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The 2023/2024 Season



This is the place for times gone by. The World Championship was first contested in 1927. This section includes a list of all the finals since then.

Season Results

Results by season


Lists of finals for a number of tournaments.


Match-by-match summaries of the 1994 and 1995 World Championships.

Other Invitational Events


Medal table.


Here are some facts about the tournament circuit. There are professional tournaments and Pro-Ams (for professionals and amateurs alike).

Professional tournaments

Ranking tournaments

There are currently (2019/2020) 17 ranking tournaments run by World Snooker with the World Championship being the most important. The top players in the world rankings are automatically qualified through to the latter stages of some events. Usually though they have to battle through the qualifying rounds like everyone else.

Invitational tournaments

Invitational tournaments are, as the name implies, reserved a priviliged group of players. Usually the best ranked players automatically receive invitations. In addition the organizers like to invite the most promising talents and some local players.

The Masters in London is the second most prestigious tournament of the season. Only outranked by the World Championship itself. Other events include the Championship League.


The International Billiards & Snooker Federation hold World championships for men, women, juniors and seniors. In addition there are continental championships held by the various regional organizations. Previously all these events were strictly for amateurs but now they have been opened for lower-ranked professionals as well. From the 2017/2018 season though the World Snooker Federation (run by the WPBSA) has taken a elading role.


The women have a ranking tournament circuit of their own, run by the World Women's Snooker. Unfortunately it is overshadowed by the men's circuit and doesn't receive much coverage. Each year there is a separate world championship for the ladies. The women are also allowed to play on the professional circuit.