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Matches (97) from Q School 1 Asia & Oceania ordered chronologically (). See also results (97).

Q School 1 Asia & Oceania (22-27 May 2024)
Final Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-2 Iran Ali Gharahgozlou (a)   Details 

92-0 (92), 109-16 (66), 120-1 (81), 63-68 (50 AS)
17-76, 64-32

Sunny Akani earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026.

Final Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-3 China Gao Yang (a)   Details 

31-67 (61), 81-53, 94-12 (94), 0-78 (68)
73-46 (50), 0-74 (74), 100-33

Lim Kok Leong earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026.

Rd 5 Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-2 China Lan Yuhao (a)   Details 
Rd 5 Iran Ali Gharahgozlou (a) 4-1 China Liu Yang (a)   Details 
Rd 5 Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-1 China Liang Xiaolong (a)   Details 
Rd 5 China Gao Yang (a) 4-0 Iran Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (a)   Details 
Rd 4 China Liu Yang (a) 4-2 Pakistan Muhammad Siddiqui (a)   Details 
Rd 4 Iran Ali Gharahgozlou (a) 4-0 Iran Amin Sanjaei (a) Head to head Details 
Rd 4 Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-0 India Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan (a)   Details 
Rd 4 China Lan Yuhao (a) 4-0 China Luo Zetao (a)   Details 
Rd 4 Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-2 Hong Kong Fung Kwok Wai (a)   Details 
Rd 4 Iran Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (a) 4-1 Thailand Putthakarn Kimsuk (a)   Details 
Rd 4 China Gao Yang (a) 4-1 China Luo Honghao (a)   Details 
Rd 4 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-0 Hong Kong Wan Sin Man Nansen (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Liu Yang (a) 4-3 China Li Chengjie (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Pakistan Muhammad Siddiqui (a) 4-3 Thailand Chatchapong Nasa (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Iran Amin Sanjaei (a) 4-3 India Digvijay Kadian (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Iran Ali Gharahgozlou (a) 4-2 Thailand Passakorn Sittikrai (a)   Details 
Rd 3 India Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan (a) 4-3 India Dhruv Jatan Patel (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Lan Yuhao (a) 4-1 Qatar Ali Al Obaidly (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-1 India Subrat Das (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Hong Kong Fung Kwok Wai (a) 4-2 China Liu Wenwei (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Luo Zetao (a) 4-0 China Zhang Zhijie (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Iran Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (a) 4-2 Singapore Ong Jia Jun Jaden (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Luo Honghao (a) 4-1 Thailand Jongrak Boonrod (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-1 Pakistan Qadeer Abbas Bhatti (a)   Details 

Liang's 144 in the final frame is the highest break of the event.

Rd 3 Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-1 Hong Kong Chau Hon Man (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Thailand Putthakarn Kimsuk (a) 4-2 China Ren Jiaxing (a)   Details 
Rd 3 Hong Kong Wan Sin Man Nansen (a) 4-0 Iran Morteza Torabi (a)   Details 
Rd 3 China Gao Yang (a) 4-1 China Zhou Jinhao (a)   Details 
Rd 2 India Digvijay Kadian (a) w/o Pakistan Mubashir Raza (a) Head to head Details 
Rd 2 Iran Amin Sanjaei (a) 4-3 Iran Shahin Khorami Del (a)   Details 
Rd 2 India Dhruv Jatan Patel (a) 4-3 Pakistan Umer Naeem Memon (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Pakistan Muhammad Siddiqui (a) 4-2 India Abhishek Bajaj (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Thailand Chatchapong Nasa (a) 4-3 Thailand Ritthichai Chimphanang (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Li Chengjie (a) 4-0 China Cao Zeyi (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Liu Yang (a) 4-0 India Hrithik Jain (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Qatar Ali Al Obaidly (a) 4-2 Iran Mohammadreza Pishvari (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Iran Ali Gharahgozlou (a) 4-1 Thailand Prin Ratmukda (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Thailand Passakorn Sittikrai (a) 4-3 Pakistan Hamza Akbar (a)   Details 
Rd 2 India Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan (a) 4-2 Pakistan Haris Tahir (a)   Details 
Rd 2 India Subrat Das (a) 4-3 Pakistan Hassan Gull (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-0 China Chen Xiaolong (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Zhang Zhijie (a) 4-2 Pakistan Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Liu Wenwei (a) 4-2 Pakistan Rana Irfan Aslam (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Hong Kong Chau Hon Man (a) 4-2 China Deng Haohui (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Lan Yuhao (a) 4-2 Thailand Nattanapong Chaikul (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Hong Kong Fung Kwok Wai (a) 4-0 India Vinay Swaminathan (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Iran Morteza Torabi (a) 4-1 Iran Arman Madanighafarokhi (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Luo Zetao (a) 4-0 Thailand Nipitpon Manamuti (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-3 Nepal Saroj Gautam (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Pakistan Qadeer Abbas Bhatti (a) 4-1 China Zhang Yang (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Hong Kong Wan Sin Man Nansen (a) 4-2 China Feng Yu (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-0 Thailand Narongdat Takantong (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Singapore Ong Jia Jun Jaden (a) 4-2 Iran Mohammad Ali Moghadam (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Luo Honghao (a) 4-0 Hong Kong Wallace Wong (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Thailand Putthakarn Kimsuk (a) 4-2 Pakistan Muhammad Umar Khan (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Thailand Jongrak Boonrod (a) 4-1 China Deng Jinhong (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Ren Jiaxing (a) 4-2 India Himanshu Jain   Details 
Rd 2 China Gao Yang (a) 4-2 China Chen Qiyu (a)   Details 
Rd 2 Iran Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (a) 4-1 Thailand Sumongkhon Khamphul (a)   Details 
Rd 2 China Zhou Jinhao (a) 4-0 Thailand Pawaris Ngamkham (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Hrithik Jain (a) 4-3 Iran Hamed Zaredoost (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Abhishek Bajaj (a) 4-2 Pakistan Muhammad Azhar Khan (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Ritthichai Chimphanang (a) 4-1 Pakistan Aadil Hussain Narejo (a) Head to head Details 
Rd 1 Pakistan Muhammad Siddiqui (a) 4-0 India Angad Ghai (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Digvijay Kadian (a) 4-2 Nepal Ayush Gautam (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Prin Ratmukda (a) 4-2 India Anand Raghuvanshi (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Pakistan Hamza Akbar (a) 4-2 India Laxman Rawat (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Li Chengjie (a) 4-0 Thailand Patipaan Wonghun (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Iran Mohammadreza Pishvari (a) 4-2 China Pan Yiming (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Pakistan Haris Tahir (a) 4-1 China Dong Zihao (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan (a) 4-1 Pakistan Ian Mark John (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Iran Amin Sanjaei (a) 4-0 Iran Majid Gharehgozlou (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Zhang Zhijie (a) 4-3 Taiwan Lin Shu-Hung (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Sunny Akani (a) 4-3 Thailand Pongsakron Chongjairak (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Subrat Das (a) 4-2 Thailand Thitiphong Choolasak (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Dhruv Jatan Patel (a) 4-2 Thailand Boonpithak Lothong (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Nattanapong Chaikul (a) 4-1 China Luo Chenliang (a) Head to head Details 
Rd 1 China Luo Zetao (a) 4-0 Pakistan Hunain Hanif Memon (a)   Details 
Memon was docked one frame for arriving late
Rd 1 China Luo Honghao (a) 4-2 Pakistan Zulfiqar Abdul Qadir (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Vinay Swaminathan (a) 4-3 Pakistan Babar Masih (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Liu Wenwei (a) 4-1 Thailand Narinton Tasurin (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Pakistan Rana Irfan Aslam (a) 4-2 Thailand Pongsatorn Seemuen (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Hong Kong Chau Hon Man (a) 4-1 India Asutosh Padhy (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Iran Morteza Torabi (a) 4-3 Pakistan Sohail Shahzad (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Malaysia Lim Kok Leong (a) 4-1 Bangladesh Shuvo Biswas (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Liang Xiaolong (a) 4-3 Pakistan Farhan Noor (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Zhang Yang (a) 4-0 Thailand Vorawit Thongweang (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Feng Yu (a) 4-2 China Zhao Hanyang (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Pawaris Ngamkham (a) 4-3 India Danish Khan (a)   Details 
Rd 1 India Himanshu Jain 4-2 Thailand Wiphu Phuthisabodi (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Deng Jinhong (a) 4-3 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Thailand Putthakarn Kimsuk (a) 4-0 China Xian Ziheng (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Iran Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (a) 4-1 Thailand Lomnaw Issarangkun (a)   Details 
Rd 1 Singapore Ong Jia Jun Jaden (a) 4-1 Thailand Taweesap Kongkitchertchoo (a)   Details 
Rd 1 China Chen Qiyu (a) 4-1 Pakistan Muhammad Ahsan Javaid (a)   Details