Mark J Williams, MBE (Wales)

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Basic Facts

Born March 21, 1975
Lives Cwm, Gwent, Wales
Nickname "Sprog"
Turned pro 1992
Highest pro break 147 (two times: 2005 Embassy World Championship and 2010 Euro Players Tour Championship Event Three)
Highest ranked 1 (2000-2001, 2003, 2011)
Current ranking (end of 2021/2022) 7
World Championship best Winner three times (2000 and 2003, 2018)
Best major ranking event performance Winner of 26 tournaments: Regal Welsh 1996, 1999; Grand Prix 1996; British Open 1997, 2021, 2023; Irish Open 1998; Thailand Masters 1999, 2000, 2002; UK Championship 1999, 2002; World Championship 2000, 2003, 2018; Grand Prix 2000; China Open 2002, 2006, 2010; LG Cup 2003; German Masters 2011, 2018; Northern Ireland Open 2017; World Open 2018; WST Pro Series 2018; Tour Championship 2024
Minor ranking event wins 2010 Star Xing Pai Players Tour Championship Event One, 2013 Euro Tour Two
Major invitation tournament victories: Benson & Hedges Masters 1998, 2003; Seniors World Championship 2015; 6 Red World Championship 2017
Speciality Potting

Mark J Williams broke into the snooker elite in the 1995/96 season. In that year he won his first major tournament, the 1996 Welsh Open. In 1998 he won the Benson & Hedges Masters by beating Stephen Hendry on a respotted black in the final.

In the 1998/99 season he won three ranking tournaments; the 1998 Irish Open, the 1999 Welsh Open and the 1999 Thailand Masters. This makes him only the fourth player in history to win three ranking titles in one season. Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and John Higgins are the other three players to have managed this feat.

In 2000 he finally became world champion by beating long-time friend and rival, Matthew Stevens 18-16 in the final after being behind the entire match. In 2003 and 2018 he won it again.

Another important title was the 1999 Liverpool Victoria UK Championship.

He also won the very first Players Tour Championship event in 2010. He later added the 2013 Euro Tour 2.

Previously he has also won the 1994 Benson & Hedges Championship.

Until going down 9-7 to Fergal O'Brien in the 2003 Travis Perkins UK Championship Mark Williams won his first match in 48 straight ranking tournaments!

Mark J Williams made four centuries against Stephen Lee in the first round of the 2011 Bank of Beijing China Open, and still lost 5-4.

Williams shares the record for most tons by one player in a tournament. He made 16 centuries during the 2022 World Championship.

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Results in Ranking Events (94/95 - 01/02)

See Williams' profile in the Score Centre for results from 2010/2011 and onwards.

Color guide:
won the event lost his opening match

Dubai   Qual.   3-5   Mark King
Grand Prix   1R   1-5   Dean Reynolds
UK   3R   8-9   John Parrott
European   Qual.   3-5   Terry Murphy
Welsh   3R   3-5   Steve Davis
International   2R   1-5   Mark Johnston-Allen
Thailand   1R   4-5   Stephen Hendry
British   1R   2-5   Nigel Bond
World   Qual.   3-10   Mark Davis


Thailand Classic   Qual.   1-5   Martin Dziewialtowski
Grand Prix   1R   1-5   Nigel Bond
UK   QF   6-9   John Higgins
German   1R   1-5   Alan McManus
Welsh   W   9-3   John Parrott
International   2R   2-5   John Higgins
European   1R   4-5   Terry Griffiths
Thailand Open   Qual.   3-5   Jamie Burnett
British   QF   3-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
World   Qual.   8-10   Jamie Burnett


Asian Classic   2R   1-5   Peter Ebdon
Grand Prix   W   9-5   Euan Henderson
UK   QF   6-9   John Higgins
German   QF   1-5   John Higgins
Welsh   SF   5-6   Mark King
International   3R   4-5   Peter Ebdon
European   1R   3-5   Andy Hicks
Thailand   2R   1-5   Quinten Hann
British   W   9-2   Stephen Hendry
World   2R   8-13   Stephen Hendry


Grand Prix   3R   4-5   Matthew Stevens
UK   4R   1-9   Matthew Stevens
German   Qual.   3-5   Quinten Hann
Welsh   2R   3-5   Nick Walker
Scottish   2R   3-5   Peter Lines
Thailand   QF   4-5   Stephen Hendry
British   SF   4-6   John Higgins
World   SF   14-17   Ken Doherty


Grand Prix   2R   4-5   Darren Morgan
UK   3R   4-9   Dave Harold
Irish   W   9-4   Alan McManus
Welsh   W   9-8   Stephen Hendry
Scottish   QF   0-5   Ken Doherty
Thailand   W   9-7   Alan McManus
China   2R   2-5   Paul Davies
British   3R   4-5   Anthony Hamilton
World   RU   11-18   Stephen Hendry


British   5R   2-5   Steve Davis
Grand Prix   RU   8-9   John Higgins
UK   W   10-8    Matthew Stevens
China   QF   4-5   Stephen Lee
Welsh   3R   4-5   Matthew Stevens
Malta   RU   3-9   Ken Doherty
Thailand   W   9-5   Stephen Hendry
Scottish   RU   1-9   Ronnie O'Sullivan
World   W   18-16   Matthew Stevens


British   3R   3-5   Mark King
GP   W   9-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
UK   RU   4-10   John Higgins
China   RU   3-9   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Welsh   SF   3-6   Ken Doherty
Thailand   2R   4-5   John Parrott
Scottish   3R   2-5   Peter Ebdon
World   2R   12-13   Joe Swail


British   3R   2-5   Allister Carter
LG Cup   QF   2-5   Stephen Hendry
European   SF   2-6   Joe Perry
UK   SF   6-9   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Welsh   2R   1-5   Graeme Dott
China   W   9-8   Anthony Hamilton
Thailand   W   9-4   Stephen Lee
Scottish   3R   3-5   Jimy White
World   R2   9-13   Anthony Hamilton

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