme Dott (33->28), and Anthony Hamilton (34->31) are the two others. Mark King, Dominic Dale and John Parrott have to give way.

Neil Robertson had a splendid tournament and improves 26 positions to 72nd.

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Very Provisional Rankings

Ronnie O'Sullivan keeps his place atop the list and is now 1,525 points ahead of Stephen Hendry. Matthew Stevens holds on to third but loses ground to both the front-runners.

Jimmy White improves two positions to fourth while Mark Williams drops from 5th to 8th.

Stephen Maguire enters the top 16 at 10th. Before this tournament he was way back in 28th. Chris Small (17->14) and Tony Drago (31-16) also joins the elite 16.

There are also some newcomers in the top 32; Drew Henry (33->30) and Joe Swail (36-32)

Australian prodigy Neil Robertson moves from 78th to 51th.

Some of the top players need to get their act together. World No.6 Ken Doherty lingers at 24th. Alan McManus (23), David Gray (33) and Graeme Dott (40) also need to improve.

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LG Tour Order of Merit

By reaching the quarter-finals Ronnie O'Sullivan strengthens his lead in the rankings. He's now 60 points ahead of Stephen Hendry. Hendry also solidifies his position and is 30 points clear of the next man.

Paul Hunter moves up from fourth to third, eclipsing Matthew Stevens who failed to win a single match.

Stephen Maguire's victory (100 points) takes him all the way from 26th to 10th. Runner-up Jimmy White moves from 8th to 4th. Losing semi-finalist Tony Drago improves 15 positions, going from 31st to 16th.

Further down the list, Neil Robertson jumps from 77th to 42nd, after making it to the quarters.

Top 16 member Graeme Dott finally wins his first match of the season and is at No 56.

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