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Castella Classic British Open

Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth, England (Apr 1-8, 1996)
Ranking tournament (No.9 of 10)

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Players are English unless stated


Nigel Bond (England) def. John Higgins (Scotland) 9-8

71-56, 96-4 (61), 65-64, 53-64 (Higgins 56), 79-47 (79), 18-72, 
17-102, 0-91 (91), 89-0 (89), 30-60, 99-30, 55-56, 72-0, 0-97, 
122-6 (122), 8-128 (75), 71-69

Finally Nigel Bond won a major ranking title. In his fourth try he succeeded. and what a way to do it! He clinched it on the very last black after needing a snooker. Too bad that John Higgins lost his title, but he's been winning so many lately, so I guess he can spare one for Nigel. Bond won �60,000 for the victory and Higgins got �32,000.

This result means Stephen Hendry can still enjoy the view from the very top of the provisional rankings. He will have to watch out for John Higgins though. Now there's only 870 points in it. Will we see a new No.1 next year? Tune in to the World Championship to find out!


John Higgins (Scot) 6-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan 
Nigel Bond          6-5 Dave Harold 


Dave Harold         5-1 Darren Morgan (Wales)
John Higgins (Scot) 5-3 John Parrott 
Nigel Bond          5-3 Peter Ebdon 
Ronnie O'Sullivan   5-3 Mark J Williams (Wales)

Third Round

Nigel Bond              5-4 Stephen Hendry (Scot)
Ronnie O'Sullivan       5-3 Ken Doherty (Ire)
John Parrott            5-2 Gary Wilkinson
Peter Ebdon             5-1 Alan McManus (Scot)
Darren Morgan (Wales)   5-1 Fergal O'Brien (Ire)
John Higgins (Scot)     5-3 Stephen Lee
Dave Harold             5-2 Mark Johnston-Allen
Mark J Williams (Wales) 5-0 Tony Knowles

Second Round

Stephen Hendry (Scot)   5-1 Joe Swail (N Ire)
Ronnie O'Sullivan       5-1 Graeme Dott (Scot)
John Parrott            5-3 Dean Reynolds
Tony Knowles            5-4 James Wattana (Thai)
Alan McManus (Scot)     5-4 Steve James
Fergal O'Brien (Ire)    5-3 Jimmy White 
Darren Morgan (Wales)   5-4 Martin Clark
Ken Doherty (Ire)       5-3 Andy Hicks
Peter Ebdon             5-4 Dennis Taylor (N Ire)
John Higgins (Scot)     5-4 Jason Ferguson
Nigel Bond              5-1 Dene O'Kane (Nzl)
Dave Harold             5-2 Mick Price
Gary Wilkinson          5-0 Mark Bennett (Wales)
Mark J Williams (Wales) 5-1 Neal Foulds
Mark Johnston-Allen     5-4 Anthony Hamilton
Stephen Lee             5-2 Mike Hallett

First Round

Stephen Hendry (Scot)   5-1 Terry Murphy (N Ire)
Mark Johnston-Allen     5-2 Steve Davis 
Ronnie O'Sullivan       5-2 Oliver King
John Parrott            5-3 Mark Rowing
James Wattana (Thai)    5-2 Karl Broughton
Alan McManus (Scot)     5-3 Steve Meakin
Jimmy White             5-3 Matthew Stevens (Wales)
Darren Morgan (Wales)   5-3 Stefan Mazrocis
Ken Doherty (Ire)       5-1 Barry Pinches
Peter Ebdon             5-3 Pat Horne
John Higgins (Scot)     5-1 Jamie Burnett (Scot)
Nigel Bond              5-0 Paul McPhillips (Scot)
Dave Harold             5-2 Antony Bolsover
Mark Bennett (Wales)    5-0 Tony Drago (Malta)
Stephen Lee             5-2 Terry Griffiths (Wales)
Mark J Williams (Wales) 5-4 David Roe
Andy Hicks              5-1 Chris Scanlon
Dene O'Kane (Nzl)       5-2 Matthew Couch
Joe Swail (N Ire)       5-2 Billy Snaddon (Scot)
Fergal O'Brien (Ire)    5-1 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Mick Price              5-2 Anthony Davies (Wales)
Martin Clark            5-4 Joe Johnson
Gary Wilkinson          5-2 Stuart Pettman
Tony Knowles            5-3 Jimmy Michie
Graeme Dott (Scot)      5-4 Willie Thorne
Steve James             5-1 Mark Flowerdew
Mike Hallett            5-2 Brian Morgan
Neal Foulds             5-4 Yasin Merchant (India)
Jason Ferguson          5-0 Steve Newbury (Scot)
Dean Reynolds           5-4 David McDonnell
Anthony Hamilton        5-2 Karl Payne
Dennis Taylor (N Ire)   5-0 Rod Lawler

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1995 Castella Classic British Open

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