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James Wattana

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Basic facts

Born: January 17, 1970, Bangkok, Thailand
Turned pro: 1989
Highest pro break: 147 (three times)
Highest ranked: 3 (1994)
Current ranking: Not ranked
World Championship best: Semifinalist (1993, 1997)
Nickname: "Thai-Phoon"
Achievements: Has won three ranking titles: the 1992 Strachan Professional, the 1994 Thailand Open and the 1995 Thailand Open.
  • James Wattana
  • Confederacao Brasileira de Bilhar e Sinuca: A Sinuca no Mundo
  • BILLAR & SNOOKER: Los mas grandes del Snooker

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    Results in ranking tournaments (94/95 - 99/00)

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    Color guide:
    won the event lost his opening match

    British: 5R 2-5 Peter Ebdon
    Grand Prix: 5R 3-5 John Higgins
    UK: 3R 6-9 Wayne Brown
    China: Qual 4-5 Stephen Maguire

    Grand Prix: 1R 1-5 Euan Henderson
    UK: 1R 3-9 Matthew Couch
    Irish: 1R 4-5 Paul Davies
    Welsh: QF 2-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Scottish: 1R 2-5 Karl Broughton
    Thailand: 2R 2-5 Ken Doherty
    China: 1R 3-5 Billy Snaddon
    British: 1R 4-5 Michael Holt
    World: 2R 7-13 Stephen Hendry

    Grand Prix: 3R 1-5 Mark King
    UK: 3R 8-9 Gary Wilkinson
    German: 1R 2-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Welsh: 2R 4-5 Graeme Dott
    Scottish: 3R 0-5 Martin Clark
    Thailand: 2R 4-5 Ken Doherty
    British: 3R 4-5 Rod Lawler
    World: 1R 9-10 Fergal O'Brien

    Asian Classic: 1R 4-5 Gary Wilkinson
    Grand Prix: QF 3-5 John Parrott
    UK: 2R 5-9 Paul Hunter
    German: Qual. 1-5 Andy Hicks
    Welsh: 3R 4-5 Stephen Hendry
    International: 2R 2-5 Dene O'Kane
    European: SF 0-6 John Higgins
    Thailand: 2R 4-5 Nigel Bond
    British: 1R 4-5 Paul McPhillips
    World: SF 13-17 Stephen Hendry

    Thailand Classic: 2R 4-5 Dave Finbow
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 Fergal O'Brien
    UK: 3R 8-9 Andy Hicks
    German: 2R 2-5 Rod Lawler
    Welsh: 1R 4-5 Terry Murphy
    International: 1R 3-5 Michael Judge
    European: 1R 3-5 Anthony Davies
    Thailand Open: QF 4-5 Alan McManus
    British: 2R 4-5 Tony Knowles
    World: 2R 4-13 Nigel Bond

    Dubai: 1R 2-5 Alain Robidoux
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 John Higgins
    UK: SF 6-9 Ken Doherty
    European: 2R 3-5 Nigel Bond
    Welsh: 1R 3-5 Stephen Lee
    International: 1R 4-5 Euan Henderson
    Thailand: W 9-6 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    British: SF 4-6 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    World: 1R 8-10 Gary Wilkinson