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Alan McManus

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Basic facts

Born: January 21, 1971, Scotland
Turned pro: 1990
Highest pro break: 143 (1994 Embassy World Championship)
Highest ranked: 6 (1993-96)
Current ranking: Not ranked
World Championship best: Semifinalist (1993)
Achievements: Has won two ranking events in his career: the 1994 Dubai Duty Free Classic and the 1996 Thailand Open. In addition he won the 1994 Masters.

He's been in 21 professional finals, but he has only managed to win four of them.

He was a member of the Scottish teams that won the 1996 Castrol-Honda World Cup and the 2001 Coalite Nations Cup.

Miscellaneous: The 5-0 loss to Peter Ebdon in the 1998 Grand Prix was his first whitewash as a professional. It was his 312th match!

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Results in ranking tournaments (94/95 - 99/00)

See McManus' profile in the Score Centre for results from 2010/2011 and onwards.

Color guide:
won the event lost his opening match

British: QF 4-5 Joe Swail
Grand Prix: 4R 2-5 Dave Harold
UK: 3R 8-9 Michael Holt
China: Qual 0-5 Joe Perry

Grand Prix: 3R 0-5 Peter Ebdon
UK: 1R 7-9 Michael Holt
Irish: RU 4-9 Mark J Williams
Welsh: 3R 0-5 Mark J Williams
Scottish: QF 1-5 Stephen Hendry
Thailand: RU 7-9 Mark J Williams
China: SF 4-6 John Higgins
British: 2R 3-5 Brian Morgan
World: 2R 7-13 Stephen Lee

Grand Prix: 4R 1-5 Jimmy White
UK: QF 5-9 Stephen Hendry
German: Qual. 2-5 Jimmy White
Welsh: QF 3-5 Paul Hunter
Scottish: 2R 3-5 Marcus Campbell
Thailand: QF 3-5 Ken Doherty
British: 3R 4-5 Dave Harold
World: 2R 4-13 Ronnie O'Sullivan

Asian Classic: SF 2-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Grand Prix: 1R 2-5 Jonathan Birch
UK: SF 1-9 Stephen Hendry
German: Qual. 3-5 Jason Ferguson
Welsh: 1R 3-5 Tony Chappel
International: QF 3-5 John Higgins
European: QF 4-5 John Parrott
Thailand: 1R 3-5 Anthony Hamilton
British: QF 2-5 Steve Davis
World: 2R 10-13 Lee Walker

Thailand Classic: 2R 4-5 John Higgins
Grand Prix: SF 7-9 John Higgins
UK: 1R 4-9 Paul Hunter
German: SF 5-6 John Higgins
Welsh: 2R 4-5 Graeme Dott
International: 1R 4-5 Chris Small
European: 1R 4-5 Tony Chappel
Thailand Open: W 9-8 Ken Doherty
British: 3R 1-5 Peter Ebdon
World: 2R 5-13 John Higgins

Dubai: W 9-6 Peter Ebdon
Grand Prix: 3R 2-5 Dave Harold
UK: 1R 7-9 Mark King
European: 2R 3-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Welsh: 2R 3-5 Anthony Hamilton
International: QF 1-5 John Parrott
Thailand: 2R 4-5 Gary Wilkinson
British: 2R 3-5 Dave Harold
World: 2R 10-13 Nigel Bond