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Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 5-7 Nov 2010; Venue: Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, England; Type: Seniors Event; Notes: See also results (15)
Final Pencil
England Jimmy White 4-1 England Steve Davis    Pencil
Semifinals Pencil
England Steve Davis 3-1 England Nigel Bond Head to head  Pencil
England Jimmy White 3-2 England John Parrott (a)    Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
England Nigel Bond 2-0 Ireland Ken Doherty Head to head  Pencil
England Steve Davis 2-0 England Joe Johnson (a)    Pencil
England John Parrott (a) 2-0 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a)    Pencil
England Jimmy White 2-0 Canada Cliff Thorburn (a)    Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
1 England Nigel Bond 2-0 England Peter Ebdon Head to head  Pencil

World Seniors Championship Qualifiers Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 29-30 May 2010; Venue: Cue Garden, Bradford, England; View on separate page; Notes: See also results (7)
Qual Round 3 Pencil
1 England Nigel Bond 4-3 England Peter Lines Head to head  Pencil
Qual Round 2 Pencil
1 England Peter Lines 3-0 Malta Tony Drago Head to head  Pencil
2 England Nigel Bond 3-2 Northern Ireland Joe Swail Head to head  Pencil
Qual Round 1 Pencil
1 Malta Tony Drago 2-0 England Tony Knowles (a)    Pencil
2 England Peter Lines 2-0 England Mike Hallett (a)    Pencil
3 Northern Ireland Joe Swail 2-0 England David Taylor (a)    Pencil
4 England Nigel Bond 2-0 England Dave Harold Head to head  Pencil