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Women's 6 Red World Championship Pencil

Date: 14 Apr 2019; Venue: Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, England; Type: Ladies Ranking; Defending champion: Reanne Evans (af); Twitter: @WomensSnooker; Notes: See also live scores (1) and results (31)
Final Pencil
England Reanne Evans (af) 4-1 Thailand N Wongharuthai (af) Head to head  Pencil

34-11, 34-14, 29-20, 31-37, 37-31

Semifinals Pencil
England Reanne Evans (af) 3-0 Thailand S Nuanthakhamjan (af) Head to head  Pencil

30-2, 33-16, 48-0

Thailand N Wongharuthai (af) 3-1 England Rebecca Kenna (af) Head to head  Pencil

12-50 (50), 40-7, 43-32, 38-12

Quarterfinals Pencil
England Reanne Evans (af) 3-0 England Stephanie Daughtery (af) Head to head  Pencil
Thailand S Nuanthakhamjan (af) 3-2 England Maria Catalano (af)    Pencil
England Rebecca Kenna (af) 3-0 England Suzie Opacic (af) Head to head  Pencil
Thailand N Wongharuthai (af) 3-2 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) Head to head  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 16)
1 England Reanne Evans (af) 3-0 Hong Kong So Man Yan (af) Head to head  Pencil
2 England Stephanie Daughtery (af) 3-2 England Shannon Metcalf (af) Head to head  Pencil
3 Thailand S Nuanthakhamjan (af) 3-0 England Maureen Rowland (af)    Pencil
4 England Maria Catalano (af) 3-1 China Chunxia Shi (af) Head to head  Pencil
5 England Rebecca Kenna (af) 3-0 Ireland Ronda Sheldreck (af) Head to head  Pencil
6 England Suzie Opacic (af) 3-2 China Zhuqing Bi (af)    Pencil
7 Thailand N Wongharuthai (af) 3-0 England Jackie Ellis (af) Head to head  Pencil
8 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) 3-0 Thailand W Sukritthanes (af) Head to head  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 32)
1 England Reanne Evans (af) 3-0 Hong Kong Yee Ting Cheung (af) Head to head  Pencil
2 Hong Kong So Man Yan (af) 3-0 England Jan Hughes (af)    Pencil
3 England Stephanie Daughtery (af) 3-0 England Connie Stephens (af)    Pencil
4 England Shannon Metcalf (af) 3-1 England Emma Parker (af)    Pencil
5 Thailand S Nuanthakhamjan (af) 3-2 Wales Laura Evans (af) Head to head  Pencil
6 England Maureen Rowland (af) 3-0 Germany Dorothee Rapp (af)    Pencil
7 China Chunxia Shi (af) 3-0 England Michelle Baker (af)    Pencil
8 England Maria Catalano (af) 3-0 Thailand P Laokiatphong (af)    Pencil
9 England Rebecca Kenna (af) 3-0 England Jane O'Neill (af)    Pencil
10 Ireland Ronda Sheldreck (af) 3-2 England Zoe Killington (af)    Pencil
11 China Zhuqing Bi (af) 3-1 Hong Kong Jaique Ip Wan In (af)    Pencil
12 England Suzie Opacic (af) 3-2 England Claire Edginton (af) Head to head  Pencil
13 Thailand N Wongharuthai (af) 3-0 England Jenny Poulter (af)    Pencil
14 England Jackie Ellis (af) w/o England Elizabeth Black (af) Head to head  Pencil
15 Thailand W Sukritthanes (af) 3-1 England Fran Calvert (af)    Pencil
16 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) 3-0 Romania Corina Maracine (af)    Pencil

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