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Ahmed Saif

Nationality: Qatar (Qatar); Male; Born: 1 Jan 1983 (39 years)
Status: Amateur; First season as pro: 2013; Last season as pro: 2014;
Euro Tour: n/a; Asian Tour: n/a
Other sources: CueTracker
Q School 3 (19-22 May 2013) Pencil
Rd 1 England Antony Parsons (a) w/o Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) Head to head   Pencil

Saif qualified from Event Two

Q School 2 (15-18 May 2013) Pencil
QF Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-1 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) Head to head   Pencil

Saif earns a spot on the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Main Tour.

Rd 4 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-2 England Antony Parsons (a) Head to head   Pencil
Rd 3 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-2 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a)     Pencil
Rd 2 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-3 Wales Duane Jones (a)     Pencil
Rd 1 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-3 England Zack Richardson (a)     Pencil
Q School 1 (11-14 May 2013) Pencil
Rd 2 England Shane Castle (a) 4-3 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a)     Pencil
Rd 1 Qatar Ahmed Saif (a) 4-2 Qatar Mohsen Bukshaisha (a)     Pencil