Jimmy White, MBE (England)

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Basic Facts

Born May 2, 1962
Lives Oxshott, Surrey, England
Nickname "Whirlwind"
Turned pro 1980
Twitter @jimmywhite147
Highest pro break 147 (1992 World Championship)
Highest ranked 2 (1987-88)
Current ranking (end 2021/2022) 116
World Championship best Runner-up six times (1984, 1990-94)
Best ranking event performance Winner of 10 tournaments: Mercantile Credit Classic 1986, 1991; Grand Prix 1986, 1992; British Open 1987, 1992; BCE Canadian Masters 1988; European Open 1992; UK Championship 1992; Players Championship 2004
Major invitation tournament victories: Scottish Masters 1981; Benson & Hedges Masters 1984; Benson & Hedges Irish Masters 1985, 1986; World Matchplay Championship 1984, 1989, 1990; Mita World Masters 1991
Speciality Cue power, rest shots

Jimmy has won a total of 30 professional titles. In addition to his wins, he's also been runner-up six times in the World Championship.

As an amateur he won the 1979 English Amateur Championship and the 1980 World Amateur Championship.

In 1986 Jimmy won the Pot Black tournament.

After 12 years without a ranking title Jimmy White won the 2004 Daily Record Players Championship.

In 2010 he won the Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship.


Jimmy is the "People's Champion". He is the most popular of all the players because of his great natural talent, his flamboyant style and his great sportsmanship.

Often he is referred to as "the best player to never have won the World Championship." Six times he has lost in the final. Stephen Hendry has been his conqueror in four of those. His career record against the Scot is 13-27 (?). Hendry had won their last 14 encounters before he was dumped 10-4 in the first round of the 1998 World Championship.

His career record against John Parrott is 13-18 (?).

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Results in Ranking Events (94/95 - 01/02)

See White's profile in the Score Centre for results from 2010/2011 and onwards.

Color guide:
won the event lost his opening match

Dubai:   2R   1-5   Nigel Bond
Grand Prix:   2R   2-5   Euan Henderson
UK:   2R   3-9   Jason Ferguson
European:   1R   scr.   Yvan van Velthoven
Welsh:   2R   4-5   Mick Price
International:   SF   4-6   Steve Davis
Thailand:   1R   2-5   Mark Johnston-Allen
British:   3R   2-5   Mick Price
World:   SF   12-16   Stephen Hendry


Thailand Classic:   2R   3-5   Joe Swail
Grand Prix:   QF   2-5   John Higgins
UK:   3R   6-9   John Higgins
German:   1R   3-5   Steve James
Welsh:   2R   4-5   Chris Small
International:   1R   1-5   Dave Finbow
European:   1R   2-5   Steve James
Thailand Open:   2R   3-5   Peter Ebdon
British:   2R   3-5   Fergal O'Brien
World:   2R   12-13   Peter Ebdon


Asian Classic:   1R   3-5   Brian Morgan
Grand Prix:   1R   1-5   Tony Jones
UK:   1R   7-9   Tai Pichit
German:   Qual.   1-5   Mark Davis
Welsh:   1R   3-5   Dylan Leary
International:   QF   2-5   Stephen Hendry
European:   2R   3-5   John Higgins
Thailand:   2R   2-5   Stephen Hendry
British:   1R   3-5   Dominic Dale
World:   1R   9-10   Anthony Hamilton


Grand Prix:   SF   2-6   Dominic Dale
UK:   3R   3-9   Alan McManus
German:   1R   2-5   Stephen Hendry
Welsh:   3R   4-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Scottish:   4R   3-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Thailand:   1R   2-5   Stephen Hendry
British:   2R   4-5   Mark Gray
World:   QF   7-13   Ronnie O'Sullivan


Grand Prix:   1R   4-5   Shokat Ali
UK:   3R   2-9   Paul Hunter
Irish:   1R   4-5   Peter Ebdon
Welsh   2R   2-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Scottish   2R   2-5   Peter Ebdon
Thailand   Qual.   3-5   Hugh Abernethy
China   Qual.   2-5   Jonathan Birch
British   2R   4-5   John Parrott
World   1R   7-10   Alan McManus


British   3R   0-5   Nick Walker
Grand Prix   4R   3-5   James Wattana
UK   5R   8-9   Mark J Williams
China   Qual   3-5   Wayne Brown
Welsh   SF   5-6   Stephen Lee
Malta   2R   1-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Thailand   1R   3-5   Billy Snaddon
Scottish   3R   4-5   Marcus Campbell
World   QF   7-13   Matthew Stevens


British   RU   6-9   Peter Ebdon
GP   SF   2-6   Mark J Williams
UK   5R   6-9   Nick Dyson
China   2R   1-5   Stephen Lee
Welsh   Qual   3-5   Noppadon Noppachorn
Thailand   1R   1-5   Ken Doherty
Scottish   1R   3-5   Stephen Maguire
World   Qual   7-10   Michael Judge


British   2R   2-5   Andy Hicks
LG Cup   2R   3-5   Drew Henry
European   QF   3-5   Joe Perry
UK   3R   7-9   Matthew Stevens
Welsh   2R   1-5   Stephen Hendry
China   2R   1-5   Ronnie O'Sullivan
Thailand   2R   2-5   Matthew Stevens
Scottish   QF   2-5   Stephen Lee
World   2R   3-13   Matthew Stevens

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