Tournaments: 1997/98: Results | Diary

Catch China International

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 17-20 Sep 1997; Venue: JC Mandarin Hotel, Shanghai, China; Type: Invitational; Defending champion: Steve Davis (a); Notes: See also results (11)
England Steve Davis (a) 7-4 England Jimmy White (a) Head to head

57-48; 65-41; 85-0 (63); 14-74 (63); 55-69; 0-87 (58); 58-49; 57-25; 57-50 (SD 50); 8-75; 64-41

England Steve Davis (a) 6-1 Thailand James Wattana (a) Head to head
England Jimmy White (a) 6-0 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) Head to head
England Steve Davis (a) 5-0 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) Head to head
Thailand James Wattana (a) 5-4 China Pang Weiguo (a)  
England Jimmy White (a) 5-3 Wales Mark J Williams (a) Head to head
England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 5-2 China Guo Hua (a)  
Wild Card Round
1 England Steve Davis (a) 4-0 China Hasimu Tuerxun (a)  
2 China Pang Weiguo (a) 4-1 China Xu Xinjian (a)  
3 England Jimmy White (a) 4-3 China Gao Feng (a)  
4 China Guo Hua (a) 4-0 China Da Hailin (a)