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Sweater Shop International Open

Link Centre, Swindon, England (Feb 17-24, 1996)
Ranking tournament (No.6 of 10)

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Players are English unless stated.


John Higgins (Scotland) def. Rod Lawler (England) 9-3

John Higgins won his fifth ranking title and his second of the season by defending his Sweater Shop International title. The young Scot earned 60,000 for the victory and an additional 5,000 for his tournament high-break of 144 which he made against Alain Robidoux in the semi-final.

This was Rod Lawler's first ever final appearance.


John Higgins (Scot) 6-4 Alain Robidoux (Can)
Rod Lawler          6-5 Nick Pearce


John Higgins (Scot)  5-2 Karl Broughton
Nick Pearce          5-2 Dave Harold
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-2 Stephen Lee
Rod Lawler           5-1 Dave Finbow

Higgins made a 129 - the highest so far in the tournament.

Third Round

John Higgins (Scot)  5-1 Neal Foulds
Dave Harold          5-0 Jason Ferguson
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-0 Tony Drago (Malta)
Nick Pearce          5-2 David Roe (Eng)
Stephen Lee          5-2 Anthony Hamilton
Rod Lawler           5-3 Billy Snaddon (Scot)
Dave Finbow          5-2 Gary Ponting
Karl Broughton       5-3 Chris Small (Scot)

Second Round

Rod Lawler           5-3 Stephen Hendry (Scot)
Neal Foulds          5-2 Nigel Bond
John Higgins (Scot)  5-2 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Dave Harold          5-4 Drew Henry (Scot)
Tony Drago (Malta)   5-2 Mark Rowing
David Roe            5-2 Gary Wilkinson
Billy Snaddon (Scot) 5-1 Joe Swail (N Ire)
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-2 Fergal O'Brien (Ire)
Jason Ferguson       5-3 Michael Judge (Ire)
Anthony Hamilton     5-4 Joe Johnson
Stephen Lee          5-0 Dennis Taylor (N Ire)
Dave Finbow          5-3 Mark King
Nick Pearce          5-2 Jason Prince (N Ire)
Karl Broughton       5-4 Wayne Jones (Wales)
Chris Small (Scot)   5-4 David McLellan (Scot)
Gary Ponting         5-3 Marcus Campbell (Scot)

The shock of the day is that world No.1 Stephen Hendry is beaten 5-3 by Rod Lawler.
Regal Welsh Open champion Mark J Williams is ousted by John Higgins.

First Round

Stephen Hendry (Scot)   5-1 Brian Rowswell
Jason Prince (N Ire)    5-3 Steve Davis
Fergal O'Brien (Ire)    5-3 Ronnie O'Sulivan
Stephen Lee             5-4 John Parrott
Michael Judge (Ire)     5-3 James Wattana (Thai)
Chris Small (Scot)      5-4 Alan McManus (Scot)
Dave Finbow             5-1 Jimmy White
Karl Broughton          5-3 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Gary Ponting            5-2 Ken Doherty (Ire)
Joe Johnson             5-4 Peter Ebdon
John Higgins (Scot)     5-0 Graeme Dott (Scot)
Nigel Bond              5-1 Karl Payne
Dave Harold             5-2 Mark Davis
Tony Drago (Malta)      5-2 Terry Murphy (N Ire)
Billy Snaddon (Scot)    5-3 Terry Griffiths (Wales)
David Roe               5-2 Jimmy Chambers
Drew Henry (Scot)       5-4 Andy Hicks
Mark J Williams (Wales) 5-2 Dene O'Kane (Nzl)
Joe Swail (N Ire)       5-2 Barry Pinches
Alain Robidoux (Can)    5-1 Mike Hallett
Nick Pearce             5-4 Mick Price
Rod Lawler              5-0 Martin Clark
Gary Wilkinson          5-3 Paul Wykes
Mark Rowing             5-4 Tony Knowles
Wayne Jones (Wales)     5-4 Willie Thorne
David McLellan (Scot)   5-3 Steve James
Marcus Campbell (Scot)  5-3 Brian Morgan
Neal Foulds             5-1 Pat Horne
Jason Ferguson          5-2 Stefan Mazrocis
Mark King               5-0 Dean Reynolds
Anthony Hamilton        5-2 Mark Bennett (Wales)
Dennis Taylor (N Ire)   5-3 Tony Jones

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1995 Sweater Shop International Open

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