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The 2007/2008 Season


Tournament Date Final result
Shanghai Masters Aug 6-12 Dominic Dale Wales 10-6 Ryan Day Wales
Royal London Watches Grand Prix Oct 13-21 Marco Fu Hong Kong 9-6 Ronnie O'Sullivan England
Northern Ireland Trophy Nov 4-11 Stephen Maguire Scotland 9-5 Fergal O'Brien Ireland
Maplin UK Championship Dec 3-16 Ronnie O'Sullivan England 10-2 Stephen Maguire Scotland
Pot Black Cup Oct 6 Ken Doherty Ireland 76-31 (one frame) Shaun Murphy England
Saga Insurance Masters Jan 13-20 Mark Selby England 10-3 Stephen Lee England
Malta Cup Feb 4-10 Shaun Murphy England 9-3 Ken Doherty Ireland
Welsh Open Feb 11-17 Mark Selby England 9-8 Ronnie O'Sullivan England
Honghe Industrial China Open Mar 22-30 Stephen Maguire Scotland 10-9 Shaun Murphy England
888.Com World Championship April 19 - May 5 Ronnie O'Sullivan England 18-8 Allister Carter England

Ranking tournaments in bold.