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Haining Open Pencil

Tour: Other; Date: 22-26 Oct 2019; Venue: Haining Sports Centre, Haining, China; Type: Invitational; Notes: See also results (112)
Final Pencil
Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 5-3 China Li Hang    Pencil
Semifinals Pencil
Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-2 England Mark Selby Head to head  Pencil
China Li Hang 4-2 Brazil Igor Figueiredo    Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
England Mark Selby 4-0 England Barry Hawkins Head to head  Pencil
Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-1 China Chang Bingyu    Pencil
Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-3 China Luo Honghao Head to head  Pencil
China Li Hang 4-0 England Ricky Walden Head to head  Pencil
Round 4 Pencil
(Last 16)
1 England Mark Selby 4-3 China Zhou Yuelong Head to head  Pencil
2 England Barry Hawkins 4-2 China Pang Junxu (a) Head to head  Pencil
3 China Chang Bingyu 4-2 Cyprus Michael Georgiou Head to head  Pencil
4 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-0 China Zhao Jianbo (a)    Pencil
5 China Luo Honghao 4-0 China Zhang Anda    Pencil
6 Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-1 England Mark King Head to head  Pencil
7 England Ricky Walden 4-3 China Lu Ning Head to head  Pencil
8 China Li Hang 4-2 England Stuart Bingham Head to head  Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
(Last 32)
1 China Zhou Yuelong 4-3 China Zhao Xintong Head to head  Pencil
2 England Mark Selby 4-1 China Liang Xiaolong (a)    Pencil
3 England Barry Hawkins 4-1 China Zhang Yong (a) Head to head  Pencil
4 China Pang Junxu (a) 4-0 Wales Jackson Page    Pencil
5 Cyprus Michael Georgiou 4-2 China Mei Xiwen Head to head  Pencil
6 China Chang Bingyu 4-2 England Jimmy Robertson Head to head  Pencil
7 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-3 China Yao Pengcheng (a)    Pencil
8 China Zhao Jianbo (a) 4-3 England Craig Steadman    Pencil
9 China Zhang Anda 4-1 China Li Jianbing (a)    Pencil
10 China Luo Honghao 4-3 England Mark Davis Head to head  Pencil
11 England Mark King 4-2 China Chen Ruifu (a)    Pencil
12 Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-3 England Michael Holt Head to head  Pencil
13 China Lu Ning 4-1 China Li Yingdong (a)    Pencil
14 England Ricky Walden 4-0 China Yang Jiaxin (a)    Pencil
15 England Stuart Bingham 4-0 China Li Ting (a)    Pencil
16 China Li Hang 4-1 China Si Jiahui Head to head  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 64)
1 China Zhou Yuelong 4-1 China Liu Yiqi (a)    Pencil
2 China Zhao Xintong 4-0 China Qiu Yalong (a)    Pencil
3 England Mark Selby 4-1 China Liu Hongyu (a)    Pencil
4 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-3 China Wu Yize (a)    Pencil
5 China Zhang Yong (a) 4-1 China Bai Yulu (a)    Pencil
6 England Barry Hawkins 4-0 China Wu Jialiang (a)    Pencil
7 Wales Jackson Page 4-1 China Zhang Jiankang    Pencil
8 China Pang Junxu (a) 4-0 China Xiao Feng (a)    Pencil
9 China Mei Xiwen 4-1 China Paruke Aierken (a)    Pencil
10 Cyprus Michael Georgiou 4-0 China Zhang Kai (a)    Pencil
11 England Jimmy Robertson 4-1 China Jin Long (a) Head to head  Pencil
12 China Chang Bingyu 4-0 China Deng Haohui (a)    Pencil
13 China Yao Pengcheng (a) 4-2 China Bo Junjie (a)    Pencil
14 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-0 China Su Mingzhi (a)    Pencil
15 England Craig Steadman 4-1 China Xie Jintao (a)    Pencil
16 China Zhao Jianbo (a) 4-1 China Song Yang (a)    Pencil
17 China Zhang Anda 4-3 England Billy Joe Castle    Pencil
18 China Li Jianbing (a) 4-3 China Geng Mingqi (a)    Pencil
19 England Mark Davis 4-1 China Liu Jiaming (a)    Pencil
20 China Luo Honghao 4-2 China Zhong Lin (a)    Pencil
21 China Chen Ruifu (a) 4-2 China Huang Zhong (a)    Pencil
22 England Mark King 4-2 China Li Li (a)    Pencil
23 England Michael Holt 4-3 China Jiang Jun (a)    Pencil
24 Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-2 China Ju Reti (a)    Pencil
25 China Li Yingdong (a) 4-0 China Chen Gang (a)    Pencil
26 China Lu Ning 4-1 China Chen Xiaolong (a)    Pencil
27 England Ricky Walden 4-3 China Xu Si Head to head  Pencil
28 China Yang Jiaxin (a) 4-3 China Zhang Yang (a)    Pencil
29 China Li Ting (a) 4-3 China Luo Zehao (a)    Pencil
30 England Stuart Bingham 4-1 China Ma Chunmao (a)    Pencil
31 China Si Jiahui 4-1 China Feng Yu (a)    Pencil
32 China Li Hang 4-2 China Gao Yang (a)    Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 81)
1 China Liu Yiqi (a) 4-0 China Ma Hailong (a)    Pencil
2 China Qiu Yalong (a) 4-3 China Ren Jiaxing (a)    Pencil
3 China Zhao Xintong 4-0 China Ma Yongkun (a)    Pencil
4 England Mark Selby 4-0 China Long Zehuang (a)    Pencil
5 China Liu Hongyu (a) 4-1 China Zhang Zhijie (a)    Pencil
6 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-2 China Shen Jianming (a)    Pencil
7 China Wu Yize (a) 4-0 China Yin Xiaowei (a)    Pencil
8 China Bai Yulu (a) 4-1 China Shi Fangmin (a)    Pencil
9 China Wu Jialiang (a) 4-2 China Tian Wenshun (a)    Pencil
10 England Barry Hawkins 4-1 China Tang Jun (a)    Pencil
11 Wales Jackson Page 4-0 China Xu Yuan (a)    Pencil
12 China Zhang Jiankang 4-1 China Peng Yisong (a)    Pencil
13 China Xiao Feng (a) 4-1 China Xie Xiang (a)    Pencil
14 China Deng Jinhong (a) 1-4 China Paruke Aierken (a)    Pencil
15 China Zhang Kai (a) 4-1 China Rouzi Maimaiti (a)    Pencil
16 Cyprus Michael Georgiou 4-1 Singapore Kingsley Ang (a)    Pencil
17 England Jimmy Robertson 4-0 China Xing Zihao (a)    Pencil
18 China Jin Long (a) 4-1 China Tian Chunming (a)    Pencil
19 China Deng Haohui (a) 4-0 China Cai Jianzhong (a)    Pencil
20 China Yao Pengcheng (a) 4-1 China Ma Susu (a)    Pencil
21 China Su Mingzhi (a) 4-1 China Mu Guejie (a)    Pencil
22 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-0 China Tong Zhaoqing (a)    Pencil
23 England Craig Steadman 4-2 China Lei Zhen (a)    Pencil
24 China Xie Jintao (a) 4-0 China Ren Jun (a)    Pencil
25 China Song Yang (a) 4-1 China Gong Chenzhi (a)    Pencil
26 England Billy Joe Castle 4-2 China Dan Xianshu (a)    Pencil
27 China Li Jianbing (a) 4-1 China Chen Qiyu (a)    Pencil
28 China Geng Mingqi (a) 4-3 Northern Ireland Jordan Brown    Pencil
29 England Mark Davis 4-3 China Fang Xiongman (a)    Pencil
30 China Liu Jiaming (a) 4-0 China Zhou Jun (a)    Pencil
31 China Zhong Lin (a) 4-2 China Zhao Hanyang (a)    Pencil
32 China Chen Ruifu (a) 4-2 China Wang Zepeng (a)    Pencil
33 China Li Li (a) 4-0 England Barrie Vesty (a)    Pencil
34 England Mark King 4-1 China Huang Jiahao (a)    Pencil
35 England Michael Holt 4-1 China Yang Zhongjie (a)    Pencil
36 China Jiang Jun (a) 4-3 China Wang Peng (a)    Pencil
37 Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-2 China Deng Fuyi (a)    Pencil
38 China Chen Gang (a) 4-0 China Qin Jianfeng (a)    Pencil
39 China Chen Xiaolong (a) 4-3 China Huang Hao (a)    Pencil
40 China Lu Ning 4-0 China Qi Guoxiao (a)    Pencil
41 England Ricky Walden 4-1 China Guo Jiajun (a)    Pencil
42 China Xu Si 4-1 China Wu Junchi (a)    Pencil
43 China Yang Jiaxin (a) 4-3 China Wu Jing (a)    Pencil
44 China Li Ting (a) 4-2 China Yuan Wenbing (a)    Pencil
45 China Ma Chunmao (a) 4-0 China Tao Guanyun (a)    Pencil
46 England Stuart Bingham 4-0 China Li Yan (a) Head to head  Pencil
47 China Feng Yu (a) 4-3 England Elliot Slessor    Pencil
48 China Si Jiahui 4-0 China Tu Xuan (a)    Pencil
49 China Gao Yang (a) 4-1 China Li Zhen (a)    Pencil