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Roewe Shanghai Masters 2007

Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai, China
Aug 6-12
WPBSA ranking tournament (#1 of 7)


Players are English unless stated

There is also a bracket version available.


Dominic Dale (Wales)        10-6 Ryan Day (Wales)


Dominic Dale (Wales)         6-3 Mark Selby
Ryan Day (Wales)             6-3 Graeme Dott (Scotland)


Mark Selby                   5-4 Stuart Bingham         
Dominic Dale (Wales)         5-1 Dave Harold
Ryan Day (Wales)             5-4 Matthew Stevens (Wales)
Graeme Dott (Scotland)       5-4 Stephen Lee

Round 2

Mark Selby                   5-3 John Higgins (Scotland)
Stuart Bingham               5-4 Stuart Pettman
Dave Harold                  5-1 Steve Davis
Dominic Dale (Wales)         5-1 Adrian Gunnell
Ryan Day (Wales)             5-3 Ian McCulloch
Matthew Stevens (Wales)      5-4 Stephen Maguire (Scotland)
Stephen Lee                  5-3 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)
Graeme Dott (Scotland)       5-1 Ding Junhui (China)

Round 1

John Higgins (Scotland)      5-2 Jamie Cope 
Mark Selby                   5-0 Yang Qintian (China)    
Stuart Bingham               5-2 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Stuart Pettman               w/o Ronnie O'Sullivan
Dave Harold                  5-3 Peter Ebdon          
Steve Davis                  5-4 Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)
Adrian Gunnell               5-3 Allister Carter
Dominic Dale (Wales)         5-3 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Ian McCulloch                5-2 Shaun Murphy
Ryan Day (Wales)             5-4 Tony Drago (Malta)      
Stephen Maguire (Scotland)   5-1 Xiao Guodong (China)
Matthew Stevens (Wales)      5-0 Neil Robertson (Australia)    
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)    5-2 Nigel Bond
Stephen Lee                  5-4 Marco Fu (Hong Kong)
Ding Junhui (China)          5-2 Yu Delu (China)         
Graeme Dott (Scotland)       5-4 Michael Holt

Wild Card Round

Yang Qintian (China)         5-4 Scott MacKenzie
Stuart Pettman               5-0 Cao Kaisheng (China)
Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)     5-1 Cao Xinlong (China)
Adrian Gunnell               5-2 Jin Long (China)
Tony Drago (Malta)           5-2 Ah-Bu-Li Jiang (China)
Xiao Guodong (China)         5-2 Michael Judge (Ireland)
Yu Delu (China)              5-3 Mike Dunn

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