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This guestbook is from the early days of WWW Snooker. The first entries are positioned at the top of the list.

Jeg ble den foerste, ja ... Haakon Hjelstuen ([email protected])

great stuff !

Ajay Prabhakar, India

email [email protected]

Keep up the Good Work, BCA

Neil Margossian - Oxford University Pool Club Secretary..... [email protected]

Ross Plews British

Nobuhiko Yoshida, Japan

Alf-Harald Dahl, Oslo, Norway

Axel Meierhoefer, Germany ([email protected])

Awesome snooker stuff...Pekka S�il�, Finland

Someday this site will have a player profile of me :)

Comment above by Sami Ala-Pohja, Finland

I like it, and I want more. :-) (M. Jastrzebski )

White will do it! Len Pearce - Oxfordshire, England


^Sorry about that! Torstein.

Can't Get Enough! Marianne Van Den Bremen, Canada

Jerome Alfred [email protected]

Colin "Sodhed" Reid, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Gotta love Jimmy White!

John Paul Tokash [email protected]

Rob Collins, Yorkshire -- [email protected]

Thongchai Sangsiri, [email protected]., This is harder than pool !!

Hey I really like your page I've been reading it for a while now. [email protected] Perth Western Ausrtralia

It's a very great page! [email protected]

Very nicely done!...Paul Podgornik, [email protected]

Who has the greatest que power?


I like SNOOKER, but CAROM is what i really love (and this game at least smiles at me ). Joerg, Berlin

Peter Jevnikar,

Very detailed info .. nice work :) .. P.s. try : :) My homepage .. Please contact me

nice work! [email protected]

Pleae, John Parrot, laugh once more!; st000199@hrz1/

Someone mail me a snooker table! Jered Seward ([email protected]) - Toronto, Canada.

Keep it coming, Jerry, Canada

Snooker is like chess, but more entertaining to watch... This page is great! Any plans to add pictures/movies/sounds? Csaba, Hungary ([email protected])

I missed the blue, Joost Appelmans, Brussels

Tommy Li - [email protected]

[email protected]

What you won't find on the WEB!! Good Stuff


Peter Ebdon for the 1995 [email protected]

Snooker nut in South Wales wants any correspondence from similarly sad [email protected]

Please don't scratch (Tom Lembrechts, Antwerp, Belgium)

yer mom is a snooker.

Ja, n� har jeg signert din ([email protected])...


Definitely Jimmy White's year this year!...Alex Petts, Kent, England ([email protected])

Great stuff. Glad you are keepint it up. Doug Forsyth, Poulsbo WA USA

Absolutely not the first one, Asp

hvala bogu, da s`n to naso!!!

Super, Paul B. Flemming, Ontario Billiards & Snooker Association, Waterloo, Canada


Glad to see some snooker on the web!, [email protected]

Got to love this game - Paul Malizia (Toronto, Canada)


Stym looks like Peter Ebdon!

Snooker is the greatest game in the U.S.A. Dusty Mo.

Warren is here. "Warren" , Bethany, MO

Peter Holland: Hi Jari, nice to see your page. write to me at [email protected]

Amr Badr El Din (Cairo) [email protected]

PLEASE!!...use the rest and refrain from smoking over the table!! [email protected]

Snooker is my life!!! Ulli H. Koenig ([email protected])

i like potting blue balls best, William Hopkins([email protected]

I didn't wipe my bottom and I left a bit of brown on the cushion, Angus Thompson ([email protected])

Someone please find a better nickname for Steve Davis than "the nugget"--([email protected])

Formidable ! Go ahead ! ([email protected])

Paul Clarence,([email protected])

Good page this. Hope it can help us on our tournament project: [email protected]

lee unsell oklahoma

Kari Keinonen , Finland

Thanks for your efforts, great information. Peter Hesketh, Edmonton Canada.

Great Information

Greg Pietrykiewicz, Edmonton, Canada, [email protected]

Meng Polasit, Thailand

Adrian Cumiskey, England ([email protected]) - Ronnie O'Sullivan for the World Championships!!!



Cheer! James Wattana.

Stephen Hendry for World Champion 1995 - [email protected]

Peter Stambaugh - [email protected]

David Kelly (Highest break 21)

Hold on a sec! I forgot my address: [email protected]

Aki Vilkman, Finland

RONNIE O'SULLIVAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!Chalky([email protected])

maurice de koning: [email protected]. The Brazilian

Love this site !(Brendan de B., Amsterdam)

email [email protected] - who's this?

my credit card password is *****

Haven't seen much yet! Just got here. Kevin([email protected]

Go to the black ball,hee hee, Yuan-Shang [email protected]

Stephen Hendry Appreciation Society (WEST)

[email protected]

Mr. Century Break was here

Hey, where do you get the disk space for all this? :-)

Marc Chilla, Germany

HENDRY No1 in the world!!!

email [email protected]

Ken Pomeroy South Carolina U.S.A.

*** Mark Kulaga, Vice President, United States Snooker Association. ([email protected]) Best Game in the World.

Will follow along [email protected]

Nice job. Bob Jewett [email protected]

New Zeland calling, hermund.......nooooot. bra idelikevel hermunar. Sigurd.

Jeffrey Weiss, NY, USA. [email protected]

Excellent! [email protected] (Randy Benter, Kansas City, MO, USA)

What about Cliff Thorburn? Henry Burzycki-Canada

very informative keep it coming. good luck shape on.

Dis ist gut shtuff!

Great game, great page...([email protected]

fucking unbeliveble [email protected]

Damn! I forgot to take my cue with! 8-( J.Manner, Finland

pot the fu**** ball

CJA Hoesen Yeah!! [email protected]

James Watson - Sheffield, England

jerry currie, madison, wi

Charles Hickman 8 ball intermediate

Jeg fant B.L'orange til slutt, hilsen svigermor. [email protected]

What is with the pink ball? - David J. Randolph([email protected]

Great web site. Boy do I miss this game. Steve Hennessey, San Marcos, CA 92069, USA. [email protected]


Tony Wong, Oulu, Finland

Keep it coming ! - [email protected]

McManage! [email protected]

happy to find info about snooker. HELLO from the States Tom C address [email protected]

White for worldchampion

Jeroen Proveniers, Holland

come on, steve. I've got �2 on you!!!!

[email protected]

Rolf Enger, Bergen - [email protected]

Am I the only Terry Griffiths fan left ([email protected])

Vive le Billard en France

Adresse : [email protected]

For once let the whirlwind blow. Marcel van Zalen [email protected]

Nice piece of work, Ard Olijslager Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands

Ard Olijslager aka [email protected]

Thanks for support ! [email protected]

It has to be Ronnie, [email protected]

Good job boyz!! Jeff Pick, Nova Scotia

JJ was here again

Bart Meijer;[email protected] :-) mail me for a match... in Delft or Arnhem or any place nearby

Kenneth wong

Stephen Hendry forever!!! [email protected] Amsterdam

Jimmy White for president!!!!!!!! 'Bombsquad'

I am the supporter of Jimmy White - Khiezoa

Colin Penney, Toronto Ontario, Canada. I live for Snooker.

[email protected]

Timo M{kil{, Finland

Oh, go on, give old Steve Davis just one more title. Please! Pete - a Brit in the States.

OK, NEXT year then....

Great WWW - Server : [email protected]

I'd like to take a bite out of Jimmy White

Rack thoses balls, Jimmy baby [email protected]

perfect as like a 147

Hjalti "Hustler" Thorsteinsson

Hope White wins this year. :-) Good work lads, keep it up! [email protected]

I'd rather have Henry missing his testicles


Keep on truckin, Rick, England


Where's Ray Reardon gone!! Steve Bremner - Edinburgh ([email protected])

Jorma Kauppinen, Finland

All chalked up and no-one to beat. ??spot layout for 4 1/2 x 9 table? ([email protected])

John Walper ([email protected])

just for the taste of it

White will win: he's playing with less balls!

Kirk Brooks

matyas borostyankoi, budapest matyas'

Piekaar, Voorburg

Yo,de manne.Great homepage.Hup-Jimmy.

No, I'm not Bolt, I'm WIlko

First a red, then a colored, isn't it? Raymond Kleefstra, Leiden, holland. [email protected]

Highest break still 24 :-( (Imar de Vries)




Jimmy, let me chalk you cue, [email protected]

I am at Queen's College, Oxford. I really love these pages, and snooker (Bazza)

Bazza is king of the world, and loves to get e mail (HINT) [email protected] HOPE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE SOON BEFORE I KILL THE WORLD


Jimmy White is 8-7 down in the Embassy World semi final having just won three frames in a row after Hendry's 147 that made it 8-4.....The winner will meet Nigel Bond in the final.....GO ON JIMMY.....YOU ARE THE PEOPLES CHAMPION AND HENDRY IS A WANKER...

Keeps looking better and better, Billiard Congress of America

I've searched infos about snooker on the web for a long time. This stuff is great ! Keep up this good work. Dimitri. ([email protected])

Continue your good work. Can you add more description of player and their image JPG.. Pierre Renaud, [email protected] de Montr�al, Canada.

Steve is the greatest

This stuff is great too - [email protected]

1st snooker page !!! Good Work, Bootsy

147 - ya beauty!!

It's snooker Jimmy but not as we know it! (Wayne Bagguley - [email protected])

Atli Brynjolfsson,Iceland ([email protected])

Patio 12 spuit je vol!

Jari Litmanen, Ajax

We love the game.Cal and Nola Branche,New Port Richey, Florida #0373USSA

There's got to be a joke somewhere about Jimmy White's recent operation. Can you still get a maximum break if you're one ball short ? Thanks fore the info. Steve Brightman, Dallas, Texas (where the tables are small and the balls are numbered)

Can't live without this. I've been lost without snooker till I found this whilst browsing!

Stephen Hendry congratulations from Robert Korving, Capelle aan den IJssel, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


quinten hann austalia

Timothy Anderson

Very interesting. Arnar Thorisson, [email protected]

To come :

Stephen's 147 MPEG !

on the Dutch Snooker Home Page .. Check it out !

Keep up the good work. [email protected]

Greetings from Greece! Steve Davis is the best! [email protected]

Hi There Fans !

Good use of background on your home page! Chee Woo Leong ([email protected])

Thanks, Andy Clayton

Are there any Belgian snooker fans who would like to win from me ???

Jeg maatte jo se hva dette var for noe :) ([email protected])

Finns det n�gra svenskar d�r? [email protected]

Look at this HomePages

Robin Hull is the best!!! Mika & Markus from Finland

[email protected]

Jo Versmissen: snooker is more fun then every other game in the world!!!!!!!!!!(Westmalle Belgium)

Nidal Shamroukh, Wales

shite! graeme pigott sunderland

PaulRichardson 1890CHPK [email protected]

Tr�s int�ressant! Matthieu Mellon, Qu�bec, CANADA

Fantastic, keep up the good work. Doug Forsyth, Poulsbo, WA

Gu�j�n B. Backman,Iceland ([email protected]

Paul DeCoste

It sure is great to see a section in here on snooker. Alot of people find it boring but relizing that a great deal of skill and practice is needed to improve your ability is what has aroused my intrerst.

One of the best Snooker pages is of course from ... Norway

John C. Stepek, Pittsburgh, PA. [email protected] If you're in the area E-mail me for a game!

Eero Forsti KEB Finland

Hello there, god was I unhappy that Jimmy lost in the Worlds. Never mind though there's always next year.


Brandon King, Arkansas, USA

I'm glad to be here. I am interested in CAROM, too. From Zagreb, CROATIA - Mladen : [email protected]

Jeg har DESSVERRE aldri spilt snooker, men jeg synes pool er g�y (selv om jeg ikke er god)! Stig Hoff, Bergen, Norway

Veikko Hannula , Referee , SSL Finnish Snooker Association

Thank's for the info. Rejean Canada

Happy to find a great site like this! Hiroki, Toronto and Japan(billiard Q&Q, [email protected])

Eh!!!! I'm lost.....


good for project cheers!! R.T c.o. U.K.

Hi,I,m glad to read it ! Andrey N. Zhukov,Moscow,Russia.

Great Page, but I am looking for a realistic POOL-Billard-Game! Please help! [email protected]

eddie charlton kingscross

Lara Richards, Wrexham

fans write [email protected]

When will Jimmy win ? [email protected]

Great!! ([email protected])

Martin leandersson from Gothenburg, Sweden Home of Word championchip in athletics 1995

Saturday June 3rd. 1995 at Worthing Leisure Centre, Worthing UK a snooker spectacular featuring Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Peter Ebdon, John Higgins, Dennis Taylor, Mike Hallett and Allison Fisher. Two sessions - 3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. Tickets from �10 afternoon to �40 all day. Bookings on 01903 502237. All proceeds go to the Kyle Williams Trust for Meningitis, UK registered charity no 1045065....Colin [email protected] (can't remember my membership no - sorry!)

Well Done !!!!!

Excellent site! | Howard H. Wemple, Glen Ellyn, Illinois,USA (Chicago)

An excellent surprise on the web Alan Levin [email protected]

Hi: Stopped in to pick up some rules.

Peter Tietjen PBC Backnang [email protected]

Snook me....! Tom Byron, U.S.

love you always on coming SNOOKER KING DON SANCHEZ SUNNY MERCIANO ---- Singapore

Nigel Bond should have been a supermodel!

Very informative a great addition to the net!! Rufus Carter ([email protected])

Santoso [email protected], Indonesia

Heh, 8 points, and that was THE highest break

Interesting Place! Phil from Framingham, MA

Martin Lu Wai Tak from Hong Kong

Tony LeBlanc, Halifax and Christine Muise, Halifax CANADA

Vijay Chouhan, California. USA (Vijay_Chouhan&

Yes, it's definately worth checking out. BRAD (the hustler) MITCHELL ...AUST

We need more snooker in Maryland,USA. Pool is for bangers!

You are the greatest! Vidar Hardeland ([email protected]

Learning Snooker for my love Helen! ([email protected])

David Lee - National University of Singapore ... [email protected]


hello from paris

Boaz Ordan - Israel

Greetings from G�teborg, Sweden [email protected]

Big UP PEOPLE !! D.Thakur - Jamaica

I may not know anything about pool or Snooker, but I know a good page when I see it.

Welcome everyone to Canada's 1995 Snooker Championships in Vancouver, BC. Hope we will see some of you there June 19th to June 25th. Call the Tournament Director at (604) 937-7773 for ticket information. Regards, Ted Wormworth E-MAIL: [email protected]

We need more snooker players. Mike Doyle; W. Lafayette, IN

Great Site Name: Ben Thomas [email protected] RMIT Uni Melbourne Australia

Thanks for the rules! You never know how weird it'll come... J.Lissner:[email protected]

Why bother playing against Stephen Hendry? Just give him the trophy([email protected]

Brilliant! We import England's finest cues to Australia. Paris, Glover, Burroughs and Watts, Lewis and Wilson. Call us on (09) 443 5810. THE CUE SPECIALIST. Find the cue of your dreams through us downunder!

Call Denver at our showromm or Email Clare at [email protected]. The Cue Specialist will deliver anywhere!

moty agam israel "the best country"

J�rg Wanner, Z�rich, Switzerland ([email protected])

Canada vs. Britain, - Cliff Thorburn/ Brady Golan take on Dennis Taylor/ Willie Thorn on June 25th, @ Sheraton Inn Guildford, Call 604 937-7773 for ticket information.

Great job, keep it up...Dan Segal ([email protected]) - "Mr.Carom & 3-cushion nut"

Does anyone from Great Barr, Birmingham, UK, play the great gentleman like game?

Snooker Rules !, SjK, Finland

congrats for the homepage! hans [email protected]

Pekka "Mambo King" Hirvonen [email protected]

Ari Lempinen, Kokkola, Finland, 20.06.1995

It's fun and challenging...Johnny Kwan, Hawaii

Charming !!! (David P. Chapman, [email protected])

Very impressive. Keep up the good work.

- Amit ([email protected])

Hendrys Snooker reminds me of Ajax' Soccer

Snooker on Internet : I must be in heaven. High breaks and great games to all of you. Erik Smet - Brussels

Dominiek Leliaert Oostkamp - Belgium

Hello I�m 16 years old. Eric Schr�der MALLORCA (SPAIN) email:[email protected]

Snooker is a thinking mans game and people who say it is boring are just thick. MARK KING WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION. Ps I am his manager. Richard Fountain

it's cool man... Roland Fischer, Switzerland

The Academy Of Spherical Arts is COMING! Keep the stats coming!

Nice stuff here, indeed. Antti Tuominen ([email protected]), Helsinki, Finland.

Greetings from Australia. Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association [email protected]

Snooker is great and Hendry is a great player. Al, Holland

I just can't get enough of snooker myself - Terri Sheehan, Perth Western Australia

4th year and learning, whatta awesome game. [email protected] (best _only_ 65)

Nice Pages!! RISTO VAYRYNEN [email protected]

I'm James from Belgium, and I love the game of snooker and play it on competitive level in Belgium.James Boelens, Ghent, Belgiumm

Where can I get Snooker pictures? [email protected]

Last night I was beaten on the black in comp. WHAT A BUMMER!!!!!!!

There is not enough SNOOKER in Australia...............

Sharon E Cunningham [email protected]

Hi there, greetings from [email protected] (George, The Hague, Holland)


Awesome web site! Too bad belgian players suck... Denis Leroy, Stanford University

Greetings to the Snooker Folks from [email protected]

Give uss more news and results,please! THANKS! Jyri Virtanen [email protected]

Snooker for Olimpic Sport! Brendan Woithe, Adelaide, Australia

Cool place! Greg Richardson ([email protected])

Olaf Ploh ,Germany,Freiburg

Maria Jose

I love Stephen Hendry!!!! Linda Lloyd, Guildford, England


Luc Vandal

i like snooker & wish to be part of the [email protected].

Petri Ämmälä, Finland

Asher is the .... PHANTOM!!!!

I am a snooker player & addict. Eric Sminia, The Netherlands email: [email protected]

didn't think we needed a snooker page until I saw it ... Jeff Hutter, Vancouver

Just watch me playin'--Juha Isoaho, FINLAND

A wonderful resource! [email protected] Canada

Get that leg over! - Sterl and Dave, Bedford.

What, the real S Hendry? Blimey. DC, Macclesfield

Jimmy White is awesome - makes me want to play left handed. Andrew Gerhard, Sudbury ON Canada

Nice Pages Way to Go :) , Aamir Shaheen , Fairfax , Virginia , USA

[email protected]


[email protected]

I love to play Snooker ! Marko Mustonen, Oulu, Finland > [email protected]

Great Page! Keep up the good work! Ben Song, Los Angeles California USA

Great! Ed Bright [email protected] Daleville, AL USA

Maf was there !!

Glenn Overland London Ontario Canada

Snooker lover from Hong Kong

I love this WWW Snooker as well as real-snooker.

snooker and Pool forever, Marcel Leuenberger, Hindelbank, Switzerland: [email protected]

Reg Smith, Perth Western Australia. [email protected]

[[email protected]] - Australia,Qld,Brisbane. Looking forward to Australian Open Snooker Championships in Melbourne from 18-24 September 1995.

[email protected]

Nice deep screw, I got a strange blue tip at the end of my cue now! Wouter at [email protected]

Darren Hindley Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I come!!! ([email protected])

Vince Leone

groeten van HaHePe(Pi) [email protected]

Don't believe it: Snooker on INTERNET! Great! I love it! Bernhard C. Witt (Ulm)

Ian Leung of Auckland, New Zealand - A Snooker Fanatic, [email protected]

Nice stuff , Geert De Brakeleer | Member of Belgium Billiards and Snooker Assoc.

Jimmy,imortal beloved, the world champion! [email protected]

Good stuff Howard Martin [email protected]

Cayman Islands #1 Snooker Fan - Lyndhurst Bodden

[email protected]

jimmy's got to win it somehow;but stephen is too good .... alvingrendel singapore

james ong SINGAPORE



Looks like the place to be if you are a fan Keep up the good work

I really enjoy this page great stuff Snoooker being a great game glad to find something other than 9 ball D Labbe Lloydminster Alberta Canada

Thanx! Pavel Vladimirov ([email protected]), Pskov, Russia

I can't begin ti tell you how great it is to have access to all of this information. Snooker does not enjoy the popularity that it should and I find myself starved for material. [email protected]

Wish you more good luck in future, FAROOQ MURTAZA, SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND

Excellent resource. Thank you. K. Bouwmeester EDMONTON Canada

Hi Hermund! Finally made it! rgds from Martin Deeley>[email protected]

juan fernando i hope you mail me : [email protected] (Colombia). I love Snooker

AHhhh...Snooker... the Game I love to HATE!!..Great Page [email protected] -Ontario

I like snooker like crazy but not enoug time to play. Marcel Savard

dan harris, cambridge, ont I LOVE BETTY FREISEN


frederic trois-Rivieres Quebec Canada

Charlie Markell , Sydney Australia.

Steve Davis is the master. Sebastian Meissner, Germany.

I love snooker . [email protected]

Great page. [email protected]

Christopher Bright ...Ottawa Ontario ... 15 Reds , 15 Blacks and all the Colors!!!!

Glad to know Stephen Hendry is still number 1.....Stephen Hendrie of Montreal!

What's Snooker ([email protected])

Desperate for Snooker in [email protected]

Just like everybody out there, I just LOVE Snooker. Try it, if U want 2 know what is Snooker. Alan Ho, Singapore SBSC .

Only wish I could get more info on junior titles - Great page though!!! Craig Zammit Melbourne Australia

Great page i like it loads. Keep it up. Paul John-

Let's play ball Fauzul Tokyo

i'm a jimmy's fan but stephen's gonna be there for a long long time !!

when is jimmy going to win the world championship? s'pore snooker fan

I love this game!! (Steve kefaleas from GREECE)

ben parrott 1345 Highland Drive Carroll, Iowa 51401

Douglas Cheng singapore polytechnic

I was here

Hello - just looking

Jarvis is brutal at snooker - Vinny Frideo


Jarvis the master: simply the best!

Bryan Wilson, Scotland : I enjoyed reading the snooker web pages.

Hello guys and gals. I was just surfing the net and thought I would stop in and say hello. I dont't have an e-mail adress as of yet ,but will let you have it soon. Your friend Sean Toohey

Great Web site, will visit regulary, Thr Stienberg http

Who the Hell is Joyce Lian????

SMOK if you're ever here just know that I was here first, The Stienberg

Smeagle form Stone, England. A regular at clubs throughout Staffs. Snooker on the Web !!!! what a surprise


I wasen't here


Norwegian pool-billiard players will improve ! Kent Hansen, 2390, Moelv, Norway

Hi from France where snooker is at his beginning (only 6 or 7 years...) - Nicolas BONAMY ([email protected]) ** BTW: Come on Jimmy !!!

Wuz up

Thank you for the information. John Elgin Keays, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

A nice page!!!

Firaz Osman

Jarkko Murtoaro rank:x

My favourite Stephen Hendry. For all those Jimmy White fans out there, Maybe he'll win the championship one day. Alden Lee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Andy Nichols, Graduate Student-Mississippi State University [email protected]

rob harrison, St.Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Highest break? 43...but still trying. Paul L, Staffs, U.K.


Tim Lempfert [email protected]

Alan Kell Canada/Scotland

Good to see a snooker page on the Net. Tom McLarnon,Belfast,N.Ireland. ([email protected])

Very interesting. Thanks for all the work you have done. A. Morris, U.S.A., actually Hot Springs, Arkansas.

[email protected]

This is a swell site. The '94 and '95 Championship descriptions were much appreciated. Keep it up.

glad that expletives have been removed... great page.... master steve davis

any female players from s'pore ?? would love to meet you..grendel-s'pore

Paul Ball Australia

Snooker is an art!!! Lorent S. Belgium

shubha rao PA USA

A great sport and a great page - Chrisitan Dunleavy Bermuda

Hi...I'm Chintan Sampat from Northwestern University, IL.

What is snooker? pvgurujr South Carolina

SNOOKER IS THE BEST GAME IN TOWN"""[email protected] Brandon,Manitoba,Canada

[email protected]

Finest dedicated sports web page on the Net. Reflects a great love of the game.

J. Wan

Hi there, Just dropped in to check out the Snooker page. I've loved and lived the game for years. [email protected]

Well, I finally get to write in your guestbook. Hope you're satisfied!


Jeg krever effektivitet !!!!!

I am the only female snooker player, playing in our local competition. How about writing to me..Terri Sheehan, 8-B Lodwick Street, Willagee 6156, Western Australia

Patrik Permats Stockholm/sweden


Spent 5 months in England, Got addicted... Will add this link to my page... David CLark, USA


...and just look how nicely the black is rolling to...DOHH!!, Petteri Kallio, Finland

Jimmy White is the most inspiring player i've seen, Dave Bage, Wemyss Bay

Don't worry Jimmy, your time will come, C.B.D., Edinburgh, Scotland

Wolfi for president!!! Markus Hauser, Frankfurt

can you give me the four tournements date that are shown on the bbc this year!afz: [email protected]

Cool page. I learned a lot. Penny, North Carolina USA


all is ok signed : satanas diabolicum

Come on, Jimmy. Will see you in Sheffield on last sunday next year. Udo Kleinkop, Germany, [email protected]

Ron Bothwell, Ontario, Canada

Ian de Vaz , Singapore 288711

Ron Bothwell, Mt. Brydges, Ontario, Canada

I can't believe I won't have to wait 3 months for tournament results

I enjoy this snooker homepage very much. Best Regards. Sam Wan. Hong Kong

Dick Jacobs...Dallas, Texas, [email protected]

Inoff the red-Russia. Charles Poole on hols in Malaysia

Peter Ebdon is a star of the future. Mr Flibble, Sheffield, England, [email protected]

Check it the revised

Dutch Snooker Home Page

.. By the way cool info

Finally I find Snooker on the web, Ross Walton Montreal. Que Canada

I'm waiting for "Zen and the art of playing snooker" to be written, Don Harris, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Thanks for the [email protected]

[email protected] this is great for all snooker players.'s a mind game. scw s'pore

I am on my way to whipping Stephens' Butt bad. Pity Jimmy couldn't do it himself

Axel Mathieu, Lennoxville,Quebec,Canada

maniac for the green baize - Thomas Beil, Meerbusch, Germany - [[email protected]]

cool site!!!!! - keep it up (when you can!!!)

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