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Benson & Hedges Masters Finals

The Benson & Hedges Masters is a very prestigious invitational event. It began already in 1975. This means that only the World Championship is older.

Throughout the years there have been some very exciting finals. The very first one, between Ray Reardon and John Spencer was decided on a re-spotted black in the final frame. The same thing happened in 1998 when Mark J Williams beat Stephen Hendry.

Stephen Hendry has staged the most impressive comeback. In 1991 he was 0-7 and 2-8 down against Mike Hallett, but he eventually won 9-8. Dennis Taylor has also come from behind. He beat Alex Higgins 9-8 in 1987 after having been 5-8 down.

In 2001 Paul Hunter was trailing Fergal O'Brien 7-3 before he made four centuries in six frames and eventually won 10-9. The following year he was 5-0 behind before beating Mark J Williams with the same score. In 2004 he was 7-2 behind Ronnie O'Sullivan before eventually prevailing 10-9. Also this time he had five tons!

Stephen Hendry has six wins in the event. That's more than anyone else. The organizers even gave him the old trophy in 1993 after his fifth consecutive win.

2004 Paul Hunter England 10-9 Ronnie O'Sullivan England
2003 Mark J Williams Wales 10-4 Stephen Hendry Scotland
2002 Paul Hunter England 10-9 Mark J Williams Wales
2001 Paul Hunter England 10-9 Fergal O'Brien Ireland
2000 Matthew Stevens Wales 10-8 Ken Doherty Ireland
1999 John Higgins Scotland 10-8 Ken Doherty Ireland
1998 Mark J Williams Wales 10-9 Stephen Hendry Scotland
1997 Steve Davis England 10-8 Ronnie O'Sullivan England
1996 Stephen Hendry Scotland 10-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan England
1995 Ronnie O'Sullivan England 9-3 John Higgins Scotland
1994 Alan McManus Scotland 9-8 Stephen Hendry Scotland
1993 Stephen Hendry Scotland 9-5 James Wattana Thailand
1992 Stephen Hendry Scotland 9-4 John Parrott England
1991 Stephen Hendry Scotland 9-8 Mike Hallett England
1990 Stephen Hendry Scotland 9-4 John Parrott England
1989 Stephen Hendry Scotland 9-6 John Parrott England
1988 Steve Davis England 9-0 Mike Hallett England
1987 Dennis Taylor N. Ireland 9-8 Alex Higgins N. Ireland
1986 Cliff Thorburn Canada 9-5 Jimmy White England
1985 Cliff Thorburn Canada 9-6 Doug Mountjoy Wales
1984 Jimmy White England 9-5 Terry Griffiths Wales
1983 Cliff Thorburn Canada 9-7 Ray Reardon Wales
1982 Steve Davis England 9-5 Terry Griffiths Wales
1981 Alex Higgins N. Ireland 9-6 Terry Griffiths Wales
1980 Terry Griffiths Wales 9-5 Alex Higgins N. Ireland
1979 Perrie Mans South Africa 8-4 Alex Higgins N. Ireland
1978 Alex Higgins N. Ireland 7-5 Cliff Thorburn Canada
1977 Doug Mountjoy Wales 7-6 Ray Reardon Wales
1976 Ray Reardon Wales 7-3 Graham Miles England
1975 John Spencer England 9-8 Ray Reardon Wales

Winner of the Gold Award for the Highest Break

1990 Steve Davis England 111

Stephen Hendry Scotland
1989 Stephen Hendry Scotland 119
1988 Steve Davis England 126
1987 Jimmy White England 136
1986 Wilie Thorne England 138
1985 Cliff Thorburn Canada 103
1984 Kirk Stevens Canada 147 *
1983 Terry Griffiths Wales 128
1982 Tony Meo England 136
1981 Terry Griffiths Wales 136
1980 Terry Griffiths Wales 131
1979 Alex Higgins N. Ireland 132
1978 Cliff Thorburn Canada 88
1977 Doug Mountjoy Wales 88
1976 Eddie Charlton Australia 97
1975 John Spencer England 92

* Made against Jimmy White in the semi-final - which Jimmy won 6-5, making a 119 in the clinching frame!.

Thanks to Paul Rushton <[email protected]> for helping me with info.