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Qualifying School - Event Three Pencil

Date: 19-22 May 2013; Venue: World Snooker Academy, Sheffield, England; Type: Qualifying School; Twitter: #SnookerQSchool; Notes: See also results (104)
Quarterfinals Pencil
Ireland David Morris (a) 4-1 England Gareth Green (a)   Details  Pencil

Morris earns a spot on the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Main Tour.

England Lee Spick (a) 4-2 Wales Duane Jones (a)   Details  Pencil

Spick earns a spot on the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Main Tour.

England Chris Wakelin (a) 4-2 England Adam Wicheard (a)   Details  Pencil

Wakelin earns a spot on the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Main Tour.
Wicheard lost the sixth frame after his cue snapped in half.

Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-3 England Ashley Carty (a)   Details  Pencil

Patrick earns a spot on the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Main Tour.

Round 4 Pencil
1 England Gareth Green (a) 4-1 England Sydney Wilson (a)   Details  Pencil
2 Ireland David Morris (a) 4-2 England Antony Parsons (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Lee Spick (a) 4-3 England Darren Cook (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-0 England Phil O'Kane (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England Adam Wicheard (a) 4-1 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Chris Wakelin (a) 4-1 England Darren Bond (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-1 Ireland Josh Boileau (a)   Details  Pencil
8 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-3 Scotland Rhys Clark (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
1 England Gareth Green (a) 4-1 Wales Andrew Rogers (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-1 England Mitchell Travis (a)   Details  Pencil
3 Ireland David Morris (a) 4-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Antony Parsons (a) 4-1 Wales Gareth Allen (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England Lee Spick (a) 4-2 England Sanderson Lam (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Darren Cook (a) 4-3 England Oliver Lines (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-3 India Rahul Sachdev (a)   Details  Pencil
8 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-1 England Nick Jennings (a)   Details  Pencil
9 England Adam Wicheard (a) 4-1 India Varun Madan (a)   Details  Pencil
10 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-2 England Ryan Causton (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Chris Wakelin (a) 4-2 England Christopher Keogan (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England Darren Bond (a) 4-1 England Dylan Mitchell (a)   Details  Pencil
13 Ireland Josh Boileau (a) 4-0 England Reanne Evans (af)   Details  Pencil
14 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 England Zak Surety (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Scotland Rhys Clark (a) 4-0 England Saqib Nasir (a)   Details  Pencil
16 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-1 England Ben Harrison (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
1 Wales Andrew Rogers (a) 4-2 India Rajat Khaneja (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Gareth Green (a) 4-1 England Sam Harvey (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Mitchell Travis (a) 4-0 England George Marter (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
4 England Sydney Wilson (a) w/o England Elliot Slessor (a) Head to head   Pencil

Slessor qualified from Event One

5 Ireland David Morris (a) 4-2 Scotland Dylan Craig (a)   Details  Pencil
6 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-1 England Michael Tomlinson (a)   Details  Pencil
7 Wales Gareth Allen (a) 4-0 England John Beesley (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England Antony Parsons (a) 4-2 Wales Jack Bradford (a)   Details  Pencil
9 England Lee Spick (a) 4-0 England Darrell Whitworth (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Sanderson Lam (a) 4-3 England Sam Thistlewhite (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Oliver Lines (a) 4-0 England Craig Barber (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England Darren Cook (a) 4-3 England Jake Nicholson (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
13 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-3 Wales Ben Jones (a)   Details  Pencil
14 India Rahul Sachdev (a) 4-1 England Imran Puri (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-1 England Nico Elton (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Nick Jennings (a) 4-2 England Michael Georgiou (a)   Details  Pencil
17 India Varun Madan (a) 4-3 England Oliver Brown (a)   Details  Pencil
18 England Adam Wicheard (a) 4-0 England Joe Steele (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
19 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-1 England Jordan Church (a)   Details  Pencil
20 England Ryan Causton (a) w/o China Zhao Xintong (a)     Pencil

Zhao didn't receive a visa from UK Embassy.

21 England Christopher Keogan (a) 4-0 Ireland Kevin O'Leary (a)   Details  Pencil
22 England Chris Wakelin (a) 4-2 England Charlie Walters (a)   Details  Pencil
23 England Darren Bond (a) 4-2 England Sean Halligan (a)   Details  Pencil
24 England Dylan Mitchell (a) 4-2 England Joe O'Connor (a)   Details  Pencil
25 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-2 England Andy Marriott (a)   Details  Pencil
26 Ireland Josh Boileau (a) 4-0 Ireland Dessie Sheehan (a)   Details  Pencil
27 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-0 England Robert Valiant (a)   Details  Pencil
28 England Zak Surety (a) 4-1 Scotland Barry Lee (a)   Details  Pencil
29 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-1 England James Silverwood (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
30 Scotland Rhys Clark (a) 4-1 England Anthony Harris (a)   Details  Pencil
31 England Ben Harrison (a) w/o China Ma Tingpeng (a)     Pencil

Ma didn't receive a visa from UK Embassy.

32 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-0 England Michael Spooner (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
1 Wales Andrew Rogers (a) 4-0 Australia Simon Bevz (a)   Details  Pencil
2 India Rajat Khaneja (a) 4-2 England Ben Fortey (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Sam Harvey (a) 4-1 Wales Kishan Hirani (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Gareth Green (a) 4-0 England Steven Hallworth (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England George Marter (a) w/o No player     Pencil
6 England Mitchell Travis (a) 4-3 England Zack Richardson (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
7 England Elliot Slessor (a) w/o No player     Pencil
8 England Sydney Wilson (a) w/o England Ryan Clark (a)     Pencil

Clark qualified from Event Two

9 Ireland David Morris (a) w/o No player     Pencil
10 Scotland Dylan Craig (a) 4-3 England Mitchell Mann (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
11 England Michael Tomlinson (a) w/o No player     Pencil
12 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-1 India Lucky Vatnani (a)   Details  Pencil
13 Wales Gareth Allen (a) w/o No player     Pencil
14 England John Beesley (a) 4-0 England Scott Whiteley (a)   Details  Pencil
15 England Antony Parsons (a) w/o Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) Head to head   Pencil

Saif qualified from Event Two

16 Wales Jack Bradford (a) w/o England Alex Davies (a)     Pencil

Davies qualified from Event One

17 England Lee Spick (a) w/o No player     Pencil
18 England Darrell Whitworth (a) w/o England Hammad Miah (a)     Pencil

Miah qualified from Event One

19 England Sam Thistlewhite (a) 4-1 England Matthew Day (a)   Details  Pencil
20 England Sanderson Lam (a) w/o India David Singh (a)   Details  Pencil

David Singh didn't show up for the match.

21 England Craig Barber (a) w/o China Niu Zhuang (a)     Pencil

Niu didn't receive a visa from UK Embassy.

22 England Oliver Lines (a) 4-2 Wales Jamie Rhys Clarke (a)   Details  Pencil
23 England Darren Cook (a) w/o No player     Pencil
24 England Jake Nicholson (a) 4-3 England Shane Castle (a)   Details  Pencil
25 Wales Ben Jones (a) w/o No player     Pencil
26 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-2 Qatar Mohsen Bukshaisha (a)   Details  Pencil
27 England Imran Puri (a) w/o No player     Pencil
28 India Rahul Sachdev (a) 4-2 Northern Ireland Raymond Fry (a)   Details  Pencil
29 England Nico Elton (a) w/o No player     Pencil
30 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-1 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a)   Details  Pencil
31 England Nick Jennings (a) 4-1 England Justin Astley (a)   Details  Pencil
32 England Michael Georgiou (a) 4-0 England Adam Edge (a)   Details  Pencil
33 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-0 England Robert Tickner (a)   Details  Pencil
34 India Varun Madan (a) 4-2 Australia Marc Robertson (a)   Details  Pencil
35 England Adam Wicheard (a) w/o No player     Pencil
36 England Joe Steele (a) 4-0 England David Gray (a)   Details  Pencil
37 England Jordan Church (a) 4-0 England Sachin Plaha (a)   Details  Pencil
38 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-2 Wales Jimmy Carney (a)   Details  Pencil
39 China Zhao Xintong (a) w/o Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher (a) Head to head   Pencil

Ursenbacher qualified from Event Two

40 England Ryan Causton (a) 4-1 England Ian Brumby (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
41 Ireland Kevin O'Leary (a) w/o No player     Pencil
42 England Christopher Keogan (a) w/o England Paul Wykes (a)     Pencil
43 England Chris Wakelin (a) w/o No player     Pencil
44 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-2 India Khizar Raoof (a)   Details  Pencil
45 England Sean Halligan (a) w/o No player     Pencil
46 England Darren Bond (a) w/o England Lee Page (a)     Pencil

Page qualified from Event One

47 England Joe O'Connor (a) w/o No player     Pencil
48 England Dylan Mitchell (a) 4-3 England Joe Roberts (a)   Details  Pencil
49 England Andy Marriott (a) w/o No player     Pencil
50 England Reanne Evans (af) w/o Northern Ireland Julian Logue (a)     Pencil
51 Ireland Dessie Sheehan (a) w/o No player     Pencil
52 Ireland Josh Boileau (a) 4-2 England Lewis Frampton (a)   Details  Pencil
53 England Robert Valiant (a) 4-0 England Ray Grall (a)   Details  Pencil
54 England Ashley Carty (a) w/o Scotland Ross Muir (a)     Pencil

Muir qualified from Event Two

55 England Zak Surety (a) w/o No player     Pencil
56 Scotland Barry Lee (a) 4-1 England James Burrett (a)   Details  Pencil
57 England James Silverwood (a) 4-1 Germany Phil Barnes (a)   Details  Pencil
58 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-2 Scotland Ross Higgins (a)   Details  Pencil
59 Scotland Rhys Clark (a) 4-0 England Jeff Cundy (a)   Details  Pencil
60 England Anthony Harris (a) 4-0 England Stephen Groves (a)   Details  Pencil
61 China Ma Tingpeng (a) w/o No player     Pencil
62 England Ben Harrison (a) 4-1 Scotland Michael Collumb (a)   Details  Pencil
63 England Michael Spooner (a) w/o No player     Pencil
64 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-0 England Shane Haines (a)   Details  Pencil

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